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News: Dev: Xbox One/PC Exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest “Ridiculously Lavish” With “Insane Production Values”

The upcoming Ori and the Blind Forest finally has a release date: March 11th for PC and Xbox One.

One of the developers recently took part in an online podcast chat where he revealed some details of the upcoming adventure-platformer.

James Benson of Moon Studios spent some time talking about Ori and the Blind Forest, revealing that the game was never envisioned as a huge game.

“It’s a four-year old project that started as a way smaller game,” he explained, going on to detail how he came into being involved with the game which is due to be published by Microsoft.

He says how he was unemployed and although he had other things he could go and do, he was waiting for his “big fish” project to come along, something he didn’t initially see in Ori and the Blind Forest.

The developer also revealed that he’s been playing a recent build of the game which was “meant to be this small indie thing, I was just like “did I make this?! It was meant to be the smallest game with only three of us working on it,” Benson stated, going on to exclaim that the gameĀ  blossomed from a tiny indie game into a “pretty, enormous, ridiculously lavish thing with insane production values.”

The British developer goes on to explain that he’s not an expert game maker and that he’s had a lot of luck along the way and that he feels that he’s stumbled into it, so there’s still hope for budding would-be game developers.

Ori and the Blind Forest will be releasing on Xbox One and PC this March as a digital download whilst the Xbox 360 version will be releasing later on in the year.

Pencil it in your diary, it looks like it’s going to be another indie hit.

Looking forward to Ori and the Blind Forest? What else is on your indie-list for this year? Let us know down below in the comments!

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