Hulk Hogan Paid DLC Removed and De-listed from WWE 2K15

[Update: The DLC in question has been made available after previously disappearing. How long for, though, remains to be seen.]

Hulk Hogan has revealed himself to be something of a racist. We’re not about to start calling him a small-minded bellend, mainly because he’s still Hulk Hogan and he would eat us alive, but we are rather disappointed that another childhood hero of ours has turned out to be just another small-minded bellend. Oops.

It was reported earlier today that the famous wrestling star has since been removed from WWE 2K16 due to his racist rant, but it’s not the only game he’s been removed from.

If you own WWE 2K15 and bought the Hulk Hogan DLC, you’d better not delete it as the handlebar moustached man is no longer available to download – even if you’ve paid for the content.

We’ve reached out to publisher Take Two Interactive to find out if there’s any form of refunds coming to those who may have bought the now dead DLC. We’ll keep you updated here at The Games Cabin when and if we get a response.

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  1. The real story here is:

    “Take Two rip off their own customers because they value political correctness over, well, their own customers”


    “Take Two jeopardize their reputation in an attempt to protect their reputation”

    Also IF you insist on smearing Hogan at least include some actual QUOTES. You seem to be against free speech so vehemently, you won’t even repeat the naughty things someone else said. Are you that afraid of words? Wikipedia tells me Hogan apparently said nigger once or twice. Wow. Let’s edit him out of everything he’s ever been in. That seems reasonable. It’s just a WORD, you headless chickens.

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