Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile


Are you on the hunt for the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile? Call of Duty Mobile is flooded with guns of every Weapon Class from across the Call of Duty series, but which stands out amongst the rest? With over 70 different weapons to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the top-five best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: 5. Locus


Snipers are a staple of Call of Duty with their one-shot kill capabilities and a tendency for ridiculous highlight potential. While they’re near worthless in close-up battles, a good sniper can sway the tide of a match single-handedly by picking off enemies far and wide before they know what hit them. With that, it’s only right that a Sniper Rifle made it on the list of best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

If sniping is your jam, the Locus is the gun for the job. The Locus is a bolt-action Sniper, meaning the time between shots is quite slow. However, the Locus sports the second largest one-shot kill zone of all Sniper Rifles and has the accuracy to reliably guide the bullet to its destination. The Locus stands out above its counterparts due to its minor idle sway, great handling, fast ADS speed, and generous magazine capacity.

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: 4. SKS


Deadeyes will love this Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. The SKS is the perfect gun for players that enjoy precision weapons without the hassle of a scope. The SKS is powerful enough to eliminate enemies with a single headshot, while two shots to the body will put them down too.

As a Marksman Rifle, the SKS is more versatile than the typical slow-firing, low-mobility Sniper Rifles. While not as precise, those with a steady hand will find that the SKS is about as deadly as any weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: 3. Man-O-War


Following a series of significant buffs, the Man-O-War Assault Rifle is among the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile. Historically, the primary drawback of the Man-O-War has been its bouncy recoil, but Season 7: New Vision City saw to it to improve the Man-O-War’s recoil, bullet spread accuracy, and flinch. Now, it’s way easier to take advantage of this slow-firing Assault Rifle’s sky-high damage and impressive range. 

The Man-O-War isn’t as much an all-arounder as others in its Weapon Class, but if you’re a fan of heavy-hitting Assault Rifles, it’s worth checking out the new and improved Man-O-War.

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: 2. PPSh-41


For what seems like forever, the CBR4 and Mac-10 have reigned supreme over the Submachine Gun Weapon Class. However, with Season 7: New Vision City, the already top-tier PPSh-41 had its damage buffed even further. And to top it off, the CBR4 and Mac-10 received serious nerfs to various stats. Together, these balance changes have crowned a new king of the SMG Weapon Class.

The PPSh-41 is fearsome in close-range engagements, thanks to its insane rate of fire, tight hip-fire spread, and massive magazine. If you’re running and gunning in Call of Duty Mobile, there’s no better choice than the PPSh-41.

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: 1. Kilo 141


Call of Duty Mobile features plenty of good weapons, but the Kilo 141 earns the top spot on our list of best guns in Call of Duty Mobile. The Kilo 141s claim to fame is how straight-up reliable it is. The Kilo 141 is accurate with negligible recoil, has a solid rate of fire, and deals enough damage to take opponents out in just three shots. You just can’t go wrong with this all-around balanced Assault Rifle.

When it comes to which weapons to use, Call of Duty Mobile has a plethora of options. But if you want the cream of the crop, the five listed above are the best guns on Call of Duty Mobile.

The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile are far more effective if you learn how to play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller.