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warhammer tank build

This is a tank build in New World and uses both the Sword and Shield and the Warhammer. Scaling completely from the constitution stat, it will ensure the player is almost unkillable while using a shield. It will also provide key crowd control and AOE damage through the use of the Warhammer and its crowd clearing abilities.

This Warhammer Tanking New World build comes directly from Jools. We have contacted the author and asked for permission to use his builds on our site as the community seems to really like them!

The Faithful Tank

Stats for the Warhammer Tank Build in New World

warhammer tank build new world

Sword and Shield Points for The Faithful Tank Build in New World

sword talents new world

Warhammer Points for The Faithful Tank Build in New World

warhammer build new world

Description and Explanation of The Faithful Tank Build

Jools writes:

“The aim with this build is to Taunt & to keep enemies in place. All skills and passives are focused around this idea.

The taunts you’ll be using are:

  1. Shield Bash
  2. Defiant Stand
  3. Shockwave

Shield Bash is your semi single target taunt since it can hit multiple targets but only in front, it also applies a  stun on those hit. Along side with the passive Intimidating Bash it also becomes a great way of generating Threat.

Final Stand
 is one of your AOE taunts which can be useful for grabbing the whole room in one go, as well as giving yourself a great way to reduced incoming damage.

Your final AOE taunt is Shockwave, this is a smaller AOE so I’d use this for reapplying taunt to a group you already have pile up. This skill also applies a Stun & with the passive Frailty it also applies a Weaken debuff.

The rest of your skills are:

  1. Shield Rush
  2. Path of Destiny
  3. Armor Breaker

Shield Rush is your way of  Knocking down  enemies, while also having both Improved Rush & Intimidating Rush Passives it also applies Weaken & slowed on hit, if you want to apply a 5% Rend debuff instead how ever I would swap it for Whirling Blade which paired with the passive Tactical Strike decreases the CD of the skill the more foes you hit.

Path Of Destiny is useful while having the passive Seismic Waves along side it to allow you to stagger all target in a linear path in front of you, but it’s also good to get the first hit on targets from a distance you grab aggro first.

Armor Breaker along side the passive Lasting Trauma is what you use to apply rend to the boss or other adds your fighting, it also does a good amount of damage.

Additional Info.

In terms of Armor I would go for the heaviest armour with as much physical residences as possible because, one the passive you gain from putting 100 points into Constitution adds 10% of your physical residences to your health. More armour = more health. For your shield I’d go for the tower so you can blocking much more attack for a longer amount of time.

The passives that will help you the most are: Final Blow to increase the amount of threat you have, Fortitude for a +10% max health while holding a sword, recuperation Increase all incoming healing & Regen by 10% so your healers have a easier time keeping you alive, and Prevailing Spirt which allows you to heal from using both Path of Destiny & Shockwave by 35% of the damage done.

I’d recommend getting at least 300 points into Constitution to gain all the buffs, after that I’d go putting point into Straight to help with the DPS and or gain more health from skills that heal the more damage you do.

I hope this helps with your Tanking adventures! I will try my best to keep this build up to date and add any more info that I might of missed out on.

If you wish to tank with the Great Axe instead I’ve made a build for that also Here

Thank you for taking the time to read this build. If you want to discuss this or other builds you can contact me on discord (Jools#2200)

If your in need of a company then your welcome to join us here

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