COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns

You may be wondering about the COD Mobile Season 11 best guns, as the mobile version of the popular shooter has many different weapons to choose from when playing multiplayer. COD Mobile lets players take the Call of Duty experience on the go, with a constantly updated game that frequently features weapons and maps from other games in the franchise. If you’re jumping into the newest season and you aren’t sure which weapons are worth using, check out our breakdown of the COD Mobile Season 11 best guns. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns: SKS

The SKS is a classic marksman rifle, and its dominance in past COD games as carried over to COD Mobile where it stands as one of the strongest weapons in the game. For players who like to stick to the medium and long ranges, it’s a perfect choice. The SKS even has the potential to one-shot enemies to the head and two-shot them when hitting the upper body, making it a quick killer if you are accurate with it. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns: DL Q33

The DL Q33 has been the best sniper rifle in the game for a while now, offering very high damage that allows you to easily pick off enemies, good accuracy, and a long-range that makes it excellent for watching long sight lines. It does have a low ammo count, and it’s bolt action, so you will need to ensure you hit every shot to make the most. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns: Holger 26

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns

The Holger 26 became a powerhouse in the game’s ninth season, where it had its damage and range buffed. As an LMG, it allows you to spit out 100 shots in a quick period of time, and thanks to the strong damage and relatively tight spread compared to other guns in the category, it’s a deadly way to mow down enemies. It’s also worth noting that it’s incredible for holding doorways or windows, allowing you to suppress enemies from advancing forward. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns: CBR4

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns

The CBR4 is a top SMG, and has been dominating the COD Mobile meta for a while now. It has a rapid-fire rate that spits all the bullets out in a few seconds, a huge magazine, and very little recoil despite its fire rate. In close-quarter situations, this weapon is a beast, and you will clear entire rooms out if you get the drop on some enemies. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns: KN-44

COD Mobile Season 11 Best Guns

The KN-44 is a weird and more modernized version of the Ak47 assault rifle, but these changes make it even better than its reliable predecessor. It’s extremely versatile for one, allowing you to effectively use it at all ranges, and with a fast fire rate and low recoil, you can quickly drop an enemy in a few shots to the body. With the right attachments to improve its range and increase its ammo, you can turn it into a dynamic killing machine. 

That’s all for our selection of the COD Mobile Season 11 best guns, and now you have an idea of weapons you should be using in the latest season. 

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