Return To Monkey Island Part Two: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Return To Monkey Island Part Two has Guybrush stowed away in the hold of LeChuck’s ship, LeShip. Return to Monkey Island is a fitting name for exactly what is happening here, as the eponymous island is our destination. Part Two takes place entirely on the ship, where Guybrush needs to get the ship to Monkey Island while also turning the tables on LeChuck. Here are the steps you need to take to complete Return To Monkey Island Part Two.

Return To Monkey Island Part Two: Escaping The Hold

Part Two begins with Guybrush in his zombie form, being inducted into the job by the First Swab, Gullet. Gullet tells you that there is no leaving the hold, your job is to stay here and clean. To make sure you do, Gullet throws down a pile of grease, and every time you clean it he replaces it with another one.

To get out of the hold, you need to do a couple of things. First, pick up your mop and clean some grease. Doing so will get grease on the mop. Now, head over to the porthole. It is screwed shut, so we need to get it open. You cannot remove the screws as they are, so use the greasy mop to lubricate them. Once you do, you can use your knife to remove the screws. You still cannot escape once the porthole is open, as Guybrush doesn’t fit. Time for more grease! Lubricate the hole and make your escape.

Before you leave the hold, open the crate on the right. Inside you will find Murray, the demon skull who keeps showing up in Guybrush’s adventures. Convince him that he won’t be able to do much spying from inside a crate, and bring him with you as you leave the hold.

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Return To Monkey Island Part Two: Right The Ship

Once outside the porthole, make your way right along the side of the ship and climb up the ladder. Interact with the others on deck and a cutscene will trigger. Gullet finds you on deck and accuses you of disobeying him, and as punishment, he spills the massive cauldron for you to clean up. Unfortunately for him, that cauldron was filled with the potion needed to reach Monkey Island. LeChuck throws him off the ship, and promotes zombie Guybrush to First Swab.

Now we have two new problems. We can fully explore the ship, but the ship is no longer going to Monkey Island. The potion is necessary to find the island, but thankfully there is a backup, as the pirate lords are following on their ship, and they are brewing their own. We need to help them finish their potion, so we can follow them to the island. The other problem is, the crew no longer want to go. We need to convince them to go, and hold a vote. On top of all this, we need to steal LeChuck’s map of Monkey Island.

Two of these problems are quick and easy to solve. First, to get the map, head to the back of the ship, where the steering wheel is. Behind it is a bell, ring it once to hold a vote, twice for LeChuck’s daily bout of screaming at the crew. Ring it twice to bring LeChuck to the deck, and while he is shouting you can slip downstairs and into his cabin. The map is on his desk, and you need to swap it with the map to the mop tree in your inventory. Once you have it, head back upstairs for the end of LeChuck’s rant and you can continue.

The potion issue is also an easy fix, and while we need to wait a bit to do it, we can set it up quickly and easily. Climb up to the crow’s nest, and use the spyglass. You will be able to see the pirate lords on their ship, arguing over their potion cauldron. They have all the ingredients bar one, a flattened skull. To help them out, you need to flatten Murray and send him over. Go down the stairs from the deck and you will find a laundry press by the bottom of the stairs. Interact with it and it will fall apart. Use the screws from the porthole you opened to repair it, then use it to flatten Murray. Once done, take Murray back on deck and load him into the cannon, ready to fire once you are ready to leave. First, we need to hold a vote.

Secret of Monkey Island Part Two: Rigging The Vote

None of LeChuck’s crew want to go to Monkey Island, and the potion spilling was the last straw. Each member of the crew has voted not to go, so you need to change their minds. Iron Rose is one of the easiest, her faith in LeChuck has dropped. To reaffirm her, give her the induction pamphlet that she gave you and she will become determined again to follow LeChuck. This also covers Putra, the ship’s cook, as she votes however Iron Rose votes. However, you need to ask Putra about her vote to remind her that she will vote however Rose votes, so make sure to talk as her about her cote.

The other three take a bit more convincing. Flair Gorey also needs an item, but it isn’t one you already have. She wants her grandmother’s knife returned to her, as it was in the back of Gullet when LeChuck threw him overboard. Thankfully, he has not gone far. Climb down the ladder, go along the outside and make your way to the back of the ship. Climb down to the rudder and you will find Gullet wedged between the rudder and the ship. Pull the knife out of his back, then return it to Flair to gain her vote.

Apple Bob and Flambe are a bit more complicated, but helping one helps the other. Simply put, Bob wants a book, Flambe wants a Scorched Alaska. Putra can make a Scorched Alaska for you, but you need to help her first. Speak with her, she will tell you that she wants to be recognised as a chef, then take her application letter. Bring it to LeChuck, he will deny it and also land you with the First Swab’s report.

You need to go around the ship, finding messes that need cleaning and adding them to the report. You only need five of the possible eight, and it is not difficult to find messes on this ship. Options include the rats, the empty potion ingredient boxes, the greasy porthole, the mess left when the potion was spilled, and just the entire galley. Once you’re done, bring the report to Iron Rose to get her to sign it. Before bringing the report back to LeChuck, combine it with Putra’s application. Then, hand it to LeChuck who will absent-mindedly stamp all the forms. Bring the stamped application back to Putra to get her help.

Now she will happily make you a Scorched Alaska. If you are playing on Hard, she does not have the demon pepper to scorch it. Instead, use your knife on the lighter for the cannon to cut off a piece, then combine it with the mild Alaska to make it scorching. Present this to Flambe to win his vote. Doing so will also have him drop his book, which you can take and give to Apple Bob to secure his vote as well.

With that, you can ring the bell once to hold a vote and the crew will agree to head for Monkey Island. All you need to do now is fire over Murray to help the pirate lords and follow them. With that, you are off to Monkey Island and you have finished Part Two. For the next part of the tale, be sure to check out Return to Monkey Island Part Three.

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