10 Most Anticipated Classic Playstation Plus Games on the new Sony Retro catalogue

10 Most Anticipated Classic Games on the New Playstation Plus Service

The new selection of games included in the upgraded PlayStation Plus service has finally been announced, and with it, comes an amazing selection of classic video games from the earlier generations of PlayStation like PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3, a much needed feature and a welcome addition to the perks of having a modern PlayStation console.

Not only the games will be included for no extra charge, but also some titles will benefit from having improved frame rates and higher-quality resolutions compared to their original launch versions. Furthermore, new games will be added every Tuesday, but for now, let’s have a look at some of the most awaited Classic PlayStation Plus games that we think they should be the highlight of any player’s attention.

I.Q. Intelligent Qube

Intelleigent Qube was actually one of the most innovative puzzle games before Catherine came out, and Polygon even wrote an article justifying the Purchase of the PlayStation Classic console solely for the purpose of acquiring this game. It means it’s something really worth it, and considering the original release suffered from glitches, in addition to not being resold or sold in any digital form outside of Japan or Europe, the new version might be the best possible way to revisit this game again without the errors of the past,

Tokyo Jungle

Another game that never really found the proper audience outside of Japan and Europe. It was available on the PSnow before the merger, but now I think it would benefit from higher fidelity and exposure to a larger fanbase, especially because of its unique concept that is very similar to the Disaster report game series, but with animals instead of people. So, we feel there is now a better built ground for fans of this series or these types of simulation games to appreciate how unique this game was back then and still is.

Asura’s Wrath

If you haven’t played this game, then you are simply wasting your life. It’s a full journey in the style of cinematic action scenes that were very characteristic of the PS3 era, and it even includes some third person combat with quick time event button prompts. It has simply been described as an interactive anime, and it takes elements from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, which are largely underexplored in video games, and blends them with Science Fiction. How more cool can it get?

Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Twilight of the Spirits is a separate entry in the Arc the Lad series, and can be enjoyed without going back to earlier entries. It has a story line that I personally find intriguing and that contains many highly connected elements, with multiple view points and some political depth. Playing the story always felt fresh because of these narrative choices, but the visuals and the release platform wasn’t the best to bring out the magic of this entry, but this now can be changed with the remastered version on the new Classic Playstation Plus games list, so we feel it’s worth a try now more than ever.

Dark Cloud 2

The game is a spiritual successor to the original Dark Cloud, also available on the service, and shares the game mechanics but with new characters and plot. It received more praise for its upgraded mechanics so it might be good to opt for trying this game first, then the older one in retrospect. It has a distinct cel-shaded art style from Level-5 that is rare to find nowadays, and fans of JRPGs like Ni no Kuni and Yokai Watch will greatly appreciate it.


The rumors about a new silent hill have been heavily circulating since this morning, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only good horror series ever created. There are tons of horror games with creepy atmosphere and well made stories particularly on the PS2, and Siren is definitely one of them. Having not just inspired two sequels, but also a manga adaption and a film adaption, it feels like an Iconic title and one defining icon that shouldn’t be missed for any PlayStation Plus subscriber. The making of the game is also an entirely separate story that is really worth your time.


Another weird game from Japan Studio (There are a lot of them here) and this one has a very unique system of making all characters and enemies only visible when they are standing in the rain. It also takes place in Paris, a setting not used very often and one that is reminiscent of the top rated Visual novel of last year: The house in Fata Morgana. It certainly has an artistic side to it, having made the theme song to be in tune with “Claire de Lune.” so please don’t miss out on this one.


To be honest, when the topic of choice freedom is often discussed in games, I never know why Infamous is never mentioned even though you can consider each game in the series as two entirely different games in one. You can change the narrative, the powers you acquire, and even the visual identity of the game all by your own will. Some modern games never go this far and only change the text but the game still feels the same all around, this was never the cause with infamous, and now players have the chance to try all the classic entries in one place on Classic Playstation Plus catalogue.


The game makes use of some really innovative ways to take advantage of the initial stage setup, creating clever puzzles that can be enjoyed by more than one player can enjoy, and incites the virtual crowds to get them cheering and laughing when you solve these puzzles, just as if you were on stage in front of a huge group of interested spectators. It’s also a one of a kind puzzle solving experience that cares about the presentation and evoking the player’s emotions as much as the craft of the puzzles themselves.

Lost Planet 2

Lost planet is one of these few shooters where it puts great emphasis on the terrain and the Sci-Fi elements as much as the shooting experience itself. In a world where realistic shooters became the norm, Lost planet went in the total opposite direction. Fans of the Metro series would greatly appreciate the things it tried to do and the scope of the designs and the mechanized suits. The multiplayer was also something that received high praise at the time.