Whoops, Ubisoft May Have Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2’s Existence

Earlier today Ubisoft published a new survey to find out what fans are playing, what they’ve bought and what they plan on buying in the future.

Within the survey participants are asked to indicate which upcoming games they are likely to purchase. What’s interesting is that while all are already confirmed games, a couple stand out as a bit odd, including the unannounced Red Dead Redemption 2 and Respawn’s anticipated sequel to Titanfall.

It’s possible that Ubisoft is privy to what’s coming and going within the industry – it’s sort of their job to know what the competition is up to so they can avoid clashing with release dates and so on, but at this point we’re classing this one as a rumour. Still, lets hope that Red Dead 2 is indeed an actual thing – the Old West needs to be revisted. Bring back the cowboys, we say.


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      1. man can you imagine what a current gen Manhunt would be like? I would even go for a full remastering of the first Manhunt, made entirely on the GTA/Max Payne Engine…that would be incredible.

          1. keep oculus as far away from a game like manhunt as possible…not because I think oculus is too real, just because I think VR is a joke and won’t last very long…just sayin…

  1. The Manhunt games, decent on the PS2, would like to see a third game with Rockstar giving it a lot more oomph. Never rated Bully. Max Payne 4 probably won’t happen for years due to low sales of Max Payne 3, which was pretty good. GTA 6 will be years off. We all knew Red Dead 2 would be here sooner rather than later. A sequel to LA Noire will be years off. Agent, not sure what’s going on with that. Midnight Club was a bit poor. I’d like to see Max Payne appear in GTA 5. Manhunt missions also. The prison in GTA 5 was a wasted idea.

  2. Someone most likely assumed the game is coming so they added it to their survey. Or they believe everything they read on the Internet and saw that once.

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