Rumour: Microsoft Preparing For The Xbox One Slim?

Consoles tend to go through multiple iterations as time goes by. The Xbox 360, PS3 and even the Wii got more than one re-design, with each of the previous generation consoles being shrunk in one manner or another.

It’s expected that both Microsoft & Sony will release new versions of the Xbox One and PS4, respectively.

A recent job posting by Microsoft for a Senior Electrical engineer specifically for the Xbox division certainly seems to suggest that the platform holder is already looking to the future of the Xbox One.

Check out the job requirements down below, we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting parts for your convenience.

Developing a holistic system-level solution for complex, integrated entertainment devices

  Specifying, designing (schematic capture, PCB layout, BOM, cost analysis), implementing and verifying electrical subsystems on the motherboard  

  Development of subsystem requirements by working with team members to evaluate different solution options for functionality, cost and risk

  Developing electrical solutions, implementing, verifying and supporting in production.  

  Working with other engineers across disciplines to design, test and debug complex hardware technologies for product development, to meet aggressive cost and schedule goals.  

  Learn, analyze and implement new interfaces and subsystems, break down complex issues and collaborate across cross-functional teams to resolve issues in a timely manner.

  Must be able to plan work and work to a plan, adapting as necessary in a rapidly evolving environment.


  A BS in Electrical Engineering is a minimum requirement; post-graduate or additional degrees in mechanical engineering, optics, physics, or mathematics preferred.
A solid understanding of core engineering principles, circuit design and analysis is required.
Experience with a variety of lab equipment, including but not limited to oscilloscopes, electronics loads, Venable, DMM’s, automation equipment
5-7 years of experience designing, implementing, and shipping consumer electronics products.
Prior design and implementation, familiarity with PC, embedded system architectures hardware and software
 Design for manufacturing and test experience is required
  Knowledge of high volume consumer electronics design and manufacturing is desired.
Strong bench evaluation and in-lab debugging skills are required.
Strong communication skills and must be able to clearly express technical concepts in verbal and written forms.  

Assuming that Microsoft isn’t planning on bringing out the successor to the Xbox One just yet (we don’t expect that for another 8-10 years,) there is a strong possibility that the Xbox One will be getting a bit of liposuction in the near future.

The firm is also hiring for a CAD Engineer, once again specifically for the Xbox division. The CAD Engineer is need to help with the “creation, maintenance, and enhancement of multilayer, high pin count, high performance printed circuit boards of the highest quality.”

One of the biggest criticisms directed at the Xbox One is it’s rather cumbersome form. Whilst some are pleased with the aesthetics, seeing it as a throwback to the original Xbox, many complain that it’s just not all that pretty to look at.

What do you think? Would you be happy to see an Xbox One Slim edition in the next year or so? Or are you happy with the current model? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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