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Until Dawn Now Available to Pre-Load on PS4; Disk Requires 46GB Minimum

If you pre-ordered, or will be pre-ordering the PS4 exclusive horror game Until Dawn; good news – you can now pre-load your game and have it sat ready on your hard drive ready for release day. Much better than sitting around waiting for a massive download to complete.

Supermassive Games’ teen slasher will be releasing on August 25th on PS4. If you’re not ordering this one digitally, you can still pick it up from other outlets.

If you’re hoping for a light load on your PS4’s bursting hard drive, you’ll be in for a disappointment as the boxed version requires a minimum of 46GB – so expect the digital version to follow along the same lines.

Until Dawn is an adventure/horror game that gives players the choice to play out the game their own way, thereby offering lots of replay value as you’ll probably be going through this one a few times to collect all the trophies as well as witnessing the different endings.

Will you be picking this one up, or are you a little bit too chicken? Give us a holla down in the comments section below and be sure to check back in with The Games Cabin in a couple of days to see what we make of it.

[Update] Some users in specific regions may not be able to pre-load just yet, but it is available for some. If your region has not yet allowed pre-loading of Until Dawn, go to your library and select ‘auto download’ and it will auto-magically download when it becomes available, which for most will be sometime today.

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