How to Jungle in League of Legends

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Hello and welcome to our newest guide for League of Legends: How to Jungle.


Jungle has always been a very complex role since you are always isolated but also at the same time, expected to be everywhere on the map. Another thing what makes Jungle role so complex is the different varieties of champions that can go into the jungle on Summoners Rift. Unlike Top lane where bruisers and skirmishers are dominant, or bot lane where every adc is expected to be an attack damage ranged champion, jungle covers the vast variety of different champion types so it can seem quite overwhelming for someone that is just starting to play League of Legends, or someone that simply has never been very successful in the jungle itself.

I am sure that at some point in your life you have typed ‘’How to Jungle in League of Legends’’ into your browser, and I am not surprised. The amount of times that jungle has been reworked, whether it was items, champions, or even the entire map like we had the opportunity to see some time ago, it can make you feel like a beginner.

But worry not, I am here to help you with the newest guide from called ‘’League of Legends: How to Jungle’’

This guide will not only help you to get better at jungling, nor will it teach you only ‘’How to Jungle’’, but hopefully after you have finished reading it you will have a better understanding of the game itself so you can implement the knowledge you learn today onto other roles as well.

But I feel like I have been talking for ages now, so let’s just begin!

Champion Pick

how to jungle in league of legends

As I was saying earlier on, there are a vast variety of champion types in League of Legends when it comes to the jungle. Very few of them were actually intended to be junglers when they were first released, especially when we talk about some older champions, because back in the day nobody actually played jungle. Yup, I’m talking about 2010 or 2011. You would simply have two top laners as you now have two bot laners. This is due to smite being quite useless and not having the powers that it has today.

So What Should You Consider When Picking the Best Champion for Jungle?

Well the thing that I would advise you to do is to have 3 champions that you can jungle with, and not only 3 champions, but rather 3 different champion types. For example, when I was starting to play the jungle role my 3 champions for jungle were Shaco, Diana and Shyvana. Now do you see what I am talking about? Shaco is an ad assassin, Diana is an ap skirmisher and mage and Shyvana is a tank bruiser-skrimisher type of champion.

So, Why Is This Important, You May Ask?

It is actually more important than it may initially seem to you. This is due to the fact that every champion in League of Legends has its counter, and someone from the enemy team can pick a jungler that will completely destroy your pick. An example of this is Fiddlesticks and Master Yi. If the enemy player decides to go for Master Yi, and your main jungler is Fiddlesticks, you are likely to lose that game before the 15 minute mark. This is why you should always have 2 additional backup options so you can use those champions when the enemy player decides for an option that counters your champion. In this case Shyvana is likely to destroy Master Yi in the earlier stages of the game, and even if Master Yi becomes stronger later in the game, the advantage that you will have from the start of the game should suffice that you can keep the power difference that you have and win the game.


dragons in league of legends jungle

As a jungler, apart from ganking, it is your job to take as many objectives as you can because that is one of the most important factors that can decide the outcome of the game.

The most important thing for you is to prioritize the objectives. My advice to you would be to know the more important stuff, and that is, There is no objective in the game that can beat the Dragon soul’’. This is not my mumbo jumbo predictions or opinion. Nope. These are the facts talking. When we are talking factually, the amount of times that a team has won the game is significantly impacted by the fact if they had taken the dragon soul or not. Almost every time a team has taken the soul, they would win. So this is something to have in mind.

Every other objective has a timer, and the buff is lost after a couple of minutes, but the dragon soul is there with you until the end of the game.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should give up all other objectives or that you should dive among 5 enemy champions just to fight for drake, but it’s food for thought and something that you should always have in mind.


baron nashor lol
Baron Nashor

You need to decide what are your priorities while jungling and the thing that should decide on that is the champion you pick. Some champions benefit greatly from just afk farming with little to zero ganks so you could have a greater impact on the game later on, while some will benefit more from the many ganks that you get with them.

Also another thing to prioritize are objectives. Like I said the most important objective is the dragon, but the most important thing to know is if you can not contest for dragon, your team should always rotate and take Baron or Rift Herald.

Early Game Junglers or Late Game Junglers

fiddlesticks jungle lol

This is a tough one but my recommendation is that you start with some early game junglers. This is until you are confident with your playstyle and you are winning a lot of games. The advantages of the early game junglers are quite obvious. Those champions are the ones that have pretty easy jungle path with little to no risk of dying from jungle monsters. While their advantage drops for the duration of the game, I think that the most important thing is to get a nice farm early on and with a couple of successful ganks, your team should have the difference it needs to win the game.

Now since I mentioned ganks, let’s talk about them a little bit.


gank paths league of legends
Gank paths

‘’Omg, what a noob’’, ‘’ Do you even know how to jungle’’, ‘’Report jungler, no ganks’’. I mean no matter how good you are at jungling you had to hear these sorts of things at least once in your life.

Ganks are quite complex and they are the main thing when someone mentions jungle so you need to make a few decisions.

When Should I Gank?

The best time to gank is when you are full hp and full mana and your opponent is pushing the lane of your ally. That is the most guaranteed success for the gank, but it isn’t always that perfect so you need to weigh the risk factor from the success factor. The things to consider are, Is it warded? Is the enemy jungler around? Are we strong enough to kill him together? If conditions are favorable that is the best time to strike.

Who Should I Gank?

Now this may come as a shocker to you, but most pro players will actually tell you not to help the ally that is losing a lane, but rather go and help the one that is winning a lane so you can take more objectives and get more kills.

This may sound contradictory but it actually isn’t. The risk factor is pretty high when you go and gank the enemy champion that is fed because he killed your ally a couple of times. You may end up getting killed and feed the enemy even more.

On the other hand, when you go for a gank on the lane that is winning, the chances of you dying decrease rapidly because even if you mess something up, your ally is there to cover you so you don’t end up dead.

Turret Dives

You should never go for a turret dive unless it is a 100% secure kill. In any other way you should never contest it because the risk is to great and if you die it could turn the balance of the lane into the enemies favor.


League Ward

As a jungler, you may not expect that you should ward, but it’s quite the contrary! Your wards can determine the outcome of the game because you go through the jungle paths that your allies rarely have time to visit due to farming and laning. A perfectly placed ward can show the enemy jungler approaching or the enemy champions going for a roam. You can also see the enemy team if they are contesting for an objective and surprise them with a trap!

See our full guide about Warding here!

Know Your Role

Depending on the champion type you chose for that particular game, your role should always be clear to you. Sometimes you will have to be the one that engages, and that will most likely be the times you choose some bruiser or skirmisher like Skarner for an example. The other times you will be expected to stay behind and wait for your opportunity to eliminate the most important target on the enemy team. This will most likely happen when you opt for Evelyn or Zed, since they are assassins. This is one of the most important things when you are learning How to Jungle in League of Legends!


That’s it! Our How to Jungle in League of Legends tutorial is done! I hope that this guide will clear some things up for you and that you will actually learn How to Jungle with my help! Don’t worry, many other guides are on the way so always be on your toes and constantly check our League of Legends page for news and updates!