Muv-Luv The Day After: 2011 Interview with Wei Luxin Translation

Muv-Luv The Day After: 2011 Interview with Wei Luxin Translation

Interview with Wei Luxin – The main writer of Muv-Luv Unlimited – The Day After

Finally, the original story “The Day After” has started. A fierce battle between people living on a planet devastated by gravitational deviation! We’ve interviewed the main writer, Mr. Wei Luxin!

This interview is a personal translation by me from the art book Muv-Luv Alternative – LD06 Adoration, Released in 2011.

The interview occurs after the first episode of the Day After series was released, with hints about the future of the series and some returning characters.

Muv-Luv Interview with Wei Luxin

Muv-Luv The Day After: 2011 Interview with Wei Luxin Translation

一First question: In “The Day After” (hereafter referred to as “Day After”), Japan is already sinking due to gravity deviation. Did the earthquake have any influence on this setting?

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to those who have suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. At the same time, I pray for the earliest possible recovery. I had been working on the scenario for some time, so although I was surprised by the disaster, there were no major changes in the framework of the story. However, I had to revise a lot of words and expressions used in the story, but this was unavoidable.

On the other hand, this earthquake, regarding the fact that it was the same Japan and the same Japanese people who were affected, was completely different in terms of the degree of impact, or the sense of firsthand experience, than the Sumatra disaster that I had seen on the news before. I think the impact of this can be seen in every detail of the story. This situation will continue for many years to come, and I think we will continue to think deeply about the meaning and weight of the theme we have unexpectedly chosen.

一You also depicted the stress of the refugees and the frustration of the military, the so-called government officials.

The environment is changing drastically. The irritation that arose from that has not been dealt with well yet. That is the state of affairs. I would like you to pay attention to how the value of these influences will change in the future.

一In Episode 1 of Day After in Chronicles 02, the relationship between the U.S. and Japan seems to be at the center of the story. Can you give us a brief explanation of this relationship?

Fundamentally, I think this is something that should be clarified as the story unfolds in the future, so I’ll just give a brief answer.

As you know, the unprecedented events of the Babylon disaster and the great ocean collapse have resulted in a large number of Japanese refugees, and the Japanese government itself has been forced into a kind of asylum. For the Japanese, the U.S. government has made a big decision to infringe on the property rights of its own people and accept all of them, because it’s a situation where there are mutual interests and both are forced to do the irrational. Naturally, the friction is also strong.

It’s not a straightforward situation, but it’s basically the same as in the real world, where there are various views on US military bases. It is not easy to say which side is pro-US or anti-US. Diplomacy has always been a matter of shaking hands with the right hand while beating each other with the left.

一That’s what you described in the dialogue between Walken and Marimo.

Both Marimo and Walken are people who were put on the spot. They have limited freedom where they cannot make the final decisions. If two people with mutual understanding can decide anything and everything, things would be easier, but It doesn’t work that way, just like in reality.

Walken is a soldier who is aware of the current situation in Japan, but he is not particularly pro-Japanese emotionally, and of course, as an American soldier, he weighs the interests of his country and acts as that basis in the story.

Mariko also understands this, so she’s trying to find a way out while taking into account the limits of what she can do. I think they are both trying hard to figure out a way for humanity to survive from the inevitable death, while respecting their roles as professionals.

Muv-Luv The Day After: 2011 Interview with Wei Luxin Translation

一I see. So what about Canada, France, and other countries that are enemies in the story?

That’s a serious spoiler~ (laughs) So this should also be basically told in the story.

Originally in the setting of “Alt”, France has relocated an important base of operations on the North American continent, specifically the Quebec government in Canada. Most of the other European countries are in Africa and South America. It can be said that this had a great significance in the unexpected situation of the Babylon disaster.

Also, Canada’s position is very special. Although it is a backyard of the United States, there is originally a French cultural zone in the Quebec region, and there is a movement for independence in reality. …… Well, let’s stop there for now! (Laughs)

一 Hawaii seems to be the center seat of the Japanese government, what can you say about this?

That’s a dangerous question too~ (laughs) Let’s just say that from now on, the Japanese government in Hawaii will function as an important gadget in the structure of the story (laughs).

一The voice of Yuuhi in the last scene has been getting a lot of attention, hasn’t it? (laughs)

I’m sorry to hear that, but I think Her Highness got a throat infection due to the sea breeze from the long boat trip.

一 It’s a bit deceiving, isn’t it? I think it’s a continuation of the “Unlimited” Meiya route, but is it the end of the one who stayed on Earth? It’s not another character, is it?

Can I tell you that? (laughs)

一 Yes. I’ve been taught by Koki Yoshimune that if spoilers make it boring, then that’s the extent of the content.

Please give me a break (crying)

Muv-Luv The Day After: 2011 Interview with Wei Luxin Translation

一 I can’t help it. Then, I’ll ask about the other characters. The main character is a middle-manager, which is an unusual position for an ADV game, but how do you think the story will develop?

The main premise was that the character would be in a different position from Shirogane Takeru and Yuuya. In particular, Takeru is a very special person who comes from another world, a special protagonist who saves the probability of time and space. On the contrary, it is a big point that I wanted to make the main character a non-special existence that is kind of common in the world.

The character “Tatsunami Hibiki” was born as an existence that has follows a different path than Takeru, a genius of tactical aircraft control, and Yuuya, an elite guard, but still can be involved in the story and the foundation of the world, 

It’s a position like a leader in a club or a senior member of a part-time job. It is the duty of a middle manager to connect the top and the bottom and to coordinate their power so that it functions well. For example, the final battle scene is a symbol of this, and Hibiki alone could never have succeeded. It was only because his boss, Marimo, paved the way, and her subordinates followed up, and she had the support of the people around her, such as the naval bombardment and so, that’s why she was able to succeed and play the role of a master. Naturally, he is aware of this situation, and it will be discussed in the next episode.

一 Hibiki seems to have had some kind of trauma, what kind of experience did he have while crossing the continent?

He encounters the Flatwoods monster, is chased by the Mothman, and is almost killed by a chainsaw in an abandoned cabin where he runs away from a pervert wearing a rawhide.

一 I see. So Yuzuka beat him to death with an axe. I Understand.

You’re jumping on this story? That’s fine… (laughs)

一 Yuzuka seems to be very interested in Hibiki. What’s going on here?

Are you talking about whether or not Hibiki and Yuzuka did or did not have sex, or whether she hit him?

一 Yes.

Why does this old man keep asking me all those core spoilers? (laughs)

一  Ellen is also under suspicion of being a spy, among other things things, is there something going on?

Yeah, she speaks Japanese as fluently as the average citizen, so she would normally be suspicious by anyone’s standards, (laughs). She’s a rather easy-going older sister character, but she’s got a lot on her plate.

The 00 Unit

一 There was an unusual feeling in the reminiscence of the scene where Shizuku was examined, what was that about?

That event picture is suspicious~ (laughs) As I mentioned a little bit in the story, her generation is like a vegetable that’s been cultivated with scientific fertilizers.

— No, no, no, this is not good! (laughs)

一 It is presumed that Marimo-chan is sleeping in the tactical plane and is in a state of being cornered considerably. Is there any reason for this?

You can probably guess from the content of Episode 1 that Marimo isn’t just sleeping in a tactical aircraft because she’s cornered or because she’s obsessed with Votoms (lol), but that will be revealed in the future.

It looked like Lilia had made a brief appearance, any comment on her?

She was aboard the F-18E (Super Hornet). She will also become an important character in the future. I wrote a bit about her in the September issue of Hobby Japan Monthly’s TSFIA, so be sure to read that. I hope to continue this kind of interlocking project in the future.

一 Will there be any more alternative members such as the Valkyries in the future?

…I’m  starting to look more and more like Tech’s Mr. Hatano… (laughs). Well, since they are members with high 00 unit characteristics, I think there’s a good chance they’ll survive, but whether they’ll appear or not, you’ll have to wait and see!

一 Oh! So, what about the characters in “Summer Without End” (Owarinaki Natsu), “Total Eclipse”, and “The EuroFront”?

If it’s a character from the Unlimited world, whether it’s a soldier or a guard who got involved in PX, there’s a chance that they’ll appear. I hope you can enjoy what kind of characters will appear.

一 Mmm! It’s a politician’s answer to a question. Let me change my question. What’s going on with the world’s resources? They seem to be in dire straits, don’t they?

I’ll spare you the long story about the global scale, but just as Seattle, where the story takes place, was called the “City of Fortune,” to some extent that area is in a position where resources can be mined and recovered from uninhabitable areas. One of the few saving graces is the exposure of underwater resources, and I’m planning to talk about this area in the future, so please stay tuned.

I would like to ask you about the Loop. In Alt, Yuuko-sensei proposed the theory that when Takeru dies, the world is reset by Sumika.

I’m sorry, but this is not the right time to talk about it, as it would take away from the fun of the readers. However, I have included some hints in the episodes, so I hope you will look for them. Not only that, but the story of “Day after” is about to take a big step forward now that the stage preparation is finally over. Because of the serialized structure of “Day After”, there are foreshadowing lines that straddle each episode, so I hope you will enjoy watching the story as it unfolds.

I see. Thank you very much for your time today. By the way, It was A golf bag, wasn’t it?

You’re not listening to me, are you? (laughs) – Are the feet that appear at the end of the opening scene Takeru-chan’s?  That’s why you should listen to me.

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