How to get rid of Garlic Exposure in V Rising?

How to get rid of Garlic Exposure in V Rising?

How to get rid of the Garlic Exposure debuff in V Rising? Here’s what you can do to remove the dreaded garlic effect.

The new vampire survival title developed by Stunlock Studios takes players to the mystical land of Vardoran. Players assume the role of vampires that have awakened from their long slumber. Now they must start the Hunt and build their strongholds from the ground. For that, they also need to know how to defend themselves in this land of mortals.

As vampires are known for their superior traits, you would not expect them to have many weaknesses. Well, they may not have a ton of weaknesses, but the ones they have are quite strange. One of the most effective ways to weaken a vampire is using garlic. This archetype also finds a place for itself in the new vampire survival game, V Rising.

In this guide, we will focus on how to remove the garlic debuff in the game. 

How to remove Garlic Exposure in V Rising?

Garlic Exposure is one of the most frustrating debuffs in V Rising. It does not only reduces your damage to a certain point, but it also increases the damage you receive from the enemies. 

While it is not possible to completely defend yourself from it, there are some effective methods you can try to reduce its effects.

1. Equip Hunter’s Cloak

Hunter’s Cloak is a useful armor that you can get by defeating Beatrice the Tailor, a Level 38 V Blood Carrier.

Taking Beatrice down will grant you the blueprint of Tailoring Bench.

After getting 8x Cotton Yarn, head to the workshop and craft yourself a Hunter’s Cloak.

It has the following effects:

  • +15 Sun Resistance
  • +15 Garlic Resistance
  • +15 Silver Resistance
  • +18 Maximum Health

2. Brew a Minor Garlic Resistance Brew.

Potions are one of the most useful items at your disposal. They increase your resistance against the scorching sun, the burning silver coins and of course the dreaded garlic.

Here’s how to craft a Minor Garlic Resistance Brew:

  • Head to the Blood Altar and track Polora the Feywalker, a level 34 V Blood Carrier.
  • Defeat Polora to obtain the recipe for garlic resistance brew.
  • Collect 40x Hell’s Clarion1 Rat1 Water Filled Canteen.
  • Click on Tab and open your Crafting section.
  • Click on Minor Garlic Resistance Brew. It increases your resistance against garlic by 25 for 20 minutes.

Brew a Garlic Resistance Potion.

Unlike the minor brew in the previous recipe, this resistance potion offers a resistance increase of 50 for 20 minutes. There is no doubt that it is an essential potion if you want to get rid of garlic exposure in V Rising.

Here’s how to brew a Garlic Resistance Potion:

  • You need to have a Study built in your castle to be able to craft this mixture.
  • Gather 75 Scrolls throughout your adventures and keep making discoveries at the Study.
  • As the discoveries are randomized, there is no guarantee that you will find the recipe for this potion.
  • When you have the recipe for it, collect 20x Hell’s Clarion, 20x Sunflower, 4x Rat, 1 Water Filled Bottle.
  • Go to the Alchemy Table and craft the resistance potion.

Can you destroy garlic wreaths around villages?

No, it is not possible to destroy the garlic wreaths in V Rising. As of this writing, the game does not allow you to get rid of these defenses in certain places. 

You will have to drink a resistance brew or be very careful when entering these villages. Attacking and retreating often can help you avoid garlic stacking.

How long does the garlic debuff take?

If you are in your normal form, 100 stacks of Garlic Exposure will take around 33 minutes to wear off. But when you transfer into the bear form, it will take around 16 minutes. 

You can get the Bear Form by taking the Ferocious Bear in the Bear Cave in the easternmost part of Vardoran.

Here are the effects of the Bear Form:

  • Increases Resistances by 25.
  • Faster health regeneration
  • +15% movement speed,
  • +25% damage reduction

Here’s everything you need to know if you are wondering how to get rid of the garlic debuff in V Rising. 

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