Halo Infinite Slayer Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Slayer Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Slayer is in short the team deathmatch mode of the Halo series. The Object of this mode is to simply kill as many opposing players as possible, and the first team who reaches 50 kills (or 100 in big team maps) wins. All players start with the same Generic AR and pistol, but this could be changed as needed from the custom map making option. Improving your standing in this mode requires a lot of work and dedication.

Halo Infinite Slayer Changes

Halo Infinite Slayer Tips and Changes

The first thing you have to pay attention to in every multiplayer shooter game is how many shots are required to kill a person using body shots AND head shots, as its different for each one. Players who are used to the VK78 commando will have to know it received a damage nerf, but other weapons could have had a buff in accuracy or range or fire rate so its important to experiment a lot with each weapon and get a feeling for the recoil and the time required to break the enemy’s shields and kill them using body or head shots.

Slayer Mode Tips

Halo Infinite Slayer Tips and Changes

If you are new, always run with a teammate and help in assisting kills. Be in constant movement and avoid standing in one place, try to sprint, crawl, hook and jump and be unpredictable in your movements. If you are being hit, and there is no place to escape to, focus on hitting your target and at least take him with you. Double kills are a common thing and easily achievable so don’t freak out when you are getting hit.

There are multiple types of grenades (Spike grenades, plasma grenades), and different physics for each one, not just in how they are thrown on enemies but also if they bounce from doorways and walls. Its important to know how to handle them because its efficient to use them before engaging in a firefight or just before dying. Your new AI scan (D-Pad cursor) allows you to see behind walls and throw grenades more professionally.

There are different weapon types too (Kinetic, Plasma, Hard light, and Shock), and each of them has different properties and killing time. Also don’t be afraid from the enemy, in Halo Infinite focus on getting closer and complete the objective with a melee hit or two. Its important to time the hit when the shields are down, or get it from the back for better effectiveness.

Halo Infinite Slayer Tips and Changes

Kinetic Weapons (MA40 Assault Rifle, BR75 Battle Rifle, VK78 Commando) deal massive damage to health rather than shields. Plasma Weapons (Plasma Pistol and Pulse Carbine) deliver a lot of health and shield damage but don’t disable vehicles. Shock weapons are the weapon of choice when you want to disable vehicles and stop their movements for some time (Disruptor, Shock Rifle) and Hard light weapons like the Heatwave or Cindershot are all rounded damage dealers and their shots ricochet off walls.

There are a lot of vehicles to use (and a tank becomes available mid match) and if you lose it to the enemy, you will need to make use of power weapons such as rocket launchers and shock weapons as well to stop them in their tracks. Having power weapons like the Hydra or the Plasma Sword can define the battle but its important to also have mid-to-long ranged weapons for other situations so don’t get absorbed on them. It’s very useful to study on each map and weapon locations to get the ones you want much quicker.

Remember that its not actually a headshot but the area around it since aim assist can help direct your bullets to the head, and the same for explosives always shoot them down the player’s feet as even if they don’t get from the grenade, the splash damage will get them regardless. You can use grapple to steal power weapons from enemies too. The thing is to always focus on dealing any kind of damage no matter what the situation, and the team will assist with the finishing job.

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