Gears of War Xbox One Footage Appears Online; Screens & GIFs Inside

Gears of War The Ultimate Edition is indeed a real thing and now we have definitive proof of its existence in the form of a couple of short clips.

Some actual gameplay footage has emerged online – captured directly from Xbox One consoles – which shows the game being played on the Xbox One in what seems to be the fabled 60 frames per second that gamers demand from the next-gen consoles.

Check out the GIFs down below where we can see multiple Marcus’ being blown to bits by one of the game’s villains.

And here’s a second clip showing Marcus taking cover. Take note of the improved lighting details on the ground. Those reflections man. Reflections.

And here we have a third clip showing our manlier than thou hero chucking grenades around, because he’s a total lad, obviously.

gears of war marcus gears of war xbox one game gears of war xbox one gears of war

Looks pretty sweet, right? Surely Microsoft can’t keep a lid on this one anymore, the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

It’s also worth noting that these clips were recorded over 2 months ago and since then a lot could’ve changed. Still, looks like we’re in for a treat soon.

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