News: Sega Dreamcast Is Getting A New Game This Year

Time to dig out your Sega Dreamcast from its dusty grave; there’s a new game coming out for it!

Pier Solar HD, an RPG from Watermelon that has already seen a release on the ancient Sega Mega Drive as well as the not so ancient PS4, PS3, Ouya, OS X, Linux and PC platforms, is going to be releasing on the Dreamcast later this year.

The title is actually a remake of Pier Solar and the Great Architects, updating the game into HD. Originally released back in 2010, the developers started a Kickstarter campaign to get funding to bring the retro-style RPG to more platforms, and they surpassed their $139,000 by ending on $231,370. Wow.

Pier Solar HD is coming to the Sega Dreamcast later this year, along with a version for the Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There’s also to be a version released for Android devices too.

The PS Vita version of the game has been announced, though there’s no release date confirmed at this time. Pier Solar HD will be a cross-platform title, so if you already own the PS3 or PS4 version, you’ll be able to get it on the PS Vita for free when it releases.

Have you still got a Dreamcast? Or a Mega Drive? Would you buy Pier Solar HD for those platforms? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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