Chromanium Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide

In this Lost Ark Chromanium Raid Boss Guide, learn strategies to beat the beast, the loot the boss drops, and minimum requirements to go
chromanium raid guide lost ark

In this Lost Ark Chromanium Guardian Raid Guide, we cover everything you should know about the boss encounter including how to find a group, boss fight strategy, and loot from Chromanium.

You can sign up for a Chromanium raid by opening the search for party screen and selecting Guardian Raids, as explained in the Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide.

Minimum Level for Chromanium Lost Ark Guardian Raid

As Chromanium is the fifth Lost Ark Guardian Dungeon boss, you are now familiar with how these dungeons and raids work, and you should get to at least item level 460+ or higher before starting this raid. Make sure you put together a party before heading in.

Make sure you are all set up with the gear you want to use, the potions and battle items you will bring, and the Tripod skills you are going to want to use within the raid before signing up!

Chromanium Boss Strategy

Chromanium is arguably the first Guardian Raid fight that you really have to strategize and hit the right skills at the right time. You will want to focus on destruction skills and using bombs to break his armor as soon as possible. Your party should also focus on impairment skills so that you can knock the boss down. Here are some key strategic points to remember for this fight:

  • Use destruction skills and bomb items to try to break Chromanium’s armor as soon as possible. For bomb items, you can focus on Destruction Bombs, Corrosion Bombs, and Whirlwind Bombs.
  • Use all skills that cause impairment constantly to try to knock down the boss. While he is knocked down, you will deal increased damage.
    • If you knock the boss down before breaking his armor, you will do significantly less damage to him. The goal is to break his armor as your #1 priority, then knock him down.
  • Any skills that are not impairment or destruction skills should be ready for when he is knocked down. So if you have skills with longer cooldowns, make sure you time it well so that they are not on cooldown when he gets broken and knocked down. As soon as he is down, unleash all your top burst damage skills to maximize the damage dealt.
  • Chromanium will run away at certain phases of the fight and you will have to find him again. He has 3 phases of attacks. He will transition into the 2nd phase after you’ve knocked him down and he has gotten back up. He will transition to the 3rd phase after he is below 25% health.

Remember that you can find all kinds of guides including all the other Guardian Raid Bosses in our Lost Ark Guides article.

Stage 1 Attack Patterns

Body Slam

The boss will raise one side of his body and slam it into the ground, dealing damage.

Counter Measures: The skill is fairly quick to execute and thus difficult to prepare for. If you can, stay away from his sides to prevent getting hit.

Orb Cannon

Chromanium will glow blue / purple and begin forming an orb at his cannon. He then launches it into the air and it will land in the area. The orb will continue to move, damaging and stunning party members, then it will disappear after a short amount of time.

Counter Measures: The charge time on his cannon is actually quite long. You should be able to see it charging and have plenty of time to spread out and get out of the way to avoid being stunned.

Pulsating Orbs

He will spawn 4 red orbs around his body. These orbs will then pulsate in their place, dealing damage and applying a debuff that slows any nearby players.

Counter Measures: Avoid the areas round the orbs.

Frontal Cone

Chromanium will breath in while shaking hit head back and forth, then breath out a frontal cone attack in front of him. The cone deal damage to quite a far distance.

Counter Measures: When you see him begin to breath in, cancel what you are doing and move to his side or behind him to avoid getting hit.


Similar to the Orb Cannon, this time Chromanium will launch a red orb into the sky and it will rain down red bombs onto the ground, dealing damage to several areas around him.

Counter Measures: This one can be difficult to avoid. Do your best to adjust positioning once you see where the orbs are landing by seeing the red circles on the ground.

Stage 2 Attack Patterns


Chromanium will leap once in front of him. When he lands he releases a shock wave around his body and deals damage.

Counter Measures: Stay away from his front.

Double Leap

Chromanium will leap twice in front of him, in one direction. When he lands each time, he releases a shock wave around his body and deals damage.

Counter Measures: Stay away from his front.


Chromanium will jump where he is and pound the ground. Sometimes he will only do this pound once. If he does it twice, rocks will spike out of the ground, causing damage.

Counter Measures: If you see he is performing a second jump, dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit by the rocks.

Wide Frontal Cone

The boss will perform the same frontal cone we see in stage 1, however this time he will spray from one side to the other in about a 120 degree spread.

Counter Measures: When you see his long breath in, get away from the front of him as soon as possible.

Stage 3 Attack Patterns (After 25% HP)

Perma Cannon

Chromanium will launch his red orb into the air and it will land somewhere around him. The orb will stay in place, pulsating and damaging nearly players.

Counter Measures: Stay away from the orb when it lands and move the boss out of the way.

Suction Orbs

Chromanium will summon 4 orbs just like his Pulsating orbs, but these will suck players into them as well.

Counter Measures: Avoid these orbs as soon as possible and try to move the boss away from the area..

Chromanium Raid Loot Rewards

The following is the potential loot table for killing Chromanium in Lost Ark and finishing this Guardian Raid:

ItemImageBase Stats / Description
Splendid Vanguard NecklaceiconiLvl: 385
Dexterity: +533
Vitality: +347
Intelligence: +533
Strength: +533
+2 Combat Stats
Splendid Watcher / Vanguard EarringsiconiLvl: 385
Dexterity: +415
Vitality: +248
Intelligence: +415
Strength: +415
+2 Combat Stats
Splendid Watcher / Vanguard Ring icon iLvl: 385
Dexterity: +385
Vitality: +198
Intelligence: +385
Strength: +385
+2 Combat Stats
Destruction Stone Fragment See DB Page
Guardian Stone Fragment See DB Page
Harmony Leap Stone harmony leap stone See DB Page
Rare Ability Stone See DB Page
Chromanium Card Guardian Chromanium, known for its nigh impenetrable carapace, roars as it bombards its enemies with fiery breath and a volley of magic projectiles.
Class Engraving Recipe (Uncommon or Rare) See DB Page
Galewind Skill Rune: Skill Casting Speed +5%