Top 3 Ahri Counters In League of Legends

Find out the best Ahri counters in League of Legends in this short but sweet guide!
best ahri counters

Welcome to our Best Ahri Counters guide!

Ahri is a fun champion, there is no denying that. She is a mage that has decent mobility and pretty low crowd control in her abilities. She does compensate well with her passive that grants her ‘’spell vamp’’ or as kids nowdays call it ‘’omnivamp’’. Ahri also carries quite a lot of power with her abilities that makes her a difficult champion to lane against.

But like every champion in the League, Ahri has counters. Those are the kinds of champions that have something in their kit that makes them stand out from the rest of the bunch when it comes to countering Ahri. To do that, they are likely to have high burst attack damage, some skills that help them evade Ahri’s charm, or incredible range that makes them untouchable by Ahri.

There had to be a moment when you were getting wrecked by her that you thought, ‘’Hmm, who counters Ahri?’’

I have created a list of the Best Ahri counters so I can help you defeat The nine tailed fox!

I feel like I have already talked too much so, let’s begin with ranking Ahri counters!

3. Talon

talon hd wallpaper

Talon has found a place on this list simply because of his immense burst. We all know that Talon is an attack damage champion, meaning he builds items that enhance his basic attacks, but since his abilities stack with attack damage they will also be enhanced by stacking attack damage. He is on the list for Ahri counters since he out farms her, and while Ahri is a ranged champion, her range isn’t that great so that she can evade Talon’s all in! He is quite mobile and can easily evade Ahri’s charm, especially when Talon uses his ultimate that makes him invisible. There is no chance that even the best Ahri in the world can hit him blindly. These are all the reasons why Talon is one of the best Ahri counters!

2. Fizz

fizz hd wallaper

The next champion in line as the best counter for Ahri is Fizz. Fizz has his E ability that makes him invulnerable to Ahri’s charm. With charm being the only crowd control ability in Ahri’s kit, it makes her an easy prey for Fizz. The only thing that Fizz has to do is wait for Ahri to engage and simply hop over her charm. Once dodged he has his Q that has great damage and apart from that, it is also a great gap closer. Combine that with his W ability that amplifies the damage and has an integrated bleed plus the damage from his ultimate Chum the waters, and Ahri is done. The only thing that she can do is flash to safety or waste her ultimate only to escape.

1. Heimerdinger

herimerdinger hd wallpaper

The best Ahri counter is Heimerdinger. The amount of cannons that he can place on the field makes him un-targetable for Ahri’s charm. With charm being the only ability that can make Ahri’s engage succeed, it makes her useless in lane. If she tries to engage with her ultimate, Heimerdinger will just use his ultimate and stun her, while his cannons shred Ahri’s health bar like it’s made of paper! Another thing that makes Heimerdinger the best Ahri counter is the fact that he out farms her in lane, and due to the fact that his cannons do all the farming for him, Ahri simply can’t reach him.


And there you have it! The best Ahri counters in League of Legends are here. Just follow this guide and you will never have to worry about The nine tailed fox beating you in lane! Forget about those guides that change with every patch, considering all the little buffs and nerfs that happen with every occurring patch. That thing changes constantly, but if you take into consideration the abilities that counter Ahri, than you won’t make a mistake by choosing one of the champions mentioned above. Meta will change with every patch, but these champions will always stay best Ahri counters of all time!

I would like to hear your thoughts, whether you agree, disagree or simply want to state your opinion! Leave comment and I will reply, I promise!

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