News: Microsoft Drops Trademark For Xbox Exclusive Game ‘Blinx’

If you were an avid player of the original Xbox back in the day, there’s a good chance you came across the notoriously difficult Xbox exclusive Blinx games.

First released in 2002, Blinx: The Time Sweeper received fairly decent reviews, as did its 2004 follow up.

Unfortunately all six people still waiting on a third installment will be disappointed to learn that Microsoft has since dropped the Blinx trademark, effectively killing off the franchise.

It’s a shame really, they were possibly some of the best action-platform games available on the original Xbox, something the current generation of console could benefit from.

Still, if you do have a hankering for some Blinx action, the second game is actually playable on the Xbox 360 through backwards compatibility.

Rare are currently working on a AAA Xbox One game, though whether the rumours that it’s another Banjo Kazooie remain to be seen.

Do you have fond memories of Blinx? Or did the difficulty piss you off a little too much? Share your memories/nightmares down below.

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  1. see this is why i hate microsoft… created tons of new great i.p`s during the original xbox/early 360 days and killed them all off.

    1. Poor Jay Ebans (JOHN…, LOLNO), being friends with Uwe Boll makes you look like a retard. Blinx wasn’t that great.

        1. You’re apparently signed in with Facebook and your public FB profile (which includes friends list) is visible when your name is clicked upon.

    2. You hate them for bringing it back…?

      No company kills off a game series for no good reason, it’s business

    3. No capitals, no punctuations, unfounded accusations and insulting tone.
      15 yo troll spotted (??).

      I wonder what company looses millions of dollars and does nothing.
      If those exclusives were “killed off”, it’s because they didn’t sell.

      The first Xbox had a short life (2001-2005) and sold quite poorly (25M worldwide).
      Does that give you an idea why they totally changed plans and business model ? …. maybe ? …

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