High On Life: Shop Locations And Items

Images via Squanchy Games

Are you looking for all of the shop locations in High on Life? With the bonkers direction High on Life takes, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn you go to various worlds and different locales. Each one seems to be stranger than the last, offering players a variety of strange and unusual sights, with a cast of wacky characters to meet along the way.

One of the benefits of venturing into new locations is the ability to find different shops. Each stocking unique items, and making journeying out to discover them worth the effort. If you’re looking to bulk out your inventory in High on Life, here are the shop locations, along with the items they stock.

High On Life: Shop Locations And Items

high on life shop locations
Images via Squanch Games

There are three distinct areas in High on Life where shops reside, each containing an assortment of gameplay modifiers and other knick-knacks to equip. Given the vibrant world of High on Life, it can be a little tough to track down exactly where they are, but fear not, we have the locations of each one below.

Nova Sanctum Shop Locations

  • Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop: This shop can be found in the downtown area of Blim City. If you’re struggling to find it, simply venture outside your house and travel directly east. You’ll recognize it by the vibrant yellow sign.
ItemWhat It DoesCost
Dodge UnitAllows you to dodge and boost yourself mid-air.1000 Pesos
Ammo Sac (Kenny)Increases maximum ammo count by 2.800 Pesos
Glob KidneyReduces Glob Shot cooldown time.500 Pesos
Slide Bash UnitAllows you to perform quick powerslides.1400 Pesos
Durahealth TankIncreases maximum health.1000 Pesos
Gatterall CompartmentAllows you to store more Gatterall.800 Pesos
Reload Tract (Kenny)Improves reload time.1000 Pesos
Ammo Sac (Kenny)Increases maximum ammo count by 2.800 Pesos
Bounceflector ModThis mod enables Kenny’s shots to deflect off enemies.600 Pesos
DiscbladderLowers the cooldown of Disc Shot.800 Pesos
Ammo Sac (Gus)Increases maximum ammo count by 2.1200 Pesos
Reload Tract (Gus)Improves reload time.1500 Pesos
Goopsuck ModAllows Gus to suck Goop Armor off G3 enemies.1500 Pesos
Ammo Sac (Sweezy)Increases maximum ammo count by 2.1000 Pesos
ChronoliverAllows Sweezy to use Time Bubble more frequently800 Pesos
Remote Detonator ModAllows you to remotely detonate Sweezy’s large crystals.1500 Pesos
Reload Tract (Sweezy)Improves reload time.1000 Pesos
Postpartum PsycheboostBoosts psychic connection with Creature’s minion.800 Pesos
Heartsap ModCreature’s minion children will return with a gift of extra health after they get a kill.1600 Pesos
Womb ChamberCreature can keep more kids alive at once.1200 Pesos
SuperovariesAllows to speed up Creature’s birthing process, shortening reload time.1000 Pesos

Zephyr Paradise Shop Locations

  • Supply Station Valley Shop: In the G3 facility, venture to the ground floor. It’s located near the entrance of the Back Canyon.
ItemWhat It DoesCost
Ammo Sac (Kenny)Adds 2 slots for primary ammo.600 Pesos
Durahealth TankIncreases maximum health.80 Pesos
  • Moplet Mine Shop: Inside the G3 Mine, you will find a shipping container with the shop. Located near a laser grid.
ItemWhat It DoesCost
Glob KidneyReduces Kenny’s Glob Shot cooldown time.600 Pesos
VolleyballYou can use this volleyball to play volleyball.1000 Pesos

Port Terrene Shop Locations

  • Dreg Town Pawn: Before venturing inside Maintenance Station B, you can find it right of the staircase. It can easily be identified by its bright, yellow sign.
ItemWhat It DoesCost
Muscle ImplantPowers up Kenny’s primary shots.1500 Pesos
Multiglob ModIncreases the area of effect of Kenny’s Glob Shot by exploding into smaller globs.500 Pesos
  • Big Deal Emporium: After getting off the elevator in Dreg Town, you will notice this by the station.
ItemWhat It DoesCost
StaggerAllows Knifey to stagger enemies more often.1000 Pesos

And there you have it! All of the shop locations in High on Life, along with the items they stock. You’re going to need to stock up on a ton of Pesos to grab all of these, so be sure to look around and grab as many of them as you can.