How to play Project Brawl Busters in 2022?

How to play Project Brawl Busters in 2022?
Brawl Busters

How to play Brawl Busters in 2022? Jump into the world of zombies and brawling with the revived version of the free-to-play MMO.

Brawl Busters was one of the most popular free-to-play online games before it was shut down back in 2013. The action MMO invited players to the world of Busters, where people of different professions fight against zombies and also each other.

The original Brawl Busters gained popularity in a very short time. The publisher Rock Hippo released the game back in 2011. Although it had different versions in many other countries, the developers stopped supporting the game. This resulted in a complete shutdown in 2013. 

how to play brawl busters 2022

But after 10 years, an independent team of developers started working on the game files. They have been working on the game and polishing the files since 2019. And as of May 2022, they finally announced that the free-to-play MMO is back.

Brawl Busters is back and has opened its doors once again. If you want to jump into the revival project, follow the simple steps below and join the fun.

Brawl Busters Revival Project: How to play it?

The revival project focuses on offering a smooth experience that is free of bugs and glitches. Considering that game is 11 years old, they have had a ton of work on their plate. Fortunately, the team was able to sort out the problems and provide a mostly bug-free experience.

Here’s how to get on the nostalgia train and play Brawl Busters in 2022.

  • Head to the official Twitter account of the project.
  • Join their Discord server to get access to the download links.
  • They state that a launcher for the game is on its way. But until it arrives, new players will have to use Mega or Google Drive to download the game.
  • Open the file “PBB”.
  • Click on Launch PBB to play the game in English. Make sure you do not run any other .bat file.

After the .bat file opens the game, the game will ask you for a username and a password. This is where you can easily sign up and start playing.

After completing the sign-up process, you will have to pick a character and then a class. Here are all the classes that are also known as Busters.

Brawl Busters Classes

Although the game was known as Project Plan B before it was released, the developers went on and called the game Brawl Busters. Players assume the role of one of the five Busters. Here are all of them if you want to play the revived game.

Rocker: Rocker is a great class thanks to their high mobility and solid combos. They also have skills that affect a certain area, making it, especially better against swarming enemies.

Slugger: Slugger is the best long-range class in the game. They swing baseballs to their enemies and can also send a massive charged baseball that one-hits powerful enemies.

Firefighter: Firefighter is a relatively difficult class when compared with others. They come with a hose weapon that allows them to attack their enemies with a blast of water. They also have a secondary ranged attack that deals great damage.

Boxer: Boxers are a great class for those who like dealing damage in close combat. Even though they come with a low HP, boxers can attack faster than the other classes. 

Blitzer: Blitzers have the highest HP among all other classes. Even though their range is a bit short even in close combat, they can deal solid damages and move around quickly. These features make them great all-around warriors.

Is Brawl Busters coming back?

As we mentioned earlier, Brawl Busters is now playable thanks to an independent team of developers. So the current version is not official and the original creators of the title has not made an announcement about it.

how to play brawl busters 2022

We also know that the revival project has been going on for more than two years. Not the developers or the publisher have made a comment about it. The loyal community of the game has revived the title to start the fun.