Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox Studios and Nintendo Every Upcoming Project + Release Date Leaks/Rumors Complete List

Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox Studios and Nintendo Every Upcoming Project + Release Date Leaks/Rumors Complete List

Every upcoming project in store from the big 3 of the current industry. Only definitive information and rumors from credible sources have been included in this list. Each rumor/leak/bit of info is linked to the source of the information so that the reader can verify their credibility. It’s always hard to find sources for Nintendo projects, so take the provided information with a grain of salt.

Playstation Projects

Santa Monica: In addition to the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, a recent job listing on Santa Monica’s website confirms that the studio is working on a new project, which is largely speculated to be a scrapped Sci-fi concept that the studio was working on in 2013, according to the leaks. Another job listing also contains many hints about the scope of management and the projects they are currently working on.

Guerrilla Games: Besides Horizon Forbidden West, The next goal seems to be AAA Online, GaaS or Live Services game, according to the job listing on their website. Among the roles they are looking for is a Java developer with experience in painting servers for multiplayer games. It might be the revival of their Killzone IP, or an entirely new game. The director seems to be Simon Larouche, who had worked before on Killzone 2, and is known for directing Rainbow Six Siege.

Naughty Dog: According to the Bloomberg report by Jason Schrier, The development of The last of Us remake has been moved to Naughty Dog after it was being handled by an unnamed studio. Naughty Dog has also been working on their first standalone multiplayer game, according to this job ad. It’s unknown if it’s going to be related to the TLOU, or something entirely new.

Sucker Punch: A Rumor from a credible source known for informing on Sucker Punch news quite early has hinted at the comeback of Infamous. Even though that rumor never really saw the light of day at the Playstation Showcase that followed, it doesn’t mean it’s totally untrue. The job listings don’t reveal anything of note at they are currently working on Ghost of Tsushima which has both Single and Multiplayer aspects at the same time.

Insomniac Games: Most of their portfolio is known (Wolverine + Spiderman 2), but a recent job listing has hinted at a multiplayer upcoming project in development. It might be a component related to these two IPs, or a separate IP like Resistance.

Sony Bend Studio: A straightforward notice about a new IP from the studio itself. The sequel for days gone was rejected for reasons implied by the developer.

Bluepoint Games: Working on their first original title in 15 Years, and rumors about a remake of a beloved game.

Housemarque: In a 25th anniversary post, the Returnal developer announced it’s now working on its “most ambitious and biggest game to date”, and as a result, all other projects are being put on hold.

Firesprite: Rumored to be working on 4 different games from the various job listings on their website, and the new Twisted Metal game is reportedly handled by this studio.

San Diego: A studio working behind the scenes to support already existing games. More on the studio’s work can be found here.

Polyphony Digital: The studio founder, Kazunori Yamauchi has expressed his desire to keep working on Gran Turismo and other Racing Sim products.

Team Asobi: As noted by Gematsu, the team is working on their most ambitious game yet after Astro’s playroom.

PixelOpus: The concrete genie team is hiring for a new PS5 title.

London Studio: Not many days ago they confirmed the work on a new PS5 online game.

Media Molecule: The studio is still undecided about what it will do after Dreams, but they want to make games above all. They already said they intend to make their upcoming games from within the Dreams development area, and two of them are announced to be developed in this way: Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and Tren.

Fabrik Games: Upcoming AAA sci-fi/horror title.

Valkyrie Entertainment: Future projects currently unknown.

Nixxes Software: Future projects currently unknown.

Note: It has been announced in the last GameAwards that 17 Sony Studios are working on First Party games.

Microsoft Projects

343 industries: Working on a new unannounced upcoming project besides halo infinite, according to a credible Xbox news source. The project is also hinted to be in the Halo universe according to a job listing. The Halo community manager confirmed it.

The Coalition: According to a press release, multiple new UE5 projects are in the making, and one of them is rumored to be non-gears new IP.

Doublefine: Nothing set in stone except that they are likely to be working on multiple projects, and one of them is confirmed to be a new IP.

The Initiative: The upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, and they hired Crystal Dynamics to ramp things up for new gen consoles.

inXile Entertainment: The studio has confirmed to be working on two projects: One is a FPS+RPG game, and the second is an RPG in preproduction. The first one is said to be in deep development with hints at the setting from Jez Gordan and Jeff Grubb.

Compulsion Games: Third-person narrative single-player game in mid-development according to Head of PR Naila Hadjas. Code named “Midnight“, and is rumored to be set in a “dark and fantastical world”. Inspired by America’s Deep South.

Mojang Studios: Two new Minecraft games in the works, according to windows central sources.

Obsidian Entertainment: 4 games according to sources: Avowed, Grounded, Pentiment and an Unnamed game by Fallout: New Vegas’s Josh Sawyer. Avowed is very likely to be the next skyrim. Grounded is already in-game preview with a full release expected in 2022. Pentiment seems to be an investigation RPG with an emphasis on dialogue choices like Disco Elysium, and Josh Sawyer’s game is still a mystery, only the fact it exists is confirmed.

Rare Studio: Everwild’s development has been rebooted from scratch.

Ninja Theory: Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 + Project Mara mental terror title + The Insight project for the expansion of the studio’s effort towards mental health.

Playground Games: Fable reboot.

Turn 10: Probably the next Forza Motorsport entry in the series.

Undead Labs: State of Decay 3.

World’s Edge: A new entry in the Age of empires series, or might be the Age of Mythology spinoff series.

Xbox Game Studios Publishing

Interior Night Studios: Interactive Drama game As Dusk Falls.

Smilegate Entertainment: Crossfire X, Launching 10 Feburary this year. Remedy Entertainment will be developing a single player campaign in cooperation with smilegate.

IO Interactive: Fantasy RPG Project Dragon, a rumor only for now.

Asobo Studio: Partnership with Focus Home Interactive for a new unannounced game.

Avalanche Game Studios: Co-Op smuggler’s paradise Contraband.

Oxide Games: Project Indus rumored new AAA strategy IP from the developers of Ashes of the Singularity.

Brass Lion Entertainment: Project Shaolin rumored third person melee oriented Action-RPG with four players Co-Op. Details are available on Windows Central and the developer’s twitter.

Stoic Studios: Upcoming Project Belfry exclusive game rumors from the developer of the Banner Saga trilogy.

Kojima Productions: Hints at a Cloud-based project between Kojima and Xbox.

Bethesda Softworks

Nintendo Projects

Every Nintendo leaks/rumors are always to be taken with a grain of salt, but a Nintendo insider with a worthy amount of credibility: Markomaro has revealed some plans for Nintendo in 2022/2023.

The comments also add confirmation for a new Mario 3D game + debunking the release of Pikmin 4 until the next year in the least.

Another Insider, Leakypandy has provided updates on the next Mario Kart game.

Another well known leaker: Samus Hunter, has shared slight updates on BOTW2 and Pokemon Spinoff games. And another discussion led to revelations about splatoon 3 release date.