Feature: GTA: San Andreas HD Could Be Coming To PS Vita

Late last month Rockstar sneakily pulled GTA: San Andreas from the Xbox Live Marketplace and replaced it with the updated GTA: San Andreas HD.

The updated game featured a new lick of paint to the tired visuals and some achievements to give you an incentive to explore the vast world of San Andreas.

The update was basically a port of the iOS and Android version of GTA: San Andreas HD, a mobile game that’s performed well in the charts over the last few months and has been a hit with mobile gamers.

But could Rockstar be about to deploy the fan favourite to the struggling PS Vita? Possibly.

Rockstar has supported almost every major handheld with a Grand Theft Auto game, even the Gameboy Advance was graced with a top-down title that harked back to the days of GTA 2 on the PS One.

The world-renowned developer also released the successful GTA: Chinatown Wars on the PSP and the considerably weaker Nintendo DS as well as pushing it out onto iOS devices.

Then we had the PSP duo of games; GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Liberty City Stories for the PS Vita, both selling extremely well on the platform garnering critical acclaim from handheld enthusiasts.

So it stands to reason that Rockstar may be looking to capitalise on the Grand Theft Auto name with the PS Vita, and what better way to do so than with one of the most popular games in the series? Given that the PS Vita hasn’t performed as Sony had expected many developers and publishers have sought to cut costs when it comes to developing for the mighty handheld, just look at the LEGO games which are basically ports of the 3DS versions, even though the PS Vita should be capable of running the PS3 versions albeit with minor downgrades.

So if Rockstar were to release a game for the PS Vita, wouldn’t it make sense for them to go down the financially viable route of porting an already existing game? Rockstar’s parent company Take Two seems to think so, as made evident by the release of Borderlands 2 on the Vita. Instead of creating a separate standalone title for the portable console it was decided that the most profitable way to put out a Borderlands game for the Vita was to simply port a released game and see how it fared.

It’s not definite, but there is certainly a chance that this is what will happen with a GTA for the PS Vita. As we reported previously, Rockstar Leeds is hard at work on mobile development which could possibly be GTA: San Andreas HD for the Vita. Or not. Either way it’s an exciting prospect and should Rockstar decide to release the updated port to the Vita many owners of the neglected console will see a second wind blown into the pricey device. C’mon Rockstar make it happen.

In the mean time you’ll be able to play GTA V on the PS Vita via remote play with the PS4 when it comes out later this month. GTA V is releasing November 18th and is still available to pre-order, gaining you $1,000,000 in-game currency. There’s also some sweet GTA V PS4 bundles too if you’ve not yet gotten a PS4.

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