Racing Sim Assetto Corsa Releasing on PS4 and Xbox One April 2016 According to GameStop

According to popular(ish) video game retailer GameStop, 505’s racing sim Assetto Corsa will be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One in April of 2016. More specifically, April 26th. Usually we disregard such dates as placeholders, but GameStop normally uses the generic 31st or 1st of a month when it comes to placeholders, so perhaps April 26th could be accurate.

For those not in the loop, Assetto Corsa is a proper racing simulator that was originally released on the PC last year before being announced for the PS4 and Xbox One with developer 505 Games at the helm. There’s not been much said about the console versions of the game as both the developer and publisher has remained rather quiet on the matter.

We’ve shot an email their way to see if there’s any stock to this rumour, so we’ll be updating here if we find out anything more.

[Update] Upon further investigation, we’ve found that Amazon disagrees with GameStop’s release date. According to Amazon’s listings for the game the release date is April 19th. April it is, then.

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