News: As PS4 Sells Out German Retailer Makes Drastic Cuts To Xbox One; Introduces Cheapest Ever Bundle

The Xbox One may be doing fairly well in the United States and the United Kingdom, but it’s another story in the land of beer and bratwurst.

German retailer Saturn is currently selling the Xbox One 500GB model with a free download code for EA’s FIFA 15 for €333 – the equivalent of around £250-£260 making the cheapest ever bundle and more than £100 cheaper than the UK package.

What’s more, according the manager of this particular Saturn store in Wolfsburg, the Xbox One just isn’t selling so they’ve had a few “manager’s specials” to try and tempt gamers into shelling out for the Xbox One.

Down below is a picture of the Xbox One bundle available in-store only and at a greatly reduced price. Note that on the website the very same bundle is listed for €399, almost €70 more.

xbox one fifa 15 bundkle

Meanwhile in the very same store the PS4 is nowhere to be seen and it’s been this way for a couple of weeks according to the manager.

It’s not the only Xbox related item being sold on the cheap either, there were a fair few top-tier titles priced a few Euros cheaper than their PS4 counterparts.

“We sold out all of our PlayStation 4 consoles before Christmas and only had reserved stock up until a few days ago, now we have nothing” he said when I asked about the lack of Sony machines within the store

Apparently this isn’t just a localised issue either. According to the store manager there’s a big issue with supply and demand for the PS4 whilst other stores in the Niedersachsen region are struggling to get the Xbox One consoles off the shelf and as such many other stores have introduced limited “manager’s specials” in a bid to shift some units.

It’s also worth noting that this particular retailer isn’t the one having problems getting Xbox One’s out the door.

After visiting another German retailer, Media Markt, the store’s manager confessed that the only PS4’s they currently have in stock are second-hand returns. He did note that they were also having slow sales of the Xbox One, though they did peak during the Christmas shopping period, however it’s back to fully stocked shelves that don’t need replenishing.

I took the opportunity to canvass a few gamers who were lingering around the stores, asking their opinions on both next-gen machines and which they opted for and the general opinion is that the Xbox One is a lower quality machine whereas the PS4 is seen as a premium product from a top-name brand.

Having problems getting a PS4 where you live? Which is the popular console in your region? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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    1. Xbox One is alive. As You Can see. Also, This is Germany we Are talking about. Germany love Sony, and love to be f****ed by Sony deep into The a**.

        1. LOL thats why The xbox one Sold 1.200.000 million Units in November in The US ALONE?! Idiot. STFU. You have NO IDEA what You Are talking about, moron

          1. It’s selling everywhere. It’s just selling a lot more in the U.S. and UK then anywhere else.

          2. Not really, low sales are pointless sales to huge companies looking to make huge profits.

          3. Sold 1.2 million in U.S. (Alone, cause that’s the only place it sells anyways) – Because of what? a temporary $50 price cut….1-2 free games, some places offered free Xbox Live membership and a $50 coupon ontop of it all.

            You think that’s something to boast about for Microsoft? That the only way it sells is when it’s price is slashed desperately during sales/holiday seasons and free games and free Xbox Live and free everything is tossed into it? The only way to sell an Xbone is to make it dirt cheap to convince people to just buy it ‘because it’s really cheap’ ? lol. All the while PS4 sold just a tiny bit less without even touching the price, without offering anything free, but by selling it as it is, a good product?

            Haaaah, Xbox fanboys are always good when you need a chuckle. So deluded and easy to poke fun of.

          4. Whilst we do enjoy the banter between gamers and the discussions they bring, the language here it nothing short of atrocious. Please try and keep it respectful, you wouldn’t speak like this in person so try and remain civil.


          5. How many units did sony sell over the Christmas period…. what for it……um let me think….ahh….. oh yeah… 4.1 MILLION!!!!!

            So therethere’s that…..

          6. Settle down John you’re getting all worked up for nothing its just comments on the internet if you cant handle it its best you avoid it all together. How about you go play some xbone games and cool off kid.

          7. Cut the price of anything enough during bargain season and your average idiot will buy it.

            Watch them all get traded in after the no games this year kicks in.

          8. yeah, but to be honest it’s a world that I would rather not live in.

            That’s just my opinion.

          9. It’s better to remain silent and let us think you are a fool then to type a reply like that and remove all doubt.

            The ONLY reason the XB1 sold well this Holiday in America was they gave EVERYTHING away including the kitchen sink in order to make that happen. They gave away 4 FREE games, FREE XBL for $349.99 and Sony still managed to keep pace in American and outsold the XB1 worldwide during the Holiday. Sony also confirmed that the PS4 sold more on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas week. They’ve sold through 18.5 million units while MS hasn’t confirmed 10 million. Just shipped to retail.

            It is YOU that have no idea what you are talking about moron.

          10. US & UK combined, try harder troll, The Xbox One has never sold 1 million consoles in the US not even on launch day. PS4 did it in a day.

        1. LOL thats why The xbox one Sold 1.200.000 million Units in November in The US ALONE?! Idiot. STFU. You have NO IDEA what You Are talking about, moron..

    1. The type of games that are enjoyed in Eastern Europe and Asia are more on par with Sony and Playstation than they are with Microsoft and the Xbox. The Xbox is mostly a First Person Shooter Console or Any type of Action Shooter, there are a few good types of other games.. but they don’t have but 1 or 2 JRPG’s.. and that is the biggest Hinderance and Difference that Sony and the Playstation Brand have over Microsoft is their ability to appeal to ALL of the world’s video gamers.. and not just a portion of them.

      I am not trying to be bias at all in this post.. I was just trying to explain that the gaming is different.. It is quite obvious to most people you would ask as well.

    2. I’m not german, but I leave in Europe and I’m XBOX 360 owner for 8 years. I will switch to PS4 soon mainly for this reasons:
      1. XB1 is underpowered, ugly and big compared to PS4. Why not to pay few euros more and get the better machine? XBOX LIVE is not that superior atm as it used to be.
      2. MS is too damn focus on US and UK only! All promotions, all goodies, all effors – US, UK. My country is a EU member for 7 years, but is still not in the officialy supported countrues! This means that even after the fact I’m a gold member I can’t even download the Games with Gold free games. I can’t pay with CC or PayPal. I’ve waited long enough. 8 years for God’s sake! People with PS don’t have the same problems from a long long time ago.

      3. For the last 4 years MS was too focused on casuals, Halo and Gears. No new ideas. You can’t find next app killer if you don’t risk MS.

      1. The power difference isn’t that big between the two consoles and on many occasions the XB1 performs better in the frame-rate department while Sony’s machine always gets the better resolution in most games obviously, id prefer a bigger machine for better air flow but the PS4 does look prettier, id also say PS4 is the casuals console of choice this year, just look at the sales in the first half of the launch year, and with Sony’s mix of casual games and blockbusters the PS4 is a sure bet for a lot of part time gamers, the PS4 has a faster GPU it is the GPU that gives PS4 the edge that being the resolution of games and Anti-aliasing, i do agree with you on the US/UK focused mindset of Microsoft though but you have to take into account that the US/UK have always been Microsoft’s better markets it would be stupid not to focus all their energy there. Now, the games, i am still adamant that the Xbox One has the better exclusive lineup of games, i would just get both bro, both consoles have their good and bad points and the good and bad points stand out more when you own both. 😀

  1. Mexico city many retailers have said that Xbox One sold more that PS4 consoles. We Mexicans don’t like Asian corporations, we buy either Mexican, Brazilian, and American.

  2. Like in my neighborhood we all have the American Xbox One consoles not mogoloid Japanese PS4 consoles. Personally we prefer Xbox One exclusives.
    Sunset Overdrive
    Forza Horizon 2
    Killer Instinct
    Project Spark
    Dead Rising 4
    Upcoming for 2015-2016 exclusives:
    Halo 5
    Quantum Break
    Fable Legends
    State of Decay
    Phantom Dust
    Gears of War 4
    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Lifeless Planet
    Space Engineers
    3 unannounce games.

  3. I think it isn’t surprising that in the Country where they make some of the finest cars in the world the Xbone is suffering. The Germans love quality, they don’t buy junk! ^_^

          1. That’s not gonna make developers speed up thickening out the Xbone’s duff line up. 🙂

  4. Don’t know where they buy, but all stores i know have PS4s available. That they are sold out ended months ago. And I am living in germany. But yes, xbox one isnt selling that good.

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