Top 4 Ways to Make Gold in WoW TBC Classic


There are many options when it comes to earning gold in WoW Classic TBC. Each approach has its pros and cons for each type of player.

Some players have tons of time to farm and kill mobs, others prefer a more peaceful life of picking herbs and mining ores Some are really into economics and love to play the auction house and craft goods when the profit is just right.

Today we walk through these various methods, where to go to perform them, and how much concentrated effort it will take on your part.

Gold-Generating Sources

Below is a list of popular gold making sources, ranked by amount of effort whether you are already level 70 or you are still making your way there.

1 (least amount of manual work) to 10 (most amount of manual work)

10 – Questing

You can go around and quest to earn gold in TBC Classic, even if you are level 70. At level 70, you will get a bonus to your quest rewards of 2x the gold they normally provide, since you won’t get experience from them anymore.

This requires the most amount of effort because you will have to move from zone to zone, performing specific tasks and turning in the resulting quests.

It also rewards one of the fastest ways to accumulate gold if you are actively playing the game and want to knock off some of the easier quests you may have left behind while levelling.

If you are looking for where to quest while still leveling from 60-70, see below for the recommended quest hubs in order from lowest level to highest as you make your way to 70.

If you are already 70, you can earn double the gold for your adventures. This article breaks down questing for gold whether you are Alliance or Horde.

7 – Farming

Depending on your character’s class, there are many beneficial areas you can farm by killing mobs for specific loot drops.

Popular options may be Clefthoofs for example if you are a skinner. Primal and mote farming however, is one of the best farming options in TBC Classic for making gold.

Our article on farming for gold is a great source to check out all of the best farming areas in Outland for WoW Classic – TBC. Check it out for visual representation of areas for each zone.

4 – Gathering

Starting gathering professions like Herbalism and Mining can be a great way to farm easy gold. It takes much less effort to run around gathering ores or herbs than it does to fight mobs, after all.

You still do need to work on leveling up your gathering skills. You can pick up the profession from a major city, and go back to the Vanilla world on Azeroth to start if you don’t already have any.

The major downside is it takes one of your 2 profession slots. The best way to make gold comes down to #1 on this list, which happens to perform best when you have crafting professions.

If you pair 1 gathering profession with a related crafting profession, you can supply your crafts much easier and with less capital investment. This could help you get started before you make the big bucks with the final strategy on this list.

1 – Crafting / Auction House

Using the auction house and crafting professions is the absolute best way and EASIEST way to make gold in WoW.

Once you learn and follow the strategies we suggest in our Crafting and Auction House guide, you will be drowning in more gold than you know what to do with.

This is the laziest and just so happens to be the most lucrative of all the sources of gold. Set yourself up with some of our suggested strategies. Do yourself a favor and also set up TradeSkillMaster (TSM) as an addon to help you automate the process too!