How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising?

How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising? Here’s your guide to obtaining this important resource in the game.

V Rising continues to extend its domain on Steam with thousands of concurrent players. The vampire-survival game has managed to sell more than 1.5 million copies in two weeks. That’s because it offers a successful formula of survival and crafting elements. It also enriches its gameplay with engaging action mechanics that encourage players to improve their vampires’ equipment.

In order to increase gear levels in V Rising, players need to get their hands on various items. From Iron Ore to Coarse Threads, Leather to Cotton Yarn, traversing the brutal land of Vardoran and raiding villages is essential. In order to find enough resources to craft new gear and repair the current equipment, players will have to look for new bosses and hunt for loot.

For that, the awakened vampires of Vardoran also need to get their hands on Greater Blood Essence, an important resource used for building new structures and crafting new weapons.

What to do with Greater Blood Essence?

Greater Blood Essence is one of those resources that you are having a hard time finding in the early game. Even though it will be quite easy to obtain, later on, finding this material can be a bit difficult in the early stages of your vampiric adventure.

V Rising tasks players with finding this resource to complete the Servants quest. The objective of the quest is to construct a Servant Coffin and interact with it. That’s where finding this material becomes a must. As the Servant Coffin requires 16x Planks, 8x Copper Ingots, 1 Greater Blood Essence, players will need to craft or simply find a Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

It is also possible to craft elite weapons in the Smithy with this very resource. But before we focus on that, let’s dive in and find out how you can obtain this material. Let’s note that the players can craft it at the Blood Press as well.

Find 4 Unsullied Hearts to craft a Greater Blood Essence.

You need to find 4 Unsullied Hearts to craft the essence at the Blood Press. That being said, finding an Unsullied Heart is not an easy task. Most enemies yield a Tainted Heart when they are defeated. In order to find 4 Unsullied Hearts, try beating the bosses you have defeated before.

They usually drop this item and you can easily find out their location by tracking them on your Blood Altar.

  • Instead of fighting every enemy you see on your way, simply defeat a few V Blood bosses.
  • Return to your castle when you have gathered 4 Unsullied Hearts.
  • Build a Blood Press if you still do not have one. Building this structure requires 12x Planks and 120x Stone.
  • Place 4x Unsullied Hearts in the input section and wait for the pressing process to be over.
  • Obtain Greater Blood Essence recipe from Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

The special recipe for the essence unlocks a lot easier way. But for that, you will have to face Tristan the Vampire Hunter, one of the most difficult bosses V Rising.

Obtain the recipe from Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

Tristan roams around the Farbane Woods to end the vampire kin. He deals a great amount of damage with his ranged weapon and also throws explosions to restrict your dodging area. While he is a difficult boss, defeating him will yield the blueprint for this resource.

After obtaining it, you can simply craft a Greater Blood Essence with 200x Blood Essence. Knowing that the Blood Essence is one of the most common resources in the game, you probably have a ton of this resource waiting in a chest. Simply transfer them to the input section of the Blood Press.

Now you know how to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. Use it to upgrade your castle or craft yourself a brand new weapon. You can also use the essence to build a Servant Coffin and complete the Servants quest.

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