Looks Like ZombiU Will be Releasing on Xbox One/PS4

Earlier this month we reported that there was the chance that publisher Ubisoft was looking at the possibility of re-releasing the Wii U exclusive ZombiU on the PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the source of the rumour, Ubisoft wasn’t too happy with how the undead adventure performed on Nintendo’s system and actually had a version in development for the PS4 and Xbox One.

One thing that got us thinking was how would they release ZombiU on the next-gen platforms with the big ol’ ‘U’ on the end of the title? By the looks of it , it seems that the marketing geniuses at Ubisoft have taken a shiny sharp axe and just chopped off the excess vowel. Seriously.

A new rating by the Aussie classification board for a game named ‘Zombi’ from publisher Ubisoft can only really be one thing, right? The rating also mentions all the hallmarks of the former WiiU exclusive: Strong language, themes and violence.

What’s strange is that the rating is very specific in mentioning the Xbox One as the version tested. Normally the Aussie ratings board labels multi-platform games as, er, multi-platform. Could it mean that Microsoft has dug deep into its pockets to buy another timed-exclusive? Maybe.

However, if Zombi releases on the Xbox One, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll turn up on the PS4. If Ubisoft’s trying to recoup some cash, why wouldn’t it release the game on the platform with the larger install base? Logic, yo, logic.

Zombi Xbox One


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