How to unlock Pandaemonium in FF14?

Where to unlock the new Normal Raids in Final Fantasy XIV, as well as what to do with the relics that drop.
How to unlock Pandaemonium in FF14?
Pandaemonium in FF14

This goes without saying, but there are some spoilers for post Endwalker content in this article. You’ve been warned!

There’s trouble brewing down below Elpis, Warrior of Light! You need to figure out how to get there first though.

Where to Unlock Pandaemonium

Start out in Old Sharlayan, and talk to Nemjiji (X 9.6, Y 11.9). She tells you that she is an assistant to Professor Claudien and that they have been studying the Aetherial Sea, and they need your help identifying a strange crystal. Nemjiji will then ask you to head to Aporia to speak to Claudien ( X 8.6, Y 27.5, Z 1.9). This will then trigger a lengthy cutscene. After that, journey to the Ocular in The Crystarium – to access it, simply speak to the Gatekeep (X 13.5, Y 11.3). Once inside, approach the glittering destination point and interact with it.

Nemjiji, a research assistant from Aporia, needs your help.
Nemjiji standing outside of The Baldesion Annex

You will then be teleported to Elpis, where you will meet the confused boy in white robes, Themis. Follow a couple of short quests and some cutscenes after which you will be able to access Panæmonium and the Asphodelos raids via the Duty Finder. Keep in mind; you need to have an average item level of 565 to enter the raids.

Themis from Elpis
Themis standing in Elpis

After defeating all four raids of the first tier, you will be rewarded with some relics (so long as you roll high enough). These relics can be exchanged for some of the best gear in the game currently.

Loot Rules

It is important to make note of the Loot rules before you decide on what to roll on. Each week, you can only receive one piece of loot from each fight, for a total of four pieces of Unsung Relics a week, so you’ll want to be strategic on what you roll on depending on what stats you want and when. The weekly reset is every Tuesday at 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST.

Relic Exchange

Each piece of gear takes a different amount of relics. The Role you are trying to gear will determine which piece you specifically trade for, but each type is the same amount of relics. See below:

Limbo Head PieceTwo Unsung Helm of Asphodelos
Limbo Chest PieceFour Unsung Armor of Asphodelos
Limbo Hand PieceTwo Unsung Gauntlets of Asphodelos
Limbo Leg PieceFour Unsung Chausses of Asphodelos
Limbo Foot PieceTwo Unsung Greaves of Asphodelos

For example, the Limbo Boots of Fending (Tank) cost the same amount as the Limbo Gaiters of Healing (Healer), which is two Unsung Greaves of Asphodelos.

There are also accessories that you can get which are all one Unsung Ring of Asphodelos each.

There is an extra loot drop from circle four that goes right into your inventory so you don’t have to roll on it – Unsung Blade of Asphodelos. That can be used in exchange for Discal Tomestones.

You can exchange the relics with either Mylenie in Aporia ( X 8.3, Y 27.5) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X 10.3, Y 9.6).

When does Savage Difficulty release?

The Savage difficulty will drop on January 4th in patch 6.05 for FFXIV. While this information hasn’t been shared yet, it would be safe to assume that the item level for Savage will start at 580.

Item Levels for Savage Content

You need to be at least 570 for the First Circle, and ilevel increases to 575, 580, and 580 for the subsequent ones:

  • Asphodelos: The First Circle (Savage): Average Item Level 570
  • Asphodelos: The Second Circle (Savage): Average Item Level 575
  • Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage): Average Item Level 580
  • Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage): Average Item Level 580
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