Return To Monkey Island Achievements: All Achievements Per Chapter

Return to Monkey Island achievements are a fun extra challenge for fans to complete. Return to Monkey Island is not a mechanically difficult game, the challenges are in solving puzzles. To complete all the achievements, you will have to solve all the puzzles, complete some extra steps, and collect a few items. Here are all of the Return To Monkey Island achievements, broken down by chapter.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Prelude

There are a couple of achievements you can pick up in the Prelude. The first achievement you can get is Pegleg. The first objective in the Prelude is to get some Scurvydogs. To do this, you will need to take the key attached to a pegleg from the Scurvydog shack in order to get into the outhouse. When you return to the Scurvydog shack, before you buy your snacks, put the pegleg key back on the wall to get the Pegleg achievement.

The other achievement you can get during the Prologue is Lucky Duck. For this one, you need to get to the park where you get the to-do list. One of the items on the to-do list is to pick a four-leaf clover. Near the end of the park, there is a patch of grass where you can pick a clover. Once you do, you can head back over to the pond and give it to the duck to unlock this achievement.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: General Achievements

Now that we are into the game proper, there are some general achievements to be conscious of. These achievements are not tied to specific parts of the game and can be unlocked throughout. Many of them require you to do certain things over multiple parts of the game, so it is good to know about them ahead of time. That said, there are also some minor spoilers in reading these before you play, so back out now if you have not yet completed the game. It’s a short game, especially when you know what you are doing, and an easy candidate for replaying to complete achievements.

The first and most straightforward is the Bragging achievement. This achievement is for telling everyone you can that you are on a quest to find the secret of Monkey Island, so do that. Everyone you see, speak to them and tell them if you can. There are fifteen people you can brag to, the achievement will pop up when you have told them all. Speak to anyone you can, if you have an option to tell them you are looking for the secret, do so.

The Bookworm achievement can be completed throughout the game. To do so, you need to find five copies of a book called The End of the Plank. There is one in the locksmith’s shop, one in the Governor’s Mansion on the bookshelf, one is just beside the door in the fish shop, another is on a shelf to the right of the throne in Brr Muda, and the last one is in Herman’s room on Terror Island, just beside his bed. You just need to interact with each of these once to complete the achievement, and all of them are in places you need to go to during the story. Keep an eye out for books with purple covers.

The Speed Runner achievement is for finishing the game in less than two hours, which sounds much more difficult than it is. Once you know what you are doing, it is very doable, maybe have a guide handy as you attempt this.

The remaining general achievements are tied to the Trivia Cards. These are scattered throughout the game, there are one hundred of them and each contains a multiple choice question that you need to get right in order to complete the achievement. This is by far the biggest undertaking in the game, and will require its own guide.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Part One

Starting Part One will instantly unlock the Part One achievement for starting Part One. There are three more achievements that can be completed during Part One. The quickest and easiest to get is the Cartography Nerd achievement. For this one, you just need to head to Wally’s Maps-n-More on Low Street. There are maps hung on all of the walls in the shop. You need to inspect all of them to complete the achievement.

Freed Otis is unlocked when you, well, when you free Otis. Otis is in the town jail once again. You can visit him and of course, he will ask for some help getting out. To do so, visit the locksmith across the street from the jail and you will learn that you can get keys made there if you provide her with the serial number. Go to Maps-n-More and pick up the monocle on his desk. Return to the jail and use the monocle on the lock of Otis’ cell to get the serial number. Give the serial number to the locksmith to get a key made, and use the key to free Otis.

Later, as you progress through Part One, Cobb will appear in the Scumm bar. Fans of the originals will know him, but for new players, basically, he is a joke NPC who originally wore a large badge saying “ask me about Loom”. Loom is another Lucasarts point-and-click adventure game from the early 90’s. It seems in the interim that Cobb has lost all his enthusiasm for the game because he has altered his button to say “DON’T ask me about Loom”. He takes some convincing, but if you keep at him and wear him down, you can get him to tell you about Loom, and unlock the Fan Service achievement.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Part Two

Once again, we start another part with an achievement. Part Two is unlocked for starting the second part of the game. Beyond that, there are two achievements that can be unlocked during Part Two. The first is Super Swabbie, which is unlocked after swabbing the deck 20 times. If you clean up the mess that Gullet drops on the floor, he will quickly replace it. Clean it up 20 times and the achievement is yours.

The other achievement you can get on the ship is Neat Freak. To get this one, you need to find every mess when completing your report as First Swab. Now, you can only add five items to the report, and there are more than five messes. In order to complete this achievement, you need to do the report more than once. The easiest way to do this is to fill the report out as normal, then reload a previous save and fill it out again, this time being sure to include all the items you didn’t have on your first report. The list of messes you can report are;

  • Gullet’s grease: this is the mess from the previous achievement, and it can be missed so be sure to clean it up at least once.
  • Greasy porthole: the mess left behind when you greased up the porthole to escape the hold.
  • Chicken mess: one of the chickens in the hold has made a mess.
  • Ghost Rats: these rats are found just outside of LeChuck’s cabin.
  • Putra’s galley: just, all of it.
  • Empty potion supply crates: the crates on the deck that held the potion supplies, found at the front and the back of the ship.
  • Spilled potion: the remnants of the spilled potion on the floor.
  • Gullet: Gullet is trapped in the rudder of the ship, and technically that is a mess.

Once you have added all eight of these messes to the report at least once, the achievement will unlock.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Part Three

Begin Part Three and you will instantly unlock the achievement for beginning Part Three. Another quick and easy achievement can be gotten here, called Not Bitter. When you get to the beach on Monkey Island, there will be a heart with L+E carved into a tree. Interact with it a few times and Guybrush will realise it was done by LeChuck, giving you the option to kick the tree. Kick it repeatedly to unlock the achievement.

There is only one achievement specific to Part Three, which is called Tight Ship. This achievement is for decorating Guybrush’s reconstructed ship, the Sea Monkey II, with some skulls. To do this, you need to gather five skulls around the island.

This is part of the main quest, you need to find all the skulls to bring them to Murray and use them to play LeChuck’s theme song. Once you are done, you need to gather the skulls again. Keep them with you so they can be added to the Sea Monkey II when it is rebuilt.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Part Four

As expected, you get the Part Four achievement as soon as you start the chapter. Part Four is a big part of the game, with a lot of exploration and places you can go. There are a handful of achievements that can only be done during this part. There are achievements that can be completed on Monkey Island before you head anywhere else. Pay a visit to the museum and give Gullet’s book of poems to the curator/editor to get the Promise Keeper achievement.

Another achievement that is easy to get but not so quick is to head to the Governor’s mansion and join the queue for earthquake relief. It takes about three minutes, so maybe go get a snack or something. Leave Guybrush waiting for a while, and the Patient Citizen achievement will unlock. Regardless of whether you wait or not, when you do enter the Governor’s Mansion, attempt to give Carla your coin purse to get the Relief Pitcher hidden achievement.

The achievement called Trophy Fisher relates to the Chums, and can only be gotten on the hard difficulty, and it is part of the main story. This semi-secret organisation of fishers is spread throughout the Caribbean, and they will help Guybrush improve his storytelling skills. This is a bit like collecting all the sword-fighting quips from the original game, you need to go around talking to all the Chums and adding to your story.

There are five Chums to talk to, Locke Smith the locksmith, the pirate sitting outside of the Scumm bar, the guard at the gate of the prison on Brr Muda, Apple Bob (the ghost hanging upside down on LeChuck’s ship), and Elaine, who can be found on Scurvy Island.

The Chums are fairly easy to find, they each wear a distinctive fishing lure. As you explore the islands, stop to talk to anyone you find who wears the lure. Tell them your story, take their advice, and continue to improve it. You will get the achievement once you have gathered all the story parts and told it to perfection.

You can complete two achievements out at sea during this part. Ahoy There is another joke achievement that involves saying ahoy at least twenty times. When you set out on your ship, you can go to the Adrift Ship and meet the sailors who are stuck under quarantine. Say ahoy twenty times to them to get the achievement. Once you have convinced these geniuses that they need to eat limes to treat their scurvy, you can take their Bella Fisher flag. However, instead of just grabbing it, bring one of the replica flags from the museum and use it on their flag to swap them, and get the Flag Facsimile achievement.

Also while out on the sea you can complete Deep Sea Diver. For this, you need to explore the sea floor. While out sailing, you can click on the Sea Monkey II to walk around it. You can then use the anchor to dive down to the sea floor. There are a few random spots where you can go down and explore, so for this, you need to just sail around and dive a couple of times. Later, once you have helped the sailors on the Adrift Ship you can board the ship and take their flag. Use it with your map to mark the location of Bella Fisher’s secret fishing spot. Go there and dive as part of the achievement. Once you have dived down enough times, the achievement will unlock.

The only achievement left to cap off this part is Dental Samaritan. If you spoke to Stan earlier when he was in jail, he mentions that he is missing his toothbrush. You couldn’t get it earlier, but now that the earthquake has half-destroyed his office, you can get in and grab his toothbrush. Grab it and keep it with you for when you go to visit Brr Muda. When you get there, deliver the toothbrush to Stan to complete the achievement.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Part Five

Another part, another instant achievement. Part Five unlocks at the beginning of the chapter. After that, we just have one specific achievement for this part of the game. Back on Monkey Island, Wally the mapmaker has been taken and needs rescuing. Free him and you will receive the Free Wally achievement.

To do so, you need to jot down the serial number on his shackles. They are at the front of LeChuck’s ship, near where you climb aboard. This needs to be done during Part Two, before Wally is kidnapped. Get a key made, then use the key when you find Wally in Part Five.

Return To Monkey Island Achievements: Hidden Achievements

There are a number of hidden achievements in the game. These are mostly fun little extras and are not related to story points, so not much in the way of spoilers here. Dead Dead Dead is a simple but rather macabre achievement. Guybrush is famous for his ability to hold his breath for roughly ten minutes. If you wait out the timer that ticks down while underwater, the game will cut the Guybrush telling the story to his son, and his son protesting that he couldn’t have died because he is still there. This brings you back to where you were, with more time on the clock.

This achievement is most easily completed when Guybrush is thrown off of LeChuck’s ship and has to walk to Monkey Island, as there are transitions which take up decent chunks of the timer. Let it run down two more times to get a rather chilling ending and this achievement.

The Mop Top achievement is given for crafting a mop with all four available mop heads. We have tracked down three of these mop heads; the bundle of string at the back of the Scumm bar kitchen, the sponge at Stan’s shipard, and the shrunken head you can buy in the International House of Voodoo. There is apparently a fourth option, which we have yet to find. To quickly complete this achievement, once you have all four mop heads, you can get the mop handle, save your game, craft the mop, reload, and then craft it again with one of the other heads. Do this with all four to get the achievement.

On the topic of mops, the Mop Heist achievement can be gotten by attempting to steal the Chef’s mop. While he is distracted with the cookbook, take the mop and attempt to leave the Scumm bar. He will catch you, but you will get this achievement for it.

Head to the Fish Shop to complete On The Lam. Every time you enter the shop, one of the yellow Lumpsucker fish will move gradually towards the door. Leave and re-enter repeatedly and it will keep moving. Eventually, it will get to the door, leave and come back in one more time and the fish will be gone, completing the achievement.

The I Don’t Believe achievement is one that is hard to explain without spoilers, but here is the general gist, which should make sense once you reach this particular point in the game. Late in the game, during Part Five, you will emerge from the backdoor of the church on High Street on Melee Island. You are encouraged to follow Elaine and turn off some lights, instead you should head back through the door and back the way you came. Go back as far as you can (it isn’t far) to unlock the achievement.

Finally, Hot Headed is a hidden achievement in Part Two, on LeChuck’s ship. Part of the main quest here is to get Putra to make a Scorched Alaska for Flambe. To get this achievement, you need to get Putra promoted to chef, then ask her to make the Scorched Alaska. Instead of picking it up, try to eat some of it. Guybrush will refuse, but repeated tries will eventually get him to try it. Once he does, the achievement is complete.

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