Gears of War Xbox One Footage Appears Online; Screens & GIFs Inside

Gears of War The Ultimate Edition is indeed a real thing and now we have definitive proof of its existence in the form of a couple of short clips.

Some actual gameplay footage has emerged online – captured directly from Xbox One consoles – which shows the game being played on the Xbox One in what seems to be the fabled 60 frames per second that gamers demand from the next-gen consoles.

Check out the GIFs down below where we can see multiple Marcus’ being blown to bits by one of the game’s villains.

And here’s a second clip showing Marcus taking cover. Take note of the improved lighting details on the ground. Those reflections man. Reflections.

And here we have a third clip showing our manlier than thou hero chucking grenades around, because he’s a total lad, obviously.

gears of war marcus gears of war xbox one game gears of war xbox one gears of war

Looks pretty sweet, right? Surely Microsoft can’t keep a lid on this one anymore, the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

It’s also worth noting that these clips were recorded over 2 months ago and since then a lot could’ve changed. Still, looks like we’re in for a treat soon.

    1. Take note that the captures are 2 months old… putting it in March. If it’s a remaster using UE4 then it could very well be one of the best looking games to come out this year even if it’s a remaster. The transition from UE3 to UE4 would take little effort at all so all the dev time could go into updating the visuals in ways no other remaster has done to date. Keep in mind that is only speculation.

      1. Unreal Engine 4 uses that awful waxy looking floor tech from Unreal engine 3? Or, errr, maybe there is no way in hell this is Unreal engine 4 and you are absolutely insane to suggest everything is this article is just that, although it would explain the 720p resolution on Xbone ๐Ÿ™‚
        You must not be expecting much from Xbone AT ALL this gen if you think this is incredible looking, disappearing bodies and all.

        1. If you’re expecting anything from Poor dying $0Nยฅ, who’s console has just been hacked, you’re even more hilarious that I thought. PATHETIC PAUPER!

          1. I heard about the hack…pretty embarrassing. Typical for Sony. What are the details…heard the entire ps+ library was locked out ??

          2. Congratulations getting two different events merged into one and still getting the details wrongs, FartzaFailEver.

            You should squeeze in some reading lessons too.

          3. Oooh ps4 got hacked again ??? But twice this time ? Glad i didnt buy one…Isnt that thw sane system that got hacked years ago and peoples credit card info was stolen ? Poor security management. I wouldnt trust sony much from what i hear they will ne bankrupt in a few years.

          4. Maybe you should get a clue and learn the difference between hacking a console to play pirated games and hacking into servers for info. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Keep flailing, Fartza, you’ll hit the target someday.

          5. Looks like he hit his target right there. Got a rise out of you plus its all true.

          6. We know it’s you, FartzaFailEver, so you may as well drop the third person. You can drop the ignorance as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Definitely looks better than the Xbox 360 version. Its details are just amazing on the characters and the environment also. Hopefully this game is release during the summer months.

    1. Agreed as a Playstation fan I gotta admit Sony has has verw few first party exclusives games comig this year while Microsoft has plenty and I am looking forward to their E3 show I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a show Wish I could say the same for Sony but unfortunely they don’t seem to have many games to show at E3

      1. Sony already released a ton of AAA this year, and how do you know what they will show at E3? Last I heard they have tons to display and obviously they will have surprises, per usual….

        1. lol!!!where are zhose AAA? Except Bloodborne all of them are nothing but trash.By the way game does look excellent even from now!

          1. The Order scored higher than many X1 AAA…
            MLB The Show is a popular AAA sports franchise.
            Bloodborne is the highest rated AAA exclusive period (other than TLOU remastered, which is also exclusive to PS4)

            Among others…

          2. The order is embarassing has a 61 metacritic. The show 15 is average has an 80 metacritic still laggy as hell online. Bliodborne us only somewhat dexent gane whuch i can play with better frame rate on dark souls…but these games bore shit out of me. Ps4 sucks. Why are you in an xbox article

          3. You are thinking of RYSE, it scored 61 on meta (actually 60). The Order scored 63… So it is better than RYSE when we look at the numbers.

            The Show still scored higher than many X1 exclusives, and I have never heard of someone having online issues.

            Bloodborne has solid 30 fps frame rate other than when someone joins your party, which you don’t have to do, and is a bug they are ironing out. The actual game has a stable frame rate, other than many X1 games. And no Bloodborne and Dark souls are nothing alike whatsoever…

            I am here because I am free to go on any article I wish, and if you noticed my first reply was to someone trolling Sony and the PS4. I never initiated all of this.

          4. Dude the order us 61 metacritic..look it up. Ryse suck and looks good just like the order. Bloodbourne cants keep a stable frame rate in coop it drops to 15-18 fps. That is poor. Someone is trolling a ps4 troll that shouldnt be in an xbox article. Heres the trick ps4 owners stay out of xbox article and xbox owners stay out of ps4 articles. If you want the console go buy it.

          5. I am literally looking at the metacritic page of The Order right now, 63.
            Yes Bloodborne has a bug they are working on that can make coop choppy at times, but that is an addition to the actual game. It is false to sit and claim the actual gameplay gets choppy and unstable, it is simply no true, that is what I meant.

            I am not a troll, I was responding to a stealth troll. You do not dictate what articles people go on, everyone is free to voice their opinion per the guidelines of the site. The only time I bash on an X1 game is when it was done to a PS4 game first, you can confirm this by reading my comments. I am not here to troll, I was here to read the article. But I will respond in the PS4’s favor it is being trashed on.

          6. 63 or 61 …. They both suck. And i say xbox one has better games now and certainly in the future. So we disagree. And i say 15 fps is embarassing for next gen console. So fing tired if this trolling BS.

          7. Yes that is an opinion, but if we go off of scores PS4 has games in the 90+ while X1 has no exclusives rated that high. X1’s highest rated exclusive is actually an indie, Ori, rated in high 80’s…

            Plus PS4 has more in the 80+…

            But if we go off of opinions it would be hard for me to say, seeing as how I haven’t played all the games on both consoles. I go off of numbers, that is the best comparison available.

          8. FH2,SSO,Ori,FMS5,Titanfall,TMCC,DR3, just destroys anything on PS4.You can check metacritics for yourself.MLB is only in USA not for us Europeans;)

          9. Really? They destroy anything on PS4?

            Not according to the site that you mentioned, metacritic.
            PS4 has many more high rated exclusive AAA.

            Doesn’t matter what market MLB is for, it is still AAA and still high scoring. Not every game is in every market but still used as ammo by the fanbase.

            Actually Bloodborne alone destroys anything on X1, the proof is in the numbers.

            check listwar dot com

          1. Helldivers, Resogun and also a lot of games that are PC and PS4 only, which also count for people having no gamer PC’s. Dude, get your facts right.

          2. Resogun….Helldiver’s…. Really reach guys come on. Its ok to admit Sony dropped the ball

          3. Dunno, dont care either. What I do know is the xbox has more AAA exclusives. I own both so I t doesn’t bother me and I do most of m y gaming on my pc anyways.

            The point here is to point out fanboys acting like Sony had some mountain of games when they clearly don’t. Stop defending their mistakes it makes you look foolish.

          4. That is factually inaccurate, it is not a debate. PS4 literally has more AAA retail exclusive games. With a higher average rating. There is actual proof of this fact.

          5. Nope…this site doesnt let you post links. Xbox one exclusives have a higher metacritic rating than ps4. Look up “the order drops ps4 metacritic score below xbox one”. Add in 92 for bloodborne and 88 for Ori and its still better on xbox one. And xbox ones best games are releasing shortly.

          6. For AAA or for total?

            I can see that being true for total seeing as how PS4 has a much larger selection of games in general, but I don’t buy that for retail AAA. I have looked on listwar and averaged it out myself before. I suppose it could have changed but only because PS4 also gets much more retail releases.

            Also, Ori is not AAA, it is an indie developed, digital release…

            “And xbox ones best games are releasing shortly.” – The best games are yet to be released on PS4 as well, but playing the future game debate doesn’t hold as much weight.

          7. what you mean a remaster and halo 5? have i got them all or am I missing one ?

          8. ? @d0x360:disqus you own both consoles but do most gaming on pc?

            You expect us to believe that, what idiot buys 2 gaming consoles then doesnt use.

            Have you got mug written on your forehead? I only ask coz you must assume we do.

            Your a PC gamer admit it, ๐Ÿ™‚

          9. I’m a gamer. I buy everything because I can afford to. That simple. Not my fault sony doesn’t put out enough exclusive games. If it’s multi plat and I’ll usually buy pc BUT if others in my house want to play too I’ll buy xbox one because with the xb1 you can buy one copy of the game then play online coop or mp with 2 different xboxes using that single copy. We have one in the living room and the other is upstairs.

            Borderlands is a good example. My gf and I play split screen on the 70inch TV in the living room and my son plays coop with us on the xbox in his bedroom all with one copy of the game. Its fantastic.

            But I guess if owning more than one console is suddenly a bad thing then I’m happy to be that way. As for my gaming pc…its 5 weeks old. Replaced a 5 year old gaming laptop with a 6 core i7 @ 3.3 GHz, 32 gigs of ddr4 and dual amd 290x’s one of which is soon to be replaced by a 390x so I’ll be selling a 290x for $100. I imagine it will sell quick since a single 290x will run alien isolation maxed out at 4k 60fps locked and if you a shut vsync off of peaks at 120 fps and averages about 85.

          10. Yeah, The Order, MLB The Show, Final Fantasy X/X2 remastered, and as you mentioned Bloodborne.. To name some of them.

            You can head over to ListWar to check out all the game releases vs. their competitor. It’s pretty stunning to see just how many great releases the PS4 has had so far.

          11. The order is awful,sports games don’t count and neither do remakes of mediocre games

          12. The Order scored higher than many X1 AAA, including RYSE (which many said was good)
            If sports games don’t count then Forza can never be brought up again either, “motorsports”…

            You do realize we are on the comment section of an article about a remastered game? And many consider Final Fantasy X to be one of the greatest Final Fantasy’s?

          13. Uhm most consider ff 10 to be one of the worst and most GAMERS not shill press didn’t like the order and its hour of actual generic gameplay.

          14. Sorry but history proves otherwise about FF10, it is a fantastic game, many people don’t like Gears either, should we not consider what the press thought about that game?

            Most Gamers like the Order more than RYSE’s quick time generic mess of gameplay. Granted both had that in the gameplay, but the numbers speak for themselves, The Order scored higher.

      2. Really? MS has two, Sony has at least two from memory.

        I guess stuffing all your games at the end of the year really does make your lineup look better than it actually is.

        1. Dude…your ps4 is trash….it has no games worth a damn. Bloodborne is its only relatively enjoyable long term game and it cant even manage 30fps. It drops to 15 fps often. Im sorry but gears and halo and forza 6 and tomb raider all have been announced at 60fps and i gaurantee will be gorgeous. And then crackdown, quantum, scalebound…maybe some goldeneye 007. Keep your ps4 it has nithing i need…these games i need

          1. Give it a rest, FartzaFailEver. Instead of apologising for MS’ failure to deliver, try spending the time learning how to construct a coherent sentence.

          2. Dont know a fartzaflever…but heres a sentence for you. I am and will be playing the best games while you fight with people on the internet about how great ps4 is…while its games suck arsss. I am laughing at what a complete moron you are

          3. FartzaFailEver is you, gimp, lying to yourself and making multiple accounts to disseminate these lies.

            Xbone still the only current gen console with no 90+ rated exclusive. Pretty pathetic.

          4. You hold on to that 15fps hack n slash borefest…cauze that all you got for about another year moron. Enjoy ! Ill be chain sawing people in the perfection known as gears at 60fps very soon

          5. Tolerating another port that’ll drop to 40fps regularly like the Disaster Chief Collection.

            Xbone: $399 for a media box to play last gen’s games. Hilarious.

            Now, take yourself and Yardie and whatever other alts that you have and go open that textbook. ๐Ÿ™‚

          6. Why could you possibly be in an xbox one article. Jealous of something ? You are a Loser….a little trolll bitch. How comical….15 fps !!!! Yeah bloodborne. Loser troll bitch Hypocrite like the majority of the ps4 fanbase.

          7. Because watching Xbox turds drown is deeply amusing.

            You should go enter that E3 FanFest competition, MS want volunteer chimps to clap CGI trailers instead of paying for actors this time.

          8. Interesting…you go into xbox articles to trash talk xbox one because “watching xbox turds drown is deeply amusing”. Tell you what…ill play the best games in the industry while you think you are watching xbox turds drown. Who is the loser here ? You stay with the ps4 you deranged insane troll…thats where you belong.

          9. Another alt from FartzaFailEver. Go beg Uncle Phil for some games.

            “Best games” LMAO. Contact me when the Xbone gets a 90+ rated exclusive. It probably won’t be this year.

          10. Hmmm…its last 4exclusives are 89, 86,84 and 86. Ps4 last 4 are 71, 76, 78 and 92. And the xbox beauties are about to hit. Ps4 suck arss and that is fact.

          11. Nice try, but if I suspect that list is what I think it is most of them are 360 ports while ignoring cross-gen PlayStation platform exclusives.

            When you line up actual exclusives, the PS4 wins. When you line up cross-gen, the PS4 wins. When you line up console exclusives, the PS4 wins. When you line them all up, the PS4 wins. Try harder.

          12. Nope hes right i checked them. Thise are the respective scores for Halo, forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive and Ori and the blind forest. And for ps4…driveclub, the order, mlb 15, and bloodborne. Sorry insane little troll bitch. Crawl back to your 15 fps bloodborne.

          13. Lmao no need to refer to yourself in the third person, FartzaFailEver. We all know it’s you.

            As I suspected, including cross-gen games for the Xbone and not for the PS4. Include LBP3, Guilty Gear Xrd, Helldivers and Hotline Miami 2. Then crawl away and don’t return.

          14. Bwahahahaha…but but but this doesnt count and that doesnt count cauze im a troll bitch. I am playing better games than you bitch…and they will be getting much much better very shortly. Your ps4 sucks arss and you are an insane little troll bitch that wastes his life in xbox articles.

          15. FartzaFailEver’s lack of intelligence shines through. I’m the one who wants to include games in you sad little metric.

            Now, COUNT LBP3, Guilty Gear Xrd, Helldivers and Hotline Miami 2. Maybe Axiom Verge too, while you’re at it.

            Keep waiting for games. ๐Ÿ™‚

          16. 15fps
            Xbox better games
            U in xbox article…u insane troll bitch

          17. Yeah, I thought you wouldn’t.

            FartzaFailEver has completely fallen apart, poor lad. He can’t even string together a few words anymore.

          18. 15fps
            Xbox better games
            U in xbox article…u insane troll bitch

          19. ooh name calling, now we know your under 16, always happens when the arguement is slipping away.
            think you got him on the ropes ocelot

          20. even if that were the case if you look at it that way and add on the fact that it gets current gen games at a definitley playable, on par or even better quality than on the ps4 its a great deal.

          21. Gears is at 60fps on pc and it feels like buttered silk. (not the remaster just the original gears 1)

          22. hahaha are you crazy xD
            xbox one has the best rated exclusives. PS4 exclusives are all rated from 3 to 7 out of 10 and the only good rated exclusive is bloodborne

          23. Oh look, another one post account spouting the same crap FartzaFailEver does. How suspicious.

          24. Quantum Break, really? every year since it has been announced it has been consistently pushed back, with it recently being pushed back until sometime next year. It isn’t looking good for that game despite what Micro$oft tells you.

          25. No one mentioned 1080p….60fps has been rumored and i expect it to be true. Dont care if its 900, dynamic 1080 or 1080. They look the same to me…its the fps i care about.

          26. So quote that 60fps claim….. Oh right rumored….. So you can withdraw that “announced at 60fps” then…..

          27. Cant post links on this site. Look up trashgamer halo 5 tomb raider 60fps. Articles is dated march 13 and authior discusses gameplay video that he belives to be in 60fps. Like i said still rumor.

          28. Are you kidding!?! That trashgamer source is a 30fps video!
            Of what is almost CERTAINLY pre-rendered footage!

            Explain to me how that looks like it could be running at 60fps when its a 30fps video!?!?

            That is such a bullshit source upon which to make that claim it’s unbelievable…. Try harder!

          29. Likewise you can remove that claim that bloodborne runs at 30fps. Digital foundry found it lingering in the 15-18fps range so its not 30fps.

          30. WTF are you on about? Quote me saying ANYTHING about Bloodborne…. AT ALL….Oh you can’t…..because I didn’t

            Keep your butt hurt to yourself…..

          31. funny how resolution dont matter on xb1, yet as soon as a game comes out at 1080p , they are all over it, weird that

          32. More games on PS4 in all genres, retail, digital, AAA , indie. Better rated games on metacritic. Plus multiplatforms perform better on the PS4…

    2. I definitely wouldn’t go that far lol, it looks like every past GoW with slightly better gfx. It doesn’t look bad. But we’d definitely need to see more and better, particularly in story and gameplay, than what’s in these clips to get close to any of the 5+ top Sony games. Otherwise it’s just on par with any other remaster like God of War 3.

  2. I feel like I’m the only one of my friends that liked the kryll sections of gears 1. I imagine the lighting play available in UE4 would make all of that look phenomenal.

  3. this post is hilarious. this looks like gears of war 1 footage of multiplayer on the Canals map….. I played the game so much. This is not the xbone version

  4. Couldn’t this just be a simple Mod that somebody did on Gears of War on PC with a spruced up looking map? That’s all it looks like. It could even be one of those 3rd person perspective Unreal 3 Tournament mods that also has Gears maps.
    “Those reflections man. Reflections.” Lol wut? Shiny waxy looking floors FTW? Why is the “leaked” footage sticking to the one same tiny street too??? Trust sites like Gamingbone and TheGamesCabin to jump on this “news” either way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Poor people — I own all the platforms. What does that make you? You sound like a one-system welfare gamer to me.

      1. Exactly. It’s only welfare gamers who become fanboys. Because they’re worried that their one investment could be the failing system of the current gen. Which means less support from third party developers. So they defend their investment at all cost.

        1. Welfare……really? You sound dumb and probably young. You are just as much a “fanboy” by what you wrote.

          1. Really Mr Welfare. I’m a true gamer. I own all consoles and I’m a PC gamer . I love everything. So I can’t be a fanboy.

      2. Exactly. I don’t remember going to the arcade and only playing capcom games. I play games for the games. Not what hardware it’s on. I own them all.

    2. LMAO you Xbox fanboys are pathetic….Poor Sony people, yeah um is that why MS had to drop the price of the xbox one, take out the kinect and offer 5 free games with it just to get to 10 million……Man out of all the fanboys you MS ones are clearly the dumbest of the bunch

  5. Ehh it looks good but I’m not blown away by the graphics like the guy who wrote this article.

  6. If you love Halo and Gears of War and like playing the same games over again and again and acting like you getting something new and inventive, while waiting for that elusive patch that will finally make the game work right then have I got news for you. XBOX One on sale today!!! this use to be Nintendo’s bag but see Micro$oft gladly stole it. Why are people so excited for this? We have literally already played these games. it just proves gamers would rather play a game that looks good over something new and inventive that actually maybe better. Graphics-whores Unite!!!

  7. You guys hold on now, cause this looks like its just a remaster of Gears of war 2 possibly even 3. The clips aren’t in 1080 so its hard to tell, esp since the area they are playing in is pretty dark.

  8. lmao PC Master Race. You console peasants arguing over which system is the best when in fact both are trash. Xbox one and there shitty resolution and PS3 lack of games. But at least PS4 has Bloodborne which is better than every exclusive Xbox one game that ever came out.

    1. Oh look another ps4 troll hiding as a pc gamer. Funny ! Why you come into a gears of war article troll bitch. That 15 fps not impressing you much on bloodborne. I can get that same hacknslash borefest on dark souls with a better frame rate. Not interested…its Gears that i want right now…chainsawin at 60fps…cant wait. Go back to your 15 fps bloodborne troll…ill take this over it all day.

  9. lol this is so sad seeing all this people salivating for a game that I played on my PC exactly looking like this and even better on my old 5-6 years old gaming PC, daammnn

    Time for crab walk/kung fu flip again XD

    1. Whats sad is that nothing has come out since that is more enjoyable. At least in the FPS arena. My best times of all FPS multiplayer action come from Gears. I for one cant wait for this !

  10. This is the best comments section i ever been on, The my dicks bigger than yours argument ….. sorry i meant My consoles better than yous argument kicks ass.
    In reality, we all buy consoles to play the games we like, If halo or gears is your thing then buying a PS4 is the wrong move. Cant we all just enjoy our games, what ever they are and remember that if There wasnt competition in the world, Sony would be still charging 500 quid for a console, microsoft would have always on DRM, locked discs and Nintendo, blah who cares about nintendo till zelda drops ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Remake of 1 sounds great, but much rather prefer a Gears of War 1-J (or 1-3) HD remaster collection on 1 disc (ala Halo:MCC)

    1080p/60fps/1 disc collection is all I’m really looking for here (as opposed to individual remakes sold separately)

  12. And right on cue the Xbox fanboys mass flag posts they don’t like.

    Get a life, lads. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. List every Sony AAA exclusive since launch. No indie games. Please. I promise you I own them all and there aren’t many. My psn name is d0x360. I’ll wait.

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