Project Cars Xbox One Physics Not “Dumbed Down” from PS4; Expect Over 150 Cars and Tracks

Despite being an excellent racer, Project Cars has come under fire from players across all platforms for its various issues.

Though the game is still a very playable product, it hasn’t stopped petrol-heads from complaining to the game developers. One such complaint is that the game’s physics have been “dumbed down” for the Xbox One release, though the game director at Slighty Mad Studios has been quick to shoot down this particularly bold claim.

Some players have speculated that the physics model used for the Xbox One version is drastically worse than the PS4 and PC versions due to players reporting some dodgy incidents when playing the game.

Well, fear not, Xbox One owners, your version isn’t substantially different to the PS4 and PC versions of Project Cars. The issues that are causing many to claim the Xbox One version is dumbed down is quite simple actually: it’s a controller issue.

Yep, simple as that, or at least according to SMS’s Ian Bell.

When asked on the official forums why the handling is so off with the Xbox One version of the game and if it’s due to a “dumbed down” physics model being used, Ian Bell stated: “Not at all. It’s purely a controller issue.”

The good news is that it has been rectified and that the team are just waiting for the patch to pass certification and that in the SMS HQ they’re actually using the new patch with Ian Bell saying that “with the patch it feels ace here,” going on to reassure disgruntled players that “it will be with you soon.”

Cracking stuff. There’s nothing worse in a racing game than dodgy controls, so Xbox One owners can rest easy in the knowledge that they’ll soon be playing to the same standard as their PS4 and PC brethren.

Patches aren’t the only thing being worked on by the busy bees at SMS as the team are working hard on bringing more content to Project Cars in the form of tracks and cars.

Ian Bell explained that the team are working on more content, but the focus is on a more varied offering of tracks rather than an abundance of cars.

“We’re going with a different philosophy. All of our research shows that most users settle on around 10-20 cars that they enjoy then get slowly bored with the lack of tracks. We therefore aimed at creating a sensible amount of interesting cars and a massive track roster.”

He goes on to speculate that there will be over 150 cars for players to choose from eventually, but that the main focus should be on getting more tracks out to the players.

I suspect we’ll build to over 150 cars over time but more and varied tracks should be the main focus IMO.”

Not quite as expansive as some other racers, but honestly, who would really race every single car if there were hundreds of them?

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  1. Isn’t this games supposed to have the most customisable controls ever though and when I say that I mean that a novice won’t have a notion of what to tweak or change to suit them. It doesn’t even help that you can’t do it very quickly from a pause screen during a race to easily and quickly see the effect of the tweak and calibrate it accordingly.

  2. When I first played this game with all assists off and AI @ 40, I won the kart championship on the Xbox One. After that car control was impossible. Oversteer was unbelievable. It reminded me of the days when cars were steered with the dpad in racing games.

    I turned on “stability” and ‘traction control” and control became what it should be without them and the game was most enjoyable. If SMS fixes the controller issues, this game (in my opinion) will become the standard for the racing car genre.

    The game is not as pretty as Forza 5 but it is a whole lot more fun.

  3. For me the control in Project Cars is impossible. The stability and traction control help, but it is more of a chore learning to race than anything fun like feeling you accomplished something. I have the first patch and that seemed to improve some things, but the fact I had to reset my XB1 to get the Project Cars to even update was just irritating. Then why isn’t the game telling me I’m being updated instead of just spinning and not loading? While I’m glad they seem to quickly be fixing problems they are messing up in a big way in not informing users of what is going on when it is being updated, etc. I thought my XB1 had messed and was going to power cycle it right before it finished. Started the game and it had taken about 10 minutes to get to the main menu or whatever they call it.

    1. The Road cars are a handful to drive. The effects of braking and softer suspensions in these cars are a bit overdone. I have found the race cars much easier and more enjoyable to drive. If you have played a lot of Forza 5 then I think you will appreciate the braking in Project Cars. And you owe it to yourself to use the cockpit view. Once one gets a handle on the handling in Project Cars, the game becomes most satisfying.

  4. It’s just the XBone’s bad controller design that’s all. SMS will patch it to compensate but I doubt it’ll give you the control fidelity of the PS4’s controller.

    1. na try again dude. shoving a huge touchpad onto a flimsy piece of shit that lasts 4 hours on the battery, doesn’t make a better controller.

      1. Aaah poor babies mad, they insulted his precious X1. Wwhat a fanboy. But guess what, no amount of stupid sh’t you say will change th fact that the X1’s controller is a cheap piece of sh’t. Period, end of story, case close.

        1. So you are on an article abuot the X1 and you are trolling about it? Guess what, no amount of stupid sh’t you say will change the fact that you are a little boy with nothing better to do than act like a retarded fan boy. Period, end of story, case close. Sucks to be you , little boy!

      2. The PS4 controller feels much more comfortable, has a better dpad, better precision on the analog sticks. A touchpad, the move light, a speaker and headphone jack, the Share button and better rumble motors. And what does the X1 controller have? On yeah that’s right nothing new, nothing! And its actually worst than the 360’s controller. So go cry some more about batteries while you buying them, sucker!

      3. LOL look another angry xbone owner, sure seems to be a lot of them these days, LOL. Maybe we could actually take him seriously if we thought for one second he ever held a DS4 but its pretty clear he hasn’t.

        1. I have and the DS4 is the best controller by far that Sony has ever made. Still not as good as the X1 though. X1 controller does feel a little flimsy but it is all about the analog stick positioning. Still better on the X1.So why are you trolling on an X1 article?

    2. The Xbox One’s controller is really built cheaply. I dropped mine from about three feet and it literally fell apart. I did manage to snap the thing back together and press on. Maybe Katz makes the thing. The controller on the 360 was indestructable.

  5. Controllers are for the weak. Cool people own a used play seat 200$ T300rs racing wheel 400$, 110 inch projector screen 300$, Benq Q W1070 projector 680$ used PS4 300$ Driveclub 20$ = 1900 for Ultimate gaming experiance

    1. LOL, must suck to be a Waste Station owner with nothing to play so you have to constantly troll X1 articles… No come back needed, you prove my point just by being on here trolling away about a system you don’t even own. Pathetic! Who knows maybe next year Sony will have more than one good exclusive….Probably not. I guess you can just waste your time on the X1 comment sections getting your frustrations out! LOL

  6. The problem with this game is that it has really bad artificial intelligence cars say you simulate qualifying then you put at back every tme for no reason then you try to pass the back markers and they suddenly turn sharp into you and totally block or crash you out of the race and when they go on the grass or dirt they don’t lose any speed they even overtake you while you on the track and they on the dirt !!!

  7. Well it seems that evrybody always have to complain about something i really dont care about those issues gamers nowdays only complain and bash others systems because they only want to talk good about their system of choice i play on my xbox one and my ps4 and i dont have any bad thing to say about it stop acting like little kids

  8. I was waiting for Project Cars to come out for so long….unfortunately for the developer, so many other games came out in the interim and I just kind of moved on. Driveclub is filling my racing fix at the moment, and I’m hoping to see GT7 at some point this year from Sony. Project Cars just took too long, and with Bloodborne, The Witcher, and Batman soon coming up, I just don’t have the time to invest in the game the way I would have loved to last fall. Shame. Just bad timing for me, I guess.

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