Top 5 Tips For Creating a Video Game Tutorial

Top 5 Tips For Creating a Video Game Tutorial

Have you been creating video game tutorials for a while but still end up nowhere? Don’t be disheartened, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a list of effective tips to create gaming tutorials like a pro.

Video game tutorials are among the most popular types of videos people view on YouTube. If you truly have an interest in gaming, then it shouldn’t take too much effort to generate this type of content. Having a PC and your favorite games are all you need to film basic gaming tutorial videos.

However, making an impact in this saturated sector is not easy. Creating these tutorials requires the ability to fill an untapped niche. You need a good online video editor to make your tutorial stand out from the crowd. Luckily, these skills can be learned and applied to create a difference. So, whether you are an amateur or a regular pro, follow these 5 tips mentioned below and make your video game tutorial count. Let’s get into the game!

1. Start with choosing the game 

Choosing the right game is the key to creating a stand-out video game tutorial. You need to understand the game first, gain expertise, determine all important aspects, and then make a final choice. 

A game that you know well and can complete successfully will be the best candidate for your first video game tutorial. It is not enjoyable to watch a novice fail miserably while giving the instructions, therefore, it’s best to stick to familiar games and share your knowledge. 

Accept the fact that you cannot create a tutorial for all the games available on the internet. Therefore, choose the game wisely and don’t aim too high in the beginning. 

2. The right gear does matter

The video-making process is all about timing and equipment. The shots that are captured at the right time with a perfect device are unbeatable and can really make your hard work count. Therefore, invest in the right gear before creating a video game tutorial.

Look, you don’t have to spend a fortune to capture the gaming videos, but you need to understand what kind of equipment is required to create such videos. Gaming tutorials are a bit different from travel or cooking videos. While normal videos can be recorded with a smartphone, these tutorials either require a video camera or a laptop to carry out the process. For such gaming videos, you cannot rely on a smartphone as it is unable to capture the shots needed. 

If you are using a console, then you might require a capture card to film these video game tutorials. You will also need a microphone if you plan to add your own voice. In addition to the right gear, you must choose the best online video editor for the final, but most important touch. 

3. Add instructions in your own voice

Imagine that you are streaming a tutorial with certain gaming activity but with absolutely no audio. It is unlikely to be engaging or informative. As already mentioned above, a gaming tutorial is quite different from other kinds of videos. Here, real-time experience matters the most. Have you ever thought about why gamers browse gaming tutorial videos when the complete set of instructions are already mentioned before starting the game? They are just looking for an authentic experience.

Moreover, you need to comply with the majority of copyright laws while creating video game tutorials. According to these laws, you will have to add more than just a video recording of you playing the game. So, adding a commentary in your own voice not just makes your tutorial lawful but gives it a personal touch. 

4. Don’t forget the audio basics

Before adding the commentary to your video game tutorial, it is mandatory to understand the audio basics to avoid further inconvenience. A majority of gamers start talking over the gameplay which, in the end, ruins the complete video. 

You need to record the voice separately rather than mess up the experience with audio recorded in real-time. First, capture the shots in which you are playing the game and then record the audio file. Add the audio file to the gameplay with the online video editor. Make sure that your voice or instructions sync with the gameplay to strike a perfect balance. 

5. Editing plays an important role

Editing holds great significance and gives the videos the finishing touch. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right editing skills to make your video game tutorial stand out from the crowd. 

Not every user who creates tutorial videos earns millions of views or is able to monetize their videos. A poorly edited video can destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve. In fact, editing can either make or break a video. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the best online video editors, use the specific format, learn about the different styles, and edit your video like a pro. 

Bear in mind that you cannot become well-versed with all its features overnight. Therefore, try to play around with the software, get comfortable with its features, and then slowly apply them to your videos. The internet is full of gaming tutorials. To stand out from this cutting-edge competition, you need to master your editing skills. So, make sure you keep on experimenting. 

Ready, get set, go!

If you stick to these tips, you should be able to successfully master video game tutorials in no time. Filming these videos is no cakewalk and you need to be extra passionate and knowledgeable to surpass your fellow gamers. So, bookmark the page right away and follow the pro tips outlined here while creating your next video game tutorial!

If you are new to gaming tutorial videos but would like to get started with the best online video editor app, add InVideo to your app drawer now and begin your journey editing your videos like never before. 

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