Hatchet Support Healer Build – New World

support healer new world

New World Talent and Stat Build – Support Healer

The build is for a hatchet support healer in New World and uses both a hatchet and life staff. Scaling completely from the focus stat, it will ensure top healing while also being able to damage from afar with a throwing hatchet.

This hatchet support healer New World build comes directly from Jools. We have contacted the author and asked for permission to use his builds on our site as the community seems to really like them!

Stats for the Support Healer Build in New World

Life Staff Points for the Support Healer Build in New World

Hatchet Points for the Support Healer Build in New World

Description and Explanation of Support Healer Build

Jools writes:

“This build’s aim is to be able to keep your friends alive as well as giving them Buffs in Expeditions.

Life Staff Skill Choices

For your Life Staff it is very important to stay on it for as long as possible because of passives like Sacred Protection which increase your group’s health by 10%.

  • The first skill you have is Sacred Ground This is your AOE HOT  (Heal over time) which also regens both stamina and mana overtime if you or your allies stand inside.
  • Your second skill is Orb Of Protection this is your projectile heal that gives your ally fortify.
  • With the help of the passive Protectors Blessing it also gives them a 10s Recovery,  alongside the passive Aegis the buffs will apply to all ally’s in a 3m radius.
  • The final skill you have is Beacon this is another AOE heal that If paired with Infused light & Radiance’s Blessing, increases the size of the AOE and now lasts for 15s,
    Keep in mind the passive Blissful Touch turns your light attacks into heals if they hit an ally, meaning your light attacks also become a spammable heal. along side the passive Absolved it makes your light attacks free to cast.
  • If you believe you need a Burst heal I would replace Orb of Protection with Light’s Embrace and grab that Magnify passive also.

Hatchet Skill Choices

For your Hatchet it’s mainly used for Debuffs but you should only be using this if heals are not needed at the time.

  • Your first skill is Rending Throw, this skill is used to apply Rend, with the passive Targeted Impact, the rend is now 15%, and with Second Wind the cooldown is reduced by 20% if they already had a debuff.
  • The second skill is Social Distancing, This applies a 25% Slow if paired with the passive Stay Back and gives you 30% speed if your foe already had a debuff on them.
  • And finally you have Infected Throw This applies both Disease for 30% & Weakened for 10% along side the passive Aerial Transmission Creates a 3 meter Disease AOE.
  • Passives like Persistent Hinderance Increases all debuff on your foe by 2s for each Axe throw hit, Also with the passive Aimed Throw it turns your block into more throwing axes which pair well with the first passive

For this build I recommend 300 points into Focus and the rest going into either Constitution or even more into Focus.

For Gear I would go for the heaviest possible because it seems that the 20% damage from lights armor doesn’t apply for healing, so might as well be a bit tanky.

If you want to heal with an Ice Gauntlet instead I got a build here
 Thank you for taking the time to read this build. If you want to discuss this or other builds you can contact me on discord (Jools#2200)
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