Yep, Looks Like Square Enix’s Super Secret E3 Game is Probably Hitman

Earlier today IGN reported that Square Enix would be hosting an IGN sponsored party for a “secret” game at this year’s E3.

An email invite sent to the folks at IGN shows an image emblazoned with the IGN logo and a short sentence stating that there’s to be an E3 party for Square Enix’s secret E3 game.

Unfortunately, they didn’t really keep it that much of a secret. Check out the email invite down below.


A nice view of the Atlantic and a few dozen countries. , some of which are a little blurred out.Nothing special really.

Well, until you compare it to the image below. (Note: the blurry part is not part of the image, it’s the details of the event.)

hitman page

Seem familiar? The second picture is the background image taken from the official Hitman website. Need we say more? The two images bear a striking resemblance with their art style and with both images being of the world, albeit it from different perspectives, it’s too much of a coincidence for us not to assume it’s Hitman related. C’mon Square Enix, at least try and keep things a secret.

Hitman will probably be announced at this year’s E3. If it isn’t, then this scribe will eat his smelly socks.

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  1. Hell, I’d play another hitman. Same graphical quality as absolution, all the tools and multi-pathways as blood money, and you’ve got yourself a purchase!

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