Multiple Retailers Change Mighty No. 9 Release Date to 2016

Oh dear, some bad news may be afoot – Mighty No. 9 has had its release date changed by several big retailers. It’s not official just yet, but the fact that Amazon, Walmart and GameStop have all changed their dates for Mighty No. 9’s release to December 2016 has us shaking in our boots.

The game is supposed to be releasing on September 15th for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U, but if the retailers mentioned above are to be believed, we may not be playing the Mega-Man-esque adventure until sometime in 2016.

We’re not too convinced about the December 31st release date though as it’s a typical placeholder date, but we do wonder why three big outlets have all changed the release date.

We’ve reached out to the game’s publisher to see if there’s been a misunderstanding with the retailers or if the game really is being pushed back – we’re hoping for the former.

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