Evolve/Left 4 Dead Developer Turtle Rock Studios Working on New AAA Game

Turtle Rock Studios has been beavering away on Evolve for the past couple of years – something we’re thankful for, it’s a cracking game! – but now it seems the studio is ready for its next challenge – a brand spanking new AAA game.

The studio is looking for a Concept Artist to help bring some of the ideas to life, some of which include the usual video-game staples – guns and vehicles. Can’t go wrong with a bit of shooting and a bit of driving.


We are seeking a talented Environment Concept Artist to join our team and work on an upcoming AAA title. The job will require collaborating closely with environment artists to create assets ranging from mood paintings to prop illustrations. Candidates need to be comfortable using both 2D and 3D tools to generate creative design solutions, and should have strong hard surface and architectural design skills.



  • Create high quality mood paintings and sketches to inspire and guide environment artists and game designers
  • Break down loose mood paintings into usable designs and layout sheets for modelers to work from
  • Work with the art director and other concept artists to ensure artistic style goals are implemented across the game


  • Strong sense of visual design for architecture, vehicles, and weapons
  • Basic modeling skills in 3DS Max, Maya, or SketchUp
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be able to thrive in a highly collaborative, team oriented environment
  • Strong work ethic, and ability to maintain high quality and consistent progress without constant supervision
  • Attention to detail and creative problem solving


  • Previous experience in environment design or industrial design for games
  • Shipped one or more major titles

What does it mean? Honestly? No bloody idea, but the mentioning of vehicles is certainly a point of interest. Evolve players will be aware that there’s a severe lack of vehicles (probably for the best, really) so maybe Evolve 2 will have some vehicles? Or maybe not.

Turtle Rock were the original developers of the Left 4 Dead series, so maybe a return to the apocalypse could be on the cards? We’ll have to wait and see, but whatever it is, don’t expect to see much anytime soon.

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