Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter Guide: Types, Favorite Food, How To Unlock, And More

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter guide lists all types of Critters currently available in the game while sharing their location, favourite food, and details on unlocking them as companions. As you may know, while Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to befriend many iconic characters from Disney and Pixar animated series and movies, the game also offers various Critters you can feed and unlock as a companion. But feeding or unlocking Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not that easy as many uncertainties are attached to it. So, keep reading our Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter guide to learn about their types, favourite food, and how to unlock them as a companion.

All Critters In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley

At the time of writing, Disney Dreamlight Valley offers 41 Critters. Among them, we have eight unique Critters, with the rest being their variants having different colours and a slight change in appearance.

That said, here are all 41 Critters we currently have in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Critter TypeCritter NameWhere To Find
Sunbird Emerald SunbirdSunlit Plateau
Golden SunbirdSunlit Plateau
Orchid SunbirdSunlit Plateau
Red SunbirdSunlit Plateau
Turquoise SunbirdSunlit Plateau
SquirrelBlack SquirrelPlaza
Classic SquirrelPlaza
Gray SquirrelPlaza
Red SquirrelPlaza
White SquirrelPlaza
CrocodileBlue CrocodileGlade of Trust
Classic CrocodileGlade of Trust
Golden CrocodileGlade of Trust
Pink CrocodileGlade of Trust
Red CrocodileGlade of Trust
White CrocodileGlade of Trust
RabbitBlack RabbitPeaceful Meadow
Brown RabbitPeaceful Meadow
Calico RabbitPeaceful Meadow
Classic RabbitPeaceful Meadow
White RabbitPeaceful Meadow
TurtleBlack Sea TurtleDazzle Beach
Brown Sea TurtleDazzle Beach
Classic Sea TurtleDazzle Beach
Purple Sea TurtleDazzle Beach
White Sea TurtleDazzle Beach
FoxBlack FoxFrosted Heights
Blue FoxFrosted Heights
Classic FoxFrosted Heights
Red FoxFrosted Heights
White FoxFrosted Heights
RacoonBlack RaccoonForest of Valor
Blue RaccoonForest of Valor
Classic RaccoonForest of Valor
Red RaccoonForest of Valor
White RaccoonForest of Valor
RavenBlue RavenForgotten Lands
Brown RavenForgotten Lands
Classic RavenForgotten Lands
Red RavenForgotten Lands
White RavenForgotten Lands

Favorite Food Of Critters In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp

Here is the favourite food of Critters in Dinsey Dreamlight Valley:

Critter Favorite Food
Squirrel  Peanuts
Sea TurtleSea Weed
FoxWhite Sturgeon
RavenNot yet discovered
Orchid SunbirdGreen Passion Lily
Golden SunbirdSunflower
Orchid SunbirdOrange Houseleek
Red SunbirdRed Bromeliad
Turquoise SunbirdPink Houseleek

Apart from the Sunbird Critters, the favourite food of a particular Critter and its variants is the same. So if you are trying to feed a Rabbit in the Peace Meadows area of the Dream Valley, irrespective of its colour or type, you can feed it Carrot, as it is its favourite food.

How To Unlock Critters As A Companion In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Feed Critters

You can unlock a Critter as your pet or companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley by feeding them their favourite food three times. Once you do that, you will unlock them as companions, and you can have them follow you around the Dream Valley by setting them as your active companion from the Wardrobe section of your inventory. 

When Does New Critter Spawn In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, every 24 hours, a new pair of Critters will spawn in their respective biomes/area. Suppose you found a Classic and Black Squirrel in the Plaza area; after 24 hours, a different variant of Squirrels will spawn in the Plaza. 

Can You Feed A Critter More Than Once In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

No. You cannot feed a Critter more than once in 24 hours in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Make sure to provide them with their favourite food, or you may have to wait for days to feed the same Critter its favourite food. Once you feed a Critter, you won’t be able to interact with them as the “Approach” action will not appear. 

This concludes our Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter guide. Now you know about all Critters, their favourite food, and where to find them.

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