Best mods for FFXIV in 2023

A FFXIV character stood contemplating the best mods in FFXIV

FFXIV is the critically acclaimed MMORPG from Square Enix, which has risen in popularity exponentially since the release of its most recent expansion, FFXIV: Endwalker. If you’re an experienced player or are new to the game, you may be somewhat interested in installing some useful mods to enhance the overall gameplay experience, so here are five of the best mods available for FFXIV in 2023.

Disclaimer: Square Enix does not officially support the use of mods in Final Fantasy XIV. The use of mods in-game or online via streams could potentially lead to your account being banned.

Best mods for FFXIV

5 – XIVLauncher

The login screen for FFXIV Endwalker

One of the most annoying aspects of Final Fantasy XIV is the process of logging into your account. Whether you install it via Square Enix’s own website or through Steam, FFXIV’s launcher is, to be honest, a bit rubbish. That’s where XIVLauncher comes in, a brilliant alternative launch software that removes a bunch of tedious misgivings you may have with Square’s own client. 

XIVLauncher is very easy to set up – it basically does everything by itself – all you need to do is select your game’s file path, and log into your account. With this launcher, you can set your password to be automatic, meaning you don’t have to type in your details each time you want to log into the game.

If you’re curious about patches, don’t worry, as XIVLauncher automatically installs new updates when they’re made available. This is a must-have piece of software, as it will cause you little to no stress.

At the time of writing, XIVLauncher is compatible with the Steam Deck, meaning you can play FFXIV on the go!

4 – Dalamud

The plugin install for FFXIV

Dalamud is an extension of XIVLauncher and comes with the installation of this client. Essentially, Dalamud allows you to install useful plugins and can be accessed from the FFXIV main menu.

Installing plugins is extremely easy, as you can simply click on which one you want, and hit the install button. However, it’s worth noting that some plugins will be deactivated when a patch is released, as the author of the plugin is required to update it to be compatible with the latest update. That being said, the FFXIV modding community is usually very quick when it comes to implementing these changes.

3- Discord Rich Prescence 

The Discord Rich presence mod for FFXIV

Unlike other games, FFXIV doesn’t have a good Discord integration, but that can easily be fixed with DRP (Discord Rich Prescence). This is a mod that can be accessed via Dalamud (as previously discussed).

Installing this particular plugin will inform your Discord friends and servers about where you are currently located in Eorzea, your currently equipped class, and more. If you’re someone who enjoys informing your friends about what you’re doing in a game, DRP is definitely worth an install!

2 – Simple Tweaks Plugin

The simple Tweaks mod for FFXIV

Simple Tweaks is currently the most downloaded FFXIV mod, and for good reason: it’s really useful. Simple Tweaks adds a bunch of quality-of-life changes that can be accessed by typing /tweaks in the in-game chatbox.

You can do simple things like remove the Job Gauge while out of combat or add new commands to make certain crafters and gatherers easier to manage. The amount of customisation options available here is immense, and I highly recommend looking through the config menu!

What is the best mod for FFXIV?

1 – Daily Duty

A mod that shows your daily duties in FFXIV, the best we've found yet.

Do you ever lose track of what you need to be completing each day or week in FFXIV? Of course you do – it’s poorly managed and extremely easy to get lost.

However, the Daily Duty plugin (also available in Dalamud) just straight-up tells you what you need to be doing on your current session. This will probably mostly apply to players who are finished with the game’s MSQ (Main Story Quest) but want to engage in other types of content, and this plugin makes tracking those easier.

There you have it, five of the best mods available for FFXIV. We mostly covered Dalamud and XIVLauncher here, but for good reason, as they are simple to install, and contain some of the best mods/plugins available. Hopefully, these mods in particular will make your Eorzea adventure a tiny bit easier.

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