Rumour: GTA V PC Version Settings Are Similar To GTA IV’s

GTA V is only weeks away from dropping on the PC and we’ve still got next to no details about the PC version iteration of Rockstar’s biggest game to date.

That being said, leaks are a wonderful thing. One user over on NFOHump claims to have an insider at a PC gaming magazine who has been sending him some screenshots of the game running on the PC.

One such screen seems to indicate that GTA V will have similar settings to its predecessor, GTA IV.

Take a look at the screen below, but be warned – this could be fake. We have no way of verifying the source but we’re quietly confident that this is in fact genuine.


The settings screen does bear a striking resemblance to the settings screen on the PC version of GTA IV.

Still, we can’t call this one genuine so it’s staying in the rumour bin until we can prove otherwise.

The PC version of GTA V is due out January 27th, if all goes to plan.

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