Just Cause 3 on PS4: Watch 3 Minutes 30 Seconds of Boring Loading Screens

Earlier today (in the early hours of the morning, actually) we posted a rather Marmite article on Just Cause 3’s load times and frame rates. Some have called into question our integrity, going as far to claim that we don’t even have the game. Shame on you. Uploading the vast amounts of footage we have takes time, plus our everyday lives dictate we don’t sit in front a computer for 20 hours a day, so these things take time.

To stem some of the inquiries, we’ve posted a quick upload of the game’s load screens. As you can see in the video below, once Rico breaks free from his mortal coil, the loading screens overstay their welcome by quite a bit. It’s roughly three-and-a-half minutes of loading screens. Ouch. But at least you can go and make a cup of tea while you wait for Rico to get his groove back on.

We have more gameplay footage coming soon, including footage captured pre- and post- day-one patch. In the meantime why not have a gander at the screenshots we captured.

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  1. How dare these dirty liars try to discredit a great gaming franchise for publicity. Keep making up attacks about a game you haven’t even played!

  2. Wow thanks for telling me in advance..i had pre ordered this on my ps4..i will now cancel that and get in on steam for my pc…(970 with 32 gb ram)..so long loading times are outta question there.
    too bad i wont be able to play on my 96 inch Tv with HT system 🙁

    1. No problem 🙂 it’s already stated.in the review and article, but I’ll say it again anyway: the long load times aren’t constant. Sometimes the game will get you back into the action after 20 seconds, sometimes it’s a minute, and sometimes it’s even longer. It’s fairly random

  3. I heard some people didn’t even get the static pictures on the PS4 loading screens. They just got solid black screen with the little logo down in the corner. Yeah, these loading times really take you out of the game and bring out frustration that can make one stop playing it, especially when they fail a timed mission(I hate timed quests/missions).

    Piper312, grow up. You’re an idiot. You stupid ass trolls are a bane to the online social community.
    And if you aren’t truly a troll……then you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, because this game’s loading screens ARE a major problem/issue.

    Either way, you look like a moron. But I don’t need to tell anybody that. You do well enough on your own.

  4. Actually the loading screens aren’t really boring there is lots of detail 🙂
    It’s 7 seconds from SSD on PC for loading at any time within the game anyhow including if you die. It is still around 30 seconds initially.

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