Enchanter Guide for Teamfight Tactics

In-depth guide for The Enchanters Class in Set 6.5 in TFT

The Games Cabin brings you The Enchanter Composition In-depth guide for Teamfight Tactics!


The Enchanter composition is a strong one and it has one of the best synergies in game with The Socialite composition. The unit that shares both traits is Senna. Without her this combination would be impossible since she brings so much to the table.

Enchanters have been with us since the release of set 6, and have stayed all the way with the release of patch 6.5. They have suffered small changes since new champions have been released, but the whole concept is relatively unchanged.

This composition is very similar to the Socialite composition, since all the units and items are the same, but the only difference really is that you are going for 5 Enchanters and not for 5 Socialites. Both traits are pretty strong, so it really comes down to the preference of the player what composition will go for.

Like the Socialite trait, the thing that makes this composition so wanted is the fact that it is unavailable to many players, and those with a lack of skill will never be able to pull it off and survive the late game monster compositions. I would rate this composition as the hardest composition in the game, and I have prepared a guide for you so you can climb and surprise all of your opponents with your amazing Enchanter composition.

And, again like the Socialite composition, The Enchanter composition has a problem with the absence of units, so it can not work alone. You need to combine them with the other compositions, and the best ones for that are The Socialite, The Yordle and The Bodyguard traits.

There are 4 units in this composition so the game will be hard for sure, but unlike the Socialites, you can get some units a little earlier in the game, since Lulu is an Enchanter that costs 2 golden coins.

The biggest problem with this composition is the difficulty of acquiring the Enchanter emblem, which you can only get trough an Augment. That is your only way of Scoring 5 Enchanters.

The Enchanter Trait:

Your team has bonus Magic Resist. Enchanters gain bonus healing and shielding.

  • 2
    • 25 Magic Resist; 25% healing and shielding
  • 3
    • 45 Magic Resist; 45% healing and shielding
  • 4
    • 70 Magic Resist; 70% healing and shielding
  • 5
    • 100 Magic Resist; 100% healing and shielding


  1. Lulu
  2. Morgana
  3. Senna
  4. Orianna



Lulu in the previous sets was the real thing. The present Lulu is just a reflection of the real Lulu. According to Mobalytics she’s ranked as B-tier, which indicates that she is pretty bad. It’s as low as an official champion could be. She’s a waste of money, and I’m not sure the reason she costs 2 gold coins. Her purpose is to fulfill the need for an individual trait. This is especially true when we’re discussing The Yordle. The Enchanters could be useful because they’re an extremely powerful  particularly when used in conjunction with The Socialite trait. Lulu is pretty bad in any composition she’s in. But, in The Yordle composition, you receive free units in every fight. You can choose to obtain her as soon as you can when you play The Enchanters.

As I said, we can find some use for her in that particular composition, but still not enough to equip her with items. I mean, if you have a spare Spear of Shojin, you can go for it, but I think you can find a much better purpose for it with any other enchanter. On the top of my head, I am thinking about Senna.

So that’s for items, as for position anywhere behind the front line of champions, or somewhere in the backline so she can take aggro from The Assassins if there are any, and protect some stronger and more important units.

If you are going for The Yordles, she will basically upgrade herself, and if you are not, I wouldn’t bother much about it. Level two if you really have to and lvl three if you just get three Lulu’s at your shop.

Ability: Wild Growth

Lulu embiggens low Health allies, granting them bonus Health and knocking up enemies near them. If the ally is already embiggened, they are healed instead.



Morgana as well as many other champions , came with patch 6.5. Since her cost is only three gold and Riot has made her an excellent choice. It’s not because she is priced too low however, it is because you can receive four to five gold  quality for the price. She is able to do damage, and has an armor and stun. That’s exactly what you get in the Summoner’s Rift. However, it’s more impressive because her shield is a part of her ultimate. It’s not a spell shield, but a general shield that guards from the effects of damage, AP, AD and even real damage. It is a fantastic choice because of all the above reasons, however that isn’t the only thing. 

She also wears The Syndicate traits as well as The Enchanter traits, and excels in both compositions. The Enchanter – Socialite – Syndicate composition can be played at any time during the day. It is a formidable defense stats, healing for units and damage-dealing abilities. You can also pick The Syndicate – Enchanter composition. It can give you an excellent game. Morgana is a key character in every game. It is easy to place Morgana within The Socialite slot if there are any Socialites. While she is an excellent champion, she can not carry by herself since she doesn’t have that much sustain.. However, she could be your primary damage source when you upgrade her with lots of AP. She is also able to take out multiple targets at once by using her AOE and stun.

Morgana is, as I said, three cost champion, and I wouldn’t expect her to be difficult to upgrade to level three once the later stages of the game come in place. You can always prioritize her if you equip her with some good items.

When we are already talking about items, let me give you some pointers. Morgana can benefit from AP, Mana, and even some tanky items as well. It really depends on what you are going for and what the game itself has brought to you. The items that I would recommend are The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The  Blue Buff, The Archangel’s Staff, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Chalice of Power.

As for positioning, Morgana should be in the first hexes behind the front line, even to the flank, so she can protect some squishier units than herself. Ultimately you want to place her somewhere. She won’t take the initial aggro but will be capable of withstanding the pressure once your frontline is gone.

Ability: Soul Shackles

Morgana grants herself a shield for 3 seconds and shackles herself to all enemies in a 2 hex radius. She then deals magic damage per second to them, as long as the shield holds.

If the shield expires without being broken, all targets are stunned. If the shield is broken, Morgana instead refunds herself 30 mana.



Senna The Socialite Enchantress, was born in the long-awaited patch 6.5. The abilities she has to support players in game are extremely effective and can be seen throughout combat in the TFT arenas. If used properly she could also cause severe damage. If the game permits, with making the spot somewhere in the backline, you should place her in the Socialite place. 

Apart from damage to her enemies, she also has a built-in healing kit like Seraphine so she is pretty gold efficient champion, that has many uses in game and she is a must have pick for any of her traits. Also she works as a glue that connects two very compatible synergies, The Socialite and The Enchanter traits.

While she’s an easy squishy champ, and  the damage that she has won’t be as strong until she is at her highest level. Her price is 3 gold coins. It is expected that she will appear at some point in the middle of the game. It will take lots of money to get the third level on Senna. If you do not have the ability to manage the economy in game effectively, you will not be able to fully utilize her potential.

Her placement should be somewhere in the back of the field, but she might go even somewhere through the middle of the arena if The Socialite spot is placed there. The more she is placed at the front of the map, the higher the chances of her being killed off early in the fight. You will need to find a balance for her placement and have some strong front line if you want her to survive and heal your other champions while dishing out tons of damage.

She benefits mostly from AP items, but this can be upgraded with some form of sustain or Attack speed as well. I would recommend The Hextech Gunblade as your primary item since she deals damage, heals her allies, and if you have this item, she will heal herself as well. That is the core item for her build, whether you are going for The Socialite or The Enchanter composition. The Second item can be some form of AP, with The Rabbadon’s Death Cap being the best solution for obvious reasons, but it can even be a mix of AP and mana, with the items in question being The Chalice of Power or The Archangel’s Staff. The third item is decided by the current game you are playing. It should ultimately be a decision between The Guinsoo’s Rageblade and The Edge of The Night or The Quicksilver.

As I said earlier, she should be a priority for leveling and levelled to level three as fast as you can, but that won’t be an easy task, so be prepared to lose a lot of HP until you manage to do that.

Ability: Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a beam in the direction of her target, dealing 160% of her Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies hit. For each enemy hit, she heals the lowest health ally for 50% of the damage dealt.



One of the best midlaners of The Summoner’s Rift, on the arenas of TFT, comes Orianna.

Her power doesn’t stop on The Summoner’s Rift. Oh no, she brought that power in TFT as well. Being The Clockwork Enchanter, she is no lady you want to mess with. It is incredible what riot has done with her ability since you get A STUN, A SHIELD, AND DAMAGE AGAINST YOUR OPPONENTS. I mean, what the hell? Who, for the love of God, just who in Riot Games has sat down and said: ‘’Hmm, a stun, a shield and TONS OF DAMAGE, yup sounds perfectly balanced to me.’’ Lady Orianna wrecks havoc around the world of TFT since the start of Set 6, where she secured her place as a Clockwork-Enchanter.

 Since you can understand what I am talking about, you should abuse it as well until they understand what they have done and nerf her to the point of uselessness. She does have a huge power spike after hitting level two.

A powerfull mage to carry your games, Orianna is great champion for a late game with incredible damage output and shielding potential. She is definetley a game changer.

Her place should be somewhere in the middle of the board so you can maximize all of the perks in her ult. 

For items, I would go for The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, The Spear of Shojin, and The Blue Buff.

Ability: Command: Shockwave

Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within two hexes gain a shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in, stunning them.

Supporting champions

Without these units this composition simply wouldn’t work

  1. Poppy
  2. Gnar
  3. Seraphine
  4. Galio



Poppy is a angry litle Yordle that has the Yordle and Bodyguard origin and class. Poppy is an excellent starting champion. She is pretty damn cheap unit but I think that is a fair price for her, since for that much money you don’t expect much but you do get a champion that can work with many other traits apart from her own, like for an example she is great addition to the Syndicate composition. Since she is part of the Yordle crew, and their bonus she can get to the level three pretty soon in game.

She works best with armor items since her passive stacks with it.

But the thing is, that she isn’t really worth investing items in, since there is at least one champion in her composition that does what she do, and that is Vex. And she is much stronger than Poppy. Just food for tought.

Your early game will be weak if you don’t equip your champions with items, and that is a pretty normal thing. The game just works that way. If you’d like to reduce the loss of HP, equip her the Gargoyle’s Stoneplate or The Sunfire Cape.But that is only the case if you have The Magnetic Remover on hand, otherwise you should forget about it.

In the Bodyguard comp, the thing stays the same, and you are likely to get The Bodyguard emblem from some of your augments, so you can use it on some better champs like Cho Gath, along with the items you would equip on Poppy.

She does shadow over Ziggs in the Yordle comp, purely because of Sustain>AP damage rule in the first rounds of the game.

In the Bodyguard comp, Darius is a better choice for one gold coin champion, but you at least have some synergy early at levels. So even if you are planning to go for something else, later on, it’s a good starting comp that you can build your items on and later sell them once you reach the champions you desire.

As for positioning, she should be positioned on the front side of the board in the middle, so she would take an aggro.

As I said, for items, just don’t bother.

Ability: Buckler Toss

Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing a percent of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks damage.



Gnar is a champion who is in the spotlight in the latest patch, brings three characteristics to the field or the bench. Gnar can be described as Yordle and Socialite, as well as Striker which makes him a great option for a variety of combinations. Due to his versatility, he becomes perfect glue that connects many impossible compositions. He is a fantastic striker. Because he’s an Socialite He provides you with that vital boost in any game. The 5 Socialite bonus has some serious damage. It’s a method to inflict unimaginable pain on your adversaries. But, it could be difficult to acquire because it comes with a high risk and a high chance of loss. Gnar is an excellent option for all your opponents. If you do include the trait of The Augment to him, Gnar will become a four trait threat that can wipe off his enemies.

For most of the time, I would just position him wherever his Socialite spot appears since he is a strong and reliable pick that has a lot of sustain while dealing some serious damage to his enemies. He is a good striker, that’s for sure, and Riot really hit the jackpot by naming him as one of the Strikers who needed his versatility a lot and also his utility as well. He has that big knock-up, push, whatever you wanna call it, which damages the first enemy and brings aoe damage to a place where his rock hits the field.

His items should be The Warmog’s Armor, The Sunfire Cape, some augment trait if you have it, and you can go Guinsoo’s Rageblade as it is universally good on most of the champions. You can go for The Spear of Shojin if you like too.

He should be leveled ASAP, but if you are going for The Yordle comp, that won’t be much of an issue since the units level themselves after each combat.

If you have a better pick for a Socialite spot, then he is an aggressive frontline and sustain champion, and he should be equipped with the items that are compatible with that strategy.

If you are going for the striker comp, you will already have some strong front line, so you can place him a hex or two behind your primary tanks since he is more of a bruiser than a tank.

Ability: GNAR!

Gnar transforms into Mega Gnar for the rest of combat. Mega Gnar throws a boulder at the farthest enemy within boulder range, dealing a percentage of his Attack Damage plus bonus damage as physical damage to all enemies it passes through.

While in Mega Gnar form, Gnar is melee, gains Health, and his mana costs are reduced by 20.



Seraphine is one of the better picks both for The Innovator as well as The Socialite composition. She has been around from the beginning of the set  6 and has stayed with us all the way trough the current patch 6.5 The Neon Nights! She is an epic unit and she has the power that can back up her high cost of four gold coins.

Her ultimate  spell is pretty strong, and as she increases her level, so does the power output  that she has. But damage is not the only thing Seraphine brings to the game, since her ability also has built in AOE heal for all allies that her ultimate passes trough. This is the thing that makes her a valuable pick for both of her  traits, but she could also work great in  compositions where she  is just a fill champion and she could benefit greatly from some Augment Emblems  equipped  on her, such as The Arcanist emblem or  The Scholar Emblem.

As I said earlier, she is quite an expensive treat for any player so levelling her to the maximum level is something that most  of the players won’t be able to  achieve, but if they manage, that would be great!

Her items should be focused on Mana and Ap, so The Archangel’s Staff, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap and The Blue Buff are great options on her. But she can also work with The Jeweled Gauntlet too!

Her positioning should be somewhere, where she is protected from  the direct attacks both  from the enemies front and  back line. So somewhere  in the middle of the field, so she can have enough time to fire her ultimate  at least twice with full items.

Ability: Encore

Seraphine projects her song towards the largest group of enemy units, dealing magic damage to enemies. Allies it passes through are healed and gain bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.



Galio is among the most powerful bodyguards and tanks on the field. Period. This isn’t surprising since the champion is priced at five gold. According to Mobalityics the champion is currently classified as A-tier, however I think he’s considered to be an S Tier. Galio is even blessed with three characteristics. He is among the few champions who cost five gold and comes with three characteristics. That makes him highly suitable for a variety of combinations. Additionally, he could be utilized as an off-comp champion because Galio brings the Socialite trait to fight. 

There are three traits that Galio has. They are the Bodyguard Trait as well as The Socialite trait. The Colossus trait can be a bit problematic because it needs two arena fields in order to be placed in  the game. Galio, along with The Colossus and The Bodyguard, is among TFT‘s most powerful front-liner and sustainers. Galio is a great champion with any combination however it is also an excellent solo player. Once he has reached the level of three the Ult can deal an amazing 9000 damage, or AOE damage to opponents. It’s over 9000! (Dragon Ball Z pun, anyone?)

His items are the standard tank items, so you can always equip him with The Bramble’s Vest, The Warmog’s Armor, The Redemption, The Sunfire Cape, and The Gargoyle’s Stone plate.

As I said, he is a mighty front liner, so that is his place in the team. The Centre of the front line, to be precise, is a place where Galio shines the brightest.

Since he is among the most expensive units in the game, I don’t expect you to be able to get lvl three Galio every game, but his leveling is a priority, so even at level two, he is very strong, and you should have that in mind.

Ability: Colossal Entrance

Galio becomes invulnerable and leaps into the sky before crashing down on the largest group of enemies. Enemies within a large radius take magic damage and are knocked into the sky. The lower the enemy’s maximum Health is compared to Galio’s, the further they are knocked up. Passive: Galio’s critical strikes slam the ground, dealing bonus magic damage to enemies around his target.

The Enchanter Composition

The Enchanter Composition

The In-game guide

Early game

Your early game should be focused on getting Poppy and Lulu, to get the Yordle bonus active asap. You can take Ziggs or Corki in the earlier levels of the game, so you can get a couple of free units. As soon as this period of the game ends, swap for Enchatners.

Mid game

This is the most important part of the game since the most of your units cost around 3 golden coins. At this time you will need a lot of gold , so saving money is an imperative. You should buy Senna, Morgana, Gnar.

Late game

This is the time of the game where you should buy your epic and legendary units. Those are Orianna, Seraphine and Galio. After that your main focus should be levelling up your units and trying to get that Enchanter Augment.


This is one of the hardest compositions you can pull off in Teamfight Tactics. Most of the time you will lose, simply because it is too hard to succeed and nail The Enchanter composition. By the end of the game your team should consist of 5 Enchanters, 4 Socialites, 3 Yordles and 2 Bodyguards.

Stay tuned, since there is a lot more to come about the amazing world of Teamfight Tactics. Only on, The Games Cabin!