Project Cars Xbox One Getting 4-7% Performance Increase; First Party Reasons for No Lobby Browsers

Project Cars launched in the UK and Europe last week to fairly positive reviews, though not everything has been a smooth ride to the finish line.

The Xbox One version of Project Cars has come under fire for the lack of decent multiplayer options and the fact that players can’t join lobbies but are instead thrown into random races with random folks. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck and is causing a little bit of upset with Xbox One users lashing out at the developers.

Turns out it’s not the developers fault, but instead that lies with Microsoft.

One of the team behind Project Cars recently posted on the game’s official forums that due to “first party reasons we can’t offer a lobby browser on XB1″, going to on assure players that the team “are looking into ways to improve the XB1 matchmaking.”

Crikey. What’s gone on there? The developers aren’t willing to share the exact reasons why the Xbox One edition doesn’t come with multiplayer lobbies, but at least you know where to direct your questions from here on out.

It’s not all bad though as the team are still working behind the scenes to push out new updates, one of which will be coming soon for the Xbox One.

“We are working hard to address issues raised on the initial release. Stay tuned … I can tell you that Xbox One will gain at least 4-7% performance in a patch shortly and address some of the controller issues,” said the developer, assuring players that “we will look for improvements.”

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  1. Well when (if) the Wii U version comes out, the Xbox One version will no longer be the worst.. lol

    1. dumb comment, both versions on the consoles are good. You dont know the whole story, and obviously previous games show racers with lobbies. your message has no substance, and is asinine.l

    2. What does it matter to you what people choose to buy? Neither console is exclusive. Now if you would like me to say, “My Lamborghini is better than your Honda”. Well….that’s a valid argument. I’m sure your unable to purchase a Lamborghini.

      1. Think you may find it may be due to MS readying cross play with PC and also Window 10 integration into the Xbox One.

  2. Micro$oft likely didn’t want Project Cars to compete with the exclusive Forza series of racers so this is why there are no lobbies.

    BF4 had this because Micro$oft didn’t have any exclusive shooter that competed with it.

    1. There is obviously a technical reason for it and it will be sorted out,

      Driveclub on the PS4 had no lobbies and that was a Sony game, using your made up scenarios maybe they didn’t want it to compete with their exclusive GT series of games.

      BF4. You think MS would mess about with one of their main partners in that way and EA would of allowed it ? Lol you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

      You appear to have a problem with you s key it is producing a $ sign, you should get that fixed or people might think your stupid.

  3. Still not better then FM5, which is a launch title. When FM6 comes this game will be just a memory.

  4. I’m calling bs on this right now. It’s the job of the game devs to look at a console’s spec and requirements and design their game to use those consoles to play their game — not the other way around. Every other studio has been able to develop games for xb1 with matchmaking lobbies. So, the issue I not that the xb1 is unable to support such lobbies. The issue is that PCars devs didnt care enough to do their homework on xb1s matchmaking requirements. Now they’re blaming XB1 for their own failure.

  5. I do hope that PC cars can get the Xbox version fixed. I’m getting really fed up with Forza 5.
    The ability to set race length in PC cars sounds great. That’s the problem with Forza 5, you’re given 2 or 3 laps on a road course to make up 12 positions (a most unrealistic situation).

  6. Not being able to have lobbies one the console that started lobbies? Really seems like they knew it couldn’t compete with Forza and just phoned it in. Just look at some of the textures and such.

  7. Downloading Project Cars on XB1 now. Ran the LMP1 race at Dubai with AI at 30, all assists off, damage off and won by 3 sec. The game is not as pretty as Forza 5 or Horizon. But then Dubai isn’t a pretty track anyway. Had no issues with the controller. Loved the braking physics, much better than Forza 5. The AI is as nasty as Forza’s. I think I’m going to like this game.

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