Rumour: Microsoft Preparing For The Xbox One Slim?

Consoles tend to go through multiple iterations as time goes by. The Xbox 360, PS3 and even the Wii got more than one re-design, with each of the previous generation consoles being shrunk in one manner or another.

It’s expected that both Microsoft & Sony will release new versions of the Xbox One and PS4, respectively.

A recent job posting by Microsoft for a Senior Electrical engineer specifically for the Xbox division certainly seems to suggest that the platform holder is already looking to the future of the Xbox One.

Check out the job requirements down below, we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting parts for your convenience.

Developing a holistic system-level solution for complex, integrated entertainment devices

  Specifying, designing (schematic capture, PCB layout, BOM, cost analysis), implementing and verifying electrical subsystems on the motherboard  

  Development of subsystem requirements by working with team members to evaluate different solution options for functionality, cost and risk

  Developing electrical solutions, implementing, verifying and supporting in production.  

  Working with other engineers across disciplines to design, test and debug complex hardware technologies for product development, to meet aggressive cost and schedule goals.  

  Learn, analyze and implement new interfaces and subsystems, break down complex issues and collaborate across cross-functional teams to resolve issues in a timely manner.

  Must be able to plan work and work to a plan, adapting as necessary in a rapidly evolving environment.


  A BS in Electrical Engineering is a minimum requirement; post-graduate or additional degrees in mechanical engineering, optics, physics, or mathematics preferred.
A solid understanding of core engineering principles, circuit design and analysis is required.
Experience with a variety of lab equipment, including but not limited to oscilloscopes, electronics loads, Venable, DMM’s, automation equipment
5-7 years of experience designing, implementing, and shipping consumer electronics products.
Prior design and implementation, familiarity with PC, embedded system architectures hardware and software
 Design for manufacturing and test experience is required
  Knowledge of high volume consumer electronics design and manufacturing is desired.
Strong bench evaluation and in-lab debugging skills are required.
Strong communication skills and must be able to clearly express technical concepts in verbal and written forms.  

Assuming that Microsoft isn’t planning on bringing out the successor to the Xbox One just yet (we don’t expect that for another 8-10 years,) there is a strong possibility that the Xbox One will be getting a bit of liposuction in the near future.

The firm is also hiring for a CAD Engineer, once again specifically for the Xbox division. The CAD Engineer is need to help with the “creation, maintenance, and enhancement of multilayer, high pin count, high performance printed circuit boards of the highest quality.”

One of the biggest criticisms directed at the Xbox One is it’s rather cumbersome form. Whilst some are pleased with the aesthetics, seeing it as a throwback to the original Xbox, many complain that it’s just not all that pretty to look at.

What do you think? Would you be happy to see an Xbox One Slim edition in the next year or so? Or are you happy with the current model? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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  1. Not just that, they’re preparing for the Xbox Two as well.
    The 20nm Xbox One will likely launch this year as AMD are already producing it.
    This will be one of the fastest generational turnovers in gaming history, but it was to be expected with the low end PC hardware that was in the new consoles.

    1. I get it, the Xbox Two thing is a hilarious joke but lol, GDDR5 is not “low end” idiot.

      Knock on 10 people’s doors in your area and ask to see their PC and check for their GDDR5 infrastructure, NO, do it to 100 homes and you will come to realise that about 1 in 100 might have such a thing.
      Try to understand that even the PS3 was super advanced. Why, I will give you a tech example. Because the PS3 had a 1gigabit ethernet port in it in 2006, something that substandard PCs and Laptops only started getting as a standard by late 2012.
      We know PCs can be very advanced but the simple fact of the matter is, it is too tiny a percent to be taken as any kind of priority.
      Anyway where is the “PC master race” and “Xbone is a piece of crap” mention from you? That’s what you usually would have done if it was a PS4 article right? Or are you really an butthurt Xboner in disguise as I am ALWAYS pointing out? The delusional Xbone secret sauce conspiracy you came up with surely suggests so anyway. ^_^

    2. Don’t be silly, so you expect 4k gaming with 16gigs of ram with a AMDr290 for a mass market price tag of £500?, these consoles will be around for 8+ years like last gen, it costs thousands of pounds to do 2k and 4k gaming properly. Id also like a link to your information please.

      1. Japan is launching 8 K video broadcast this year + their Internet is faster than ours in Europe. Apple have 5K iMac. To me 4K is just a HD ready couple years ago with a hype 720p is really awesome.

      2. It’s not about 4K. Proper 4K gaming (video will run fine) is a pipedream, even for the PC in the next two years. It’s about a true 1080p60fps gaming machine for the core. That’s what it’s about and neither the Xbox One or the PS4 fit into bracket.

        1. “true 1080p60fps gaming” Either way you won’t get that for a £500 price tag, and if that is the case consoles might as well cease to exist, consoles are designed for cheap quick affordable gaming. You want the perfect gaming experience? you don’t buy a console, you buy a Gaming PC, i think you are wrong but it seems a lot of guests agree with you.

    3. Dumbest comment I have read this year. No way they would do that. They would be shooting their current costumers in the head and committing corporate suicide. The backlash from current XBONE users would cause XBOX to be a tainted brand as consumers would not trust Microsoft in the gaming realm.

  2. These consoles will never become mass market products when the tip over £200. Saying that, the lifespan of current consoles will probably tip 5 years anyway, hitting mass market numbers will probably never happen. Seems the PS4 is selling for over £280, but the Xbox One for the same price, it’s going at a slower pace. Both consoles need to ramp up mass market status, so £200 would be the best start. Slim consoles at £199.99 without the bells and whistles (hard drives and camera fads), will probably be a reality soon. On another note, adding hard drive and Kinect, the price would soon head towards £300. An Xbox One Slim will probably be the first out, but I can’t see it selling for £199.99. Same case with the PS4. Looking at Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles prices (too high in my eyes), it looks like all consoles out there will be stuck at roughly the same prices. Xbox 360 and PS3 packs can tip over £200. Even Wii U packs can tip £300. 3DS packs can go top £250. UK prices are all over the place.

  3. I doubt that they are changing any hardware particularly without renaming the console all together, however the sheer size of the X1 literally factored in to me saying no. In otherwords I’d be intrigued by a smaller model.

    The job description doesn’t appear to demanding. Too bad I’m more mechanical than electrical. I would have expected at least a Masters in order to get to MS.

  4. here is a comment i posted a few days ago, somewhere else, regarding who would be making the next next-gen console first, by 2016.

    take one minute to read it, you will understand why the xbox two will be released in one year, by Christmas 2016.

    wow guys, though, this one isn’t that hard to find…

    the first xbox performed badly, and microsoft quickly had to get rid of that cancer, in order to be able to compete with.. well, competition.

    what have they done ?

    they ditched it, only a couple of years after the release, and released the xbox360.

    what scenario do we have, now ?

    the xbox1 only has like half the ps4 sales, and every year, that gap will only increase. it’s like beating a dead horse. of course, xbox fans, as well as the pro-xbox gaming press, like game spot, poly gon, i gn, e dge, etc etc, and thousands other websites, still spread propaganda and BS, and try to make other people believe that the x1 is performing absolutely fantastic, and will close the gab, year after year.

    but no. the sad (or happy) reality, is that the war is over. at the pace micro soft is selling the x1, let’s say today, son y stops selling the ps4: lets say each month, micro soft will sell 100’000 x1s. that will make 1.2M per year. with the almost 10 million units difference, it would take like 6-7 years, for the x1 to catch up the ps4, and reduce that 10M units gap.

    fans and pro xbox press may spread whatever they want, microsoft, them, they know it is over. OVER. the x1 may continue selling, but so will do the ps4.december 2015, there are 15-18 million xbox 1 sold ? well, there will also be like 30-35 million ps4 sold.

    and the more consoles there are, for a system, the more devs will want to develop their games to, the better contracts sony will do with the triple AAA studios, that will want to release extra content, different dlcs, and plenty of other goodies, on the console where the game will sell the most.

    and for an indie studio, that can only develop a game for 1 system at a time, why would they release a game where there are 15 million potential buyers, when they could sell it on the system with 30-35 million potential buyers ? maths are easy, right?

    again, fans may thing that esram updates, fantastic sdks (like the ones announced lately, which are, of course, part of the classic fud micro soft has been spreading, once a month, since the x1 launch, like clouds power, esram power, direcx12 power, etc etc), and all the positive articles and reviews will suddenly make the x1 sell 3x more than the ps4. but no, folks.

    if last gen, with some little extra million units sold, the war was over, for everybody, and of course, the x360 was the great winner (actually, if we don’t count the re-re-re-re-re purchase from the same people, and the 3-4-5-6 times the same console went for fixing, and couldn’t be fixed, and was replaced under warranty, we can easily lower the number 80 million x360 sold, to a more real 45-50 Million sales..). but at the end, the ps3 sold much more units than the x360, for the reasons stated above.

    if with such little difference, the x360 was considered winner, what about now, that the ps4 sold almost 2 times more units than the x1. and folks, we’re not talking about thousands units. this is MILLIONS.

    currently, the ps4 must be close, or higher than 20 million units sold, compared to the “sent to retailer” ~10 millions.

    that’s a hugggeee gap.

    of course, fanboys don’t see it that way. but for micro soft and sony, it’s clear. the ps4 outsold, and will continue outselling the x1. and each year, it will be more and more and more.

    this first year, we can say that most consoles were bought by fans. regardless of the few exclusive titles each console had, fans bought it. but 2015, non gamers will also start buying a next-gen console. and guess what ?

    people will check online which console is more powerful, has sold the most, and is going to receive the most exclusive games. and of course, they will choose the ps4.

    apart some fans, nobody knows about quantum break or any exclusive x1 game. BUT, if people hear about a next uncharted game being released, or a gran turismo, or a god of war, that alone is enough to jump and buy a ps4.

    next year, the ps4 will be getting one exclusive AAA title almost each month, or even more often. and dozens and dozens of slightly smaller AAA titles. and hundreds of indie games, like the witness, etc.

    folks, 2015, it’s not about big fans who buy their favorite brand day one. it’s about regular people who want the best console, and the best games.

    and even by 2015, games like the last of us remastered edition, infamous ss, or killzone shadow fall, and other exclusive sony titles, shouldn’t be ashamed of being displayed next to the big boys, like uncharted. a Driveclub game won’t be ashamed of being displayed next to a possible gran turismo 7.

    now, take a forza5, a dead rising 3, with its 720p last gen graphics and its poor 14-24 fps, or a halo anniversary, which online code is totally broken and won’t be fixed, ever, those games, if displayed and running next to an uncharted 4, bloodborn, the order 1886, etc etc, they will look like a wii game running next to a wii u version.

    so yeah, people, fans will never accept it, but for the xbox one, as it currently is, it is OVER. just like the first xbox was. it is over. game over. with such price cuts and huge bundles, the 30-40 million xbox360 fans should have jumped in, and should have bought an xbox one, IF the PRICE was THE PROBLEM.

    but no. even with a fantastic low price and huge bundles, where buyers would almost get a house and a ferrari for free, with the console, even there, the x1 only managed to sell a little million consoles: which means that EVEN xbox360 fans don’t want it.

    even at 250$, they wouldn’t buy it.

    let’s be honest, what for ? x1 exclusive games are little to no existent, and run poorly: forza5 is a microtransactions fest, dead rising 3, comment, sunset overdrive barely sold new consoles, titanfall was a massive extreme flop, and even halo anniversary, that normally, each xbox fan should have bought, has it’s online code broken, people can barely play online, even after a 20Gb patch download.

    those are the exclusive titles people would eventually buy the x1 for. IF they did buy it… which they didn’t. and then, if we start talking about multiplatform, wow, that’s a terrible massacre. no, it’s not the 27fps on x1 vs 25 fps on ps4, on asss creed unity, awful game, coded awfully, that runs on a poor engine, that means the x1 is better. no. 100% of the multiplatform run either at twice the framerate, or 2.25 times the resolution: 2.25 xbox 1 consoles would be necessary, to make the game running at the same specs as the ps4.

    with poor exclusives, that, of course, the pro-xbox gaming US press praised like God, and with the poor multiplatform versions, where the same press didn’t dare comparing, so the ps4 didn’t look fantastic, next to the x1 version, that’s why the ps4 is outselling the x1 2-1. and the gap will explose to 3-1, in 2015, with all the ps4 exclusive titles coming, compared to 1 or 2 exclusive x1 games, like quantum break, and the other, than i can’t remember. that’s why, in november, after all those crazy prices, instead of selling 4-6 million units to fans, microsoft only managed to sell 1 little million, specially thanks to gta5 bundles.

    so there you have.

    why writing all this ?

    to explain people why microsoft will soon do the same thing as they did with the first xbox.

    they absolutely need a more powerful console, as soon as possible, even if that means making 10 million x1 buyers, well, mad.

    it’s better having 10 or 20 million mad customers, that will eventually get a special price, and will happily buy the xbox two (as long as it can kick the ps4 S, xbox fans will go for it and accept a new system), than having an xbox one that is condemned, and will always sell less than the ps4. microsoft can’t be number 2. they’re number 1, or they aren’t.

    that’s why once the ps4 specs were announced, back in feb 2013, microsoft started designing a new console. specs on paper could have lied. but released games and resolutions and framerates don’t.

    anyway, no matter which hardware they might use, it will always be AT LEAST 2-3 times more powerful than a ps4.

    in 2016, with the same cash, microsoft will be able to buy hardware 3 times more powerful than today. and without the kinekt billions, etc etc, they can easily release a 399$ console, that will have the power of, at least, 5-6 ps4 consoles. and if they add a little more money, and invest on some better hardware (compared to the x1 and ps4 line), they could easily have an xbox 2 that would be 6-8 times more powerful than the ps4.

    that’s why they will keep people entertained, another little year, and after the 2015 Christmas sales, by jan-february 2016, they will announce an xbox 2, to be released on november 2016. hey, that will only be 2-3 years in advance, compared to the scenario where the xbox one would be where the ps4 is today: more sales, more power, etc.

    because the x86 architecture, devs will max out the current consoles much quicker then they did, with the complex x360, or the *einstein needed* ps3 architecture.

    in 3-4 years, devs will be begging for more processing power.

    so here you have, guys. november 2016, the xbox 2 is out. bookmark this comment, you will return here and call me crazy.

    with the 2 billions MS spent on minecraft, other companies could have built a new next-gen console.

    MS has almost infinite cash. in one year, they will sell billions of windows 10. safes will be full. no more place to store all that money.

    they can easily spend 5 billions on a new console, think about that.

    and even ps4 fans, if december 2016, or even 2015, an xbox 2 was released, with the power of 5-8 ps4, would buy the new xbox.

    and xbox one buyers, if they can have a deal, like an xbox 2 for 299$, instead of 399, + 100-150$ to spend on xbox live, everybody would forgive MS and jump in, again.

    there you have. the xbox 2 is officially announced, today.

    but sony fans, don’t worry. Mark Cerny is buys, designing the ps5, too. don’t bother him, with knack questions: he has more important things to do 🙂

    1. There is no way this is gonna happen. It is clear your a ps4 fanboy,that is all you did in your article is bash xbox one and microsoft. It would be flat out stupid to have a new system in 2016,not everybody has an xbox one yet. And like it or not people are not going to spend another 400.00 on a playstation 4 and 2 years later spend another 400.00 on playstation 5,and the people that spent 500.00 on xbox one in 2013 are not going to spend 500.00 in 2016,for the next xbox,that would piss off alot of people big time me being one. There is no way in hell or high water iam gonna spend another 540.00 on the next xbox in 2years. You make no sence. When Microsoft and Sony are ready to anounce the next consoles they will but untill the STOP SPREADING LIES !!!!!!. AND IN YOUR CASE KEEP BEING A SONY PLAYSTATION 4 FANBOY!!!!!!!!

      1. I don’t think he knows Who he wants to be a fan of.. I think he is just a fan of winning consoles.. lol

  5. Damn time! they should have made two versions from the start, one for the US market with the TVR bull crap and one for the rest of the world without it. Lets hope the slim is just a gaming machine with some multimedia features, not a tvbox that can play games

  6. Honestly I’ve always found this to be an overblown topic. I buy a game console, put it on my shelf, connect it to my TV and surround sound and that’s where it STAYS, permanently. I don’t need a carrying handle on the back of it (cough…GameCube…cough) I could really care less what size it is as long as it looks decent. The Xbox One isn’t as sexy as the PS4, but it’s not ugly either.

  7. This is a no brainer, MS needs to focus rather re focus on what matters most to gamers. Its not a one stop station for all media at all, its hardcore power and ability to run reliably dishing out high resolution as close to a PC rig as possible first. DX12 / 4k / 60 fps should be a norm rather than an elite with mainstream consoles, and this is the Xbox why is it okay to play second fiddle to a PS4 ? Should be a challenge MS should take up. This is like saying i have an airconditioner i bought because its 50 C outside but mine has the best display and has an alarm clock and a tv built in but cooling not so much of a focus area…So a new XBO version wether slim or speed i think should be on the board and looking real to MS by now.

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