108 Tips and Tricks for New World

100 new world tips and tricks

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This is the 108 Tips and Tricks for New World. You will find many tips here you probably didn’t think of yet. These tips are based off of Fusion Thunder’s100 New World Tips and Tricks – Learn All The Tips in New World” YouTube video. Many people on Reddit were asking for a written version of all his tips, so here it is. We’ve included screenshot from his video as well. Be sure to follow the link in this introduction and give him a like as he was the one who did the hard work to put these together in the first place.

108 Tips for New World – #1-21

  1. To avoid paying taxes, craft your food and potions at your campfire.
  2. When opening a vial of Azoth, have a bag with the perk “Azoth Attuned” on it so that you gain 3.5% more azoth. Save them up then used them when this bag is equipped. If you stack multiple of these bags, the perk will increase.
  3. Equip water in an character inventory usable slot. Using this consumable will help heal you, and its completely free.
  4. When you stun your target, if you hit them again it will break the stun. Therefore, make sure after you stun a target, get behind your target and perform a heavy attack to guarantee a critical hit.
  5. Flagging for PvP will increase your experience gained by a small percentage. Toggle this on if you enjoy PvP and also want to benefit from the increase.
  6. If you want to see all the perks in the game, go to the Trading Post, and press “Select Perks” at the top of the UI. This will show you all possible perks in New World.
  7. The first house you buy in New World is 50% off. Use this discount wisely! You may decide to save up to buy a more expensive house to make the most of this discount. The cooldown for more expensive houses is shorter than less expensive houses.
  8. For easy money in New World, go to a trading post, select “All Settlements” in the top right corner, then navigate to Raw Resources. Find which resource you want to sell. You will see all the prices for this resource and you can see which locations it is cheap or expensive. If you travel to the cheap regions and buy the materials, then travel to the more expensive regions and sell the materials, you should be able to make easy profits.
  9. If you cancel your dodge animation, you can actually run faster than normal. Perform a dodge cancel by running, then dodging and immediately pressing your “swap weapons” keybind. This will cancel the animation and allow your character to keep running without their normal stagger-step after recovering from a roll or dodge.
  10. Make sure you are in light armor threshold if you want to roll in New World, otherwise you will complete more of a dodge animation that is less efficient. This is also helpful to catch up to your enemies in PvP scenarios.
  11. Any items you equip are excluded from your character weight. If you are near max weight and need a little more breathing room, equip your heaviest armor and consumable stacks to lower your weight limit in inventory. Use these potions to momentarily increase your max weight in New World.
  12. If you want to start collecting specific ingredients for a recipe in crafting in New World, you can pin the recipe. Go to the station in your settlement that creates the item you want to craft, then click “Pin Recipe”. This recipe will now show up on your UI and show you which materials you are missing until you can craft it.
  13. The lighter your weight in New World, the less Azoth it will cost you to fast travel. If you need to travel somewhere and do not need to bring your heavy inventory items with you, try storing them in a storage shed before fast travelling to save on Azoth.
  14. You can see all ingredients that are usable to craft certain items. Go to a crafting station for the item you want to craft, then where the ingredients are selectable, you can uncheck “Owned Items”. This will show a full list of all the ingredients you can use for this craft.
  15. In most settlements, you can gather water for free using the Well in town, or gather honey for free as well. You can also gather milk by milking a cow in several settlements too. Use these cooldowns whenever they are available.
  16. Always level your gathering skills as you go. You will always be most efficient when you are gathering while doing other tasks. This especially goes for skinning, as if you have already killed an animal, you may as well skin them while you are there.
  17. If somehow you are short on repair parts, you can go to the trading post and buy the cheapest gear you can find, just to salvage them for parts.
  18. You earn some, very small amounts, of gold when salvaging an item. Its always better to salvage than to drop and item.
  19. The musket has a skill you can select that will increase your movement speed. This will help you get around much faster if you have it equipped while travelling. “Hustle” in the musket trapper tree will grant you 10% increased movement speed for 3 seconds after dodging.
  20. The bow also has a skill you can select that will increase your movement speed. This will help you get around much faster if you have it equipped while travelling. “Dodge and Weave” in the bow Skirmisher tree will grant you 10% increased haste for 2 seconds after dodging.
  21. You can sort your inventory by gear score to easily see which weapons and armors have the best gear score first. This will speed up time when you are looking at new equipment drops to see if they are good upgrades.