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This guide is an adaptation of New World’s official original post. It covers the basics of crafting in New World to provide beginners with the bare bones needed to start out.

You will face many challenges upon arrival at Aeternum. You will evaluate your surroundings, gather resources, and start crafting tools to ensure your survival. Trade and crafting skills in New World can be powerful tools that allow you to make great progress. You will be able to craft, refine, and trade many powerful items as you learn more about craft and trade. In the Character Progress article, Amazon Studios covered how gathering and refining levels affect crafting outcomes. They also briefly discussed how consumables work in their Itemization Blog. These are worth reading before you dive into the crafting system.

Crafted Consumables and Resource Efficiency

As you gain more skill in crafting consumables such as Arcana or Cooking, your resource efficiency will increase. As an example, a beginner Arcanist can craft Healing Tinctures at a 1:1 ratio while an advanced Arcanist can produce more Healing Tinctures for the same effort. Although this may seem like a small amount at first, you will see a significant increase in your crafting efficiency when you begin crafting in bulk.

Gear Score

The more you are skilled at crafting equipment, the more valuable it will become. The potential gear score outcomes for equipment that has a scaling score (e.g. weapons and armor) increases as you learn crafting skills. As a beginner Weaponsmith, Iron Swords’ outcomes will be limited. They can range from 200 to 210 in gear score. This range will increase as you gain Weaponsmithing skills and the minimum gear score for crafted items will eventually rise.

Once you unlock Steel or higher-tier weapons, your next low-end range will be 300-310, 400-410, etc. Your skills will increase in tandem with the weapon tier that preceded it. You will eventually be able craft lower-tier weapons that can compete with higher-tier Weaponsmiths. A skilled Weaponsmith can create an Iron Sword slightly stronger than the base Steel Sword. This can help you gear your lower-level friends or allies.

Crafted Equipment, Gemslots and Perks

Each time an item is crafted, there are a few chances that it will gain one or more perks. Sometimes, an item may have a socket to hold a gem. These outcomes can be random but you can control the outcome by taking steps during crafting.

Resource Maximization & Gem Slots

The base Gear Score of each item is determined by the primary material (e.g. iron, steel, etc.) This material is equivalent to a specific tier or level. You can increase your chances of getting a higher Gear Score by using a secondary material of a higher level during crafting. A Steel Sword, for example, uses steel (tier 3) as its primary material. You can increase your chances of rolling a higher grade of gears by using a higher level secondary material (wood or leather).

Azoth & Crafting Modifiers

To increase your chances of items in New World rolling with either perks, gem slots, or both, you can also use Azoth. You have a better chance of getting a perk, slot or both if you craft more. You can also find a lot of special resources from the world that will allow you to choose the perk that is added to your item. You can be certain that the perk associated with each resource will be included in your crafted item if you use one of these items.

Although you cannot control the outcome of an item’s creation, you can ensure that you get the perk you desire. There are many crafting modifiers available. They are rare and can be obtained from a variety of sources. There is a chance that a crafting modifier could be dropped by trees, boulders, or specific creatures. To achieve the strongest crafting result, combine the maximum amount Azoth and a crafting modifier.


New World wants your home to feel like a family. This includes being able decorate and furnish your home. The process of furnishing is a bit different from other crafting skills. Amazon Game Studios wants to make sure that there are as many furniture items as possible, but it is not impossible for players to decorate their homes. You can make decorations with a low Furnishing level. Furnishers are also able to craft a variety of trophies as well as storage for houses. House trophies give passive bonuses for things such as crafting and combat. They are described in detail in our article on Housing. A house can have several storage chests. A Storage Chest can be added to your house to increase the storage volume. As you improve your furnishing skills, there are recipes for storage and trophies. We are excited to see how you decorate your home.

Crafted Items Versus Dropped Items

High-skilled craftsmen can create items as powerful, if not more so, than the Aeternum items. Battles won’t be won by the item crafted or dropped by a powerful creature. They will be won based upon the skill and thought of the players and their respective Attributes and Mastery builds.

New World offers many opportunities for you to fulfill your role. You can make a difference in Aeternum by exploring dangerous and remote places for resources or mastering the forge to create incredible weapons that alter the course of war.

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