Glaivier Pinnacle Build Raid Guide

pinnacle glaivier raid build

The Glaivier Pinnacle Build for Raids specializes in being a mobile, skill pounding machine in Lost Ark. The playstyle is quite different than the more relaxed Control Raid Build. You may want to use the Pinnacle build if you want to be challenged to swap between stances and make the most of opportunities as they arise.

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Pinnacle Raid Build Skills and Tripods

In the Pinnacle build, you will have two stances to utilize: the Blue Flurry Stance, and the Red Focus Stance. Before we get into the specifics of each stance, let’s take a look at our recommended Skill Build at various skill point thresholds. We have included a bare-minimum 252 SP level, as well as a moderate 340 SP level. After this, feel free to add points into which skills feel the strongest for you.

Skill252 SP Level340 SP LevelTripodsRuneInformation
chain slash glaivier lost ark
Chain Slash
441Quick RechargeMobility
flash kick glaivier lost ark
Flash Kick
vault glaivier lost ark
half moon slash glaivier lost ark
Half Moon Slash
1101-3-2ConvictionHigh Damage
Destruction Weak Point 2
raging dragon slash glaivier lost ark
Raging Dragon Slash
10103-1-2GalewindHigh Damage
Mid-High Stagger
2nd Tier Tripods interchangeable
wheel of blades glaivier lost ark
Wheel of Blades
171-1-0JudgmentMid Stagger
stampeding slash glaivier lost ark
Stampeding Slash
shackling blue dragon glaivier lost ark
Shackling Blue Dragon
10103-1-1Focus+10% Crit Party Debuff – 3rd Tier Tripod
Destruction Weak Point 1
thrust of devastation glaivier lost ark
Thrust of Destruction
10102-1-1High Damage
starfall pounce glaivier lost ark
Starfall Pounce
10101-3-1WealthHigh Damage
red dragon's horn glaivier lost ark
Red Dragon’s Horn
10103-3-1GalewindHigh Damage

Blue Flurry Stance Skill Choices

Here we will explain from top to bottom of the chart above, why each skill is chosen.

  • Chain Slash brings more mobility to your build. In this build you want to be as mobile as possible, and if you have already used your spacebar dash, this skill can help you get where you need to go.
  • Flash Kick is another tool for that mobility you want in this build. You can use this for closing gaps and getting closer to the boss quickly.
  • Vault is your only counter skill available. Using this skill will counter the boss’s attack.
  • Half Moon Slash is one of your main damage moves. It outputs great damage while also providing Stagger AND Destruction. If there are any big stagger checks or destruction mechanics, make sure to try to time this skill to be usable at that time.
  • Raging Dragon Slash is your other main damage skill from the Blue Flurry Stance. This provides Mid-high stagger so it is an excellent utility to use constantly along with its damage.
  • Wheel of Blades is strategically chosen as a Judgement rune. Use this skill right after you use your Half Moon Slash. If your Half Moon Slash has Conviction on it, Judgement will trigger right away once you use Wheel of Blades right after.
  • Stampeding Slash is another mobility skill to gap close, while also dealing damage.
  • Shackling Blue Dragon is a great choice to help the whole party. It will apply a debuff on the boss to it’s Crit Resistance. This is a great tool for big damage windows, and it also provides destruction with its Weak Point Lv. 1

Red Focus Stance Skill Choices

  • Thrust of Destruction is a powerful damaging ability at close range and includes a lunge forward. With the chosen tripods, your crit will be massive!
  • Starfall Pounce is another massive damage burst skill if you have switched to Red Focus Stance with 3 bars of your identity gauge. You can trigger this skill when you are 8 meters away from the boss for a gap closer as well
  • Red Dragon’s Horn is also a huge damage burst skill. Same situation, you want to use this when you’ve swapped to the stance with 3 bars of identity gauge. This is another ranged attack that you can get off from far away.

Stat Priority

Pinnacle Build Glaiviers should focus on obtaining as much Specialization as possible. All accessories should be focused on getting Specialization. Since the necklace can have two stats, your secondary can be Swiftness. Specialization is important in this build as you want to make the most of your identity gauge when you are swapping stances.

Engravings Priority

The engravings in this list are in order of priority. You should try your best to get to level 3 of each of these in order of the list.

  1. Pinnacle Class Engraving will allow your identity gauge buff to excel, which is paramount in this build
  2. Ambush Master is also key as you will be lining up as many skills as you can behind the boss. This will amplify your back attacks.
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon (Only At Level 3) is an excellent choice as when you swap into Blue Flurry Stance with full 3 bars of identity gauge, you will have more than a 60% Crit Rate. Other skills in this build also help achieve higher Crit rates, so the negative effect on Keen Blunt is negated somewhat.
  4. Raid Captain, another excellent choice as when you swap into Red Focus Stance with 3 bars of Identity Gauge, you will benefit from a 15% movement speed increase.

Other options for more advanced players can be Grudge and Cursed Doll. Both of these engravings have severe setbacks and would only ever be used at Level 3. We do not recommend these unless you are extremely confident in your abilities to never get hit by a boss.

Skill Rotation of Pinnacle Glaivier

Luckily, the rotation of a Pinnacle Glaivier is quite open to how you want to play it. For the most part, you can use the skills in whichever order you’d like, but here are a few things to keep track of:

  • In Blue Flurry Stance, always use Wheel of Blades right after you use Half Moon Slash, if you have the Judgement and Conviction runes applied as suggested.
  • Always swap between stances whenever you hit the full 3 bars of identity gauge, If you haven’t maxed your identity gauge, continue rotating in your current stance.

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