New World Mining Aptitude Rewards

mining aptitude rewards new world

With the new Trade Aptitude System (Read more about how it works here) added to New World, there are some great rewards to continue your journey past level 200 on your Trade Skills. Here we explore the New World Mining Aptitude Rewards you can get from leveling up your Aptitude level in New World.

One key incentive to level your Trade Skills past level 200 on a daily timeframe is to earn Emerald Gypsum. Gypsum is a resource you can collect from a variety of activities which is then crafted into a Gypsum Orb. The orb can then be crafted into a Gypsum Cast. Gypsum Casts are crafted to be applied to a specific item slot of your choice, for example your headpiece or your gloves. Applying the Gypsum Cast to that slot will increase your expertise for that item slot, making it more likely for you to obtain gear of higher gear score in that slot

Other than obtaining Emerald Gypsum from continuing your trade skills, these Aptitude Rewards for Mining also come in handy as a free boost to your loot. Each milestone of aptitude grants one of three reward chests; These are Parcels, then Crates, then Packages. For every aptitude level you earn, you will receive one of these of these rewards alone the way. You will earn them all over again during the next Aptitude level you earn, making this a never-ending loot fest!

Here are the rewards you can earn from Mining Aptitude Chests:

Parcel of Mining Materials

Sliver of Adamant (Qty: 1-2) Uncommon
Shard of Adamant (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Adamant (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Adderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Shard of Adderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Adderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Batrachite (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Batrachite (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Steel Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Starmetal Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Orichalcum Miners Charm (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Cobalt (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Shard of Cobalt (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Cobalt (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Crystal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Shard of Crystal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Crystal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Shard of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Sliver of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Shard of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Chunk of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-2)Uncommon
Cinnabar (Qty: 4-6)Legendary
Tolvium (Qty: 4-6)Legendary
Vial of Suspended Azoth (Qty: 1-2)Rare

Crate of Mining Materials

Name Rarity
Sliver of Adamant (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Adamant (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Adamant (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Adderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Adderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Adderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Batrachite (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Batrachite (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Steel Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Starmetal Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Orichalcum Miners Charm (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Cobalt (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Cobalt (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Cobalt (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Crystal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Crystal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Crystal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Sliver of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Shard of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Chunk of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-4)Uncommon
Cinnabar (Qty: 4-12)Legendary
Tolvium (Qty: 4-12)Legendary
Vial of Suspended Azoth (Qty: 2-3)Rare

Package of Specialized Mining Materials

Sliver of Adamant (Qty: 1-6) Uncommon
Shard of Adamant (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Adamant (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Adderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Shard of Adderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Adderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Batrachite (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Batrachite (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Steel Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Starmetal Miner’s Charm (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Orichalcum Miners Charm (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Cobalt (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Shard of Cobalt (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Cobalt (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Crystal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Shard of Crystal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Crystal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Shard of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Sparkmetal (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Sliver of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Shard of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Chunk of Thunderstone (Qty: 1-6)Uncommon
Cinnabar (Qty: 4-18)Legendary
Tolvium (Qty: 4-18)Legendary
Vial of Suspended Azoth (Qty: 3-5)Rare
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