Lost Ark Leveling Guide

lost ark leveling guide NA/EU


Lost Ark is much like any other MMO where you will need to level by following quests and/or grinding mobs. In this Lost Ark Leveling Guide we explore the fastest and best way to level. There are a total of 50 levels for your character to progress through. The leveling experience in Lost Ark is just a very small part of the game. You can get to level 50 relatively quickly if you know what you are doing.

If you are new to the game, ensure you check out our Lost Ark Beginner Guide as well as our Lost Ark Class Overview Guide.

There are two major sections of leveling, so we will break down the levels accordingly.

Skill Upgrade Choices

While leveling in Lost Ark, its almost always better to max out 1 skill to level 10 to get all three tripod skills chosen, then a second skill, and so on. You want to be able to get 4 main skills to be as maxed out as possible. You really can do this with whichever skill you like the most. The min-maxing during leveling won’t affect much, so pick which skill you enjoy using for the class you are playing.

Having a few skills maxed out will allow you to unleash huge burst damage on packs of enemies to one or two-shot them. Then while they are on cooldown, move around and avoid getting hit, throw in some of your other abilities, until your main powerful attacks are ready to be used again.

Paladin Skill List lost ark NA/EU
Paladin Skill List

We won’t go into all the best skills to upgrade while leveling in this guide, but be sure to check out our class guides for your chosen class to see our recommendations. (These will be updated soon)

Lost Ark Leveling Guide 1-35

Main Quests

Main Quest Icon lost ark
Main Quest Icon

This Lost Ark Leveling Guide would not be complete without explaining the fastest way to level in Lost Ark from the very beginning. During level 1-35, you can essentially just follow your main story quests. These main story quests show an Orange icon with a downward arrow. If you simply follow only the orange quests, you will get to 35 and be ready for the next portion of level.

While following only the orange main quest markers is definitely the fastest way to level from 1 to 35 in Lost Ark, you probably want to know what all of the other quest markers are for.

Side Quests

The Yellow quest markers are your basic side quests. These quests will offer limited, static rewards in coin or items. These are the least of your worries to get finished. You can come back to do these quests later, but really it will not be worth your time to complete these, even when they are really easy.

Guide Quests

Guide Quest Lost Ark

The Purple quest markers mark guide quests. These you will eventually want to complete as they introduce new features into the game for you. You may choose to complete these as they come up, or you may pick them up later. If you aren’t going for a world record in leveling, it is suggested you pick these up as they come along and complete them so you can unlock features like pets and trade skills. They also can unlock permanent stat increases that you will want to make sure you have to push your character to be that much stronger.

Chain Quests

Yellow quest markers with a circle around them represent chain quests. These you can skip, but be aware that they offer some powerful rewards. If you complete these along your journey, you can obtain good gear to help you, as well as even some permanent stat increases. You can leave these for later to pick up, if you want to level as fast as you can, but make sure you come back at level 50 to finish any of these that you left behind to make the most of these juicy stat increases.

Fastest Way To Level 35-50

35+ Main Story Quest Lost Ark
35+ Main Story Quest

Once you reach level 35 and have completed the required main story quests, you will eventually get to a quest that allows you to sail the open seas! You will get your very own ship that you can sail to many islands and continue on your journey.

At this point in the game, the main story quests are no longer orange markets, they are blue with the image of a globe. Continue on the path to follow these blue quests, as they will offer more and more EXP as you level higher. They are proportionate to your level and will continue to give much more EXP than other side quests. If you continue to follow these, you will hit level 50 in Lost Ark as fast as possible.

When you finish the blue world quests, you should be close to level 49 with 55% through the level. If you are not at least 55% through level 49, go around and complete any yellow side quests you can find in the higher level areas. You will need to get to this 49.55 point before the next step.

Once you have hit level 49 with 55% through the level, head to Northern Vern and continue your blue world quests. By the time you complete your blue quests within Northern Vern, you will hit level 50.

What To Do At Level 50 in Lost Ark

As soon as you hit level 50, head to Trixion and find Beatrice. Beatrice will get you set up with your level 50 skill and unlock your Awakening ability, otherwise known as the Ultimate ability, which is different depending on which class you are playing.

Congratulations, you have now reached end game. You’re probably now wondering what to do at end game in Lost Ark. You can follow our Lost Ark End Game Guide here (to be updated). We lay out all the important activities to complete daily and weekly for end game so you can continue your journey and increase your precious gear score. Increasing your gear score is the next step to unlocking more content in Lost Ark.