Metro Last Light: REDUX is Getting a Physical Release Next Year

It would seem that the horrific Metro Last Light: REDUX will be getting a re-release next year as a physical release. The sequel to Metro 2033 is already available as a digital download on both the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but according to the second game in the series will be getting a standalone release.

It’s a bit of on odd one as the pair are available in physical form as a bundle, so the reasoning behind releasing this one by itself is lost on us. There’s no official announcement yet so we’re sticking this on the rumour pile for a while until something official comes by. There’s also only an Xbox One listing so far, but we’re guessing that if it’s releasing on the Xbox One, it’ll release on the PS4, too. There’s box art and a release date of February 26th, though we can’t confirm this isn’t a placeholder date.

Still, we’re assuming this is accurate; Amazon isn’t in the habit of preparing to sell things that don’t exist, nor does it create box art for games that won’t be releasing.




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