How to Fix Sims 4 Wedding Goals Not Showing or Not Working?

How to Fix Sims 4 Wedding Goals Not Showing or Not Working?
Sims 4 Wedding Goals

Sims 4 is one of the most popular games to play and it has a lot of features to choose from. However, there are times when certain features do not function as expected. For example, Wedding Goals does not function properly, not showing or not working sometimes but we’ll explain the best way to fix this issue.

What is the Wedding Goals and how to play with this feature in The Sims 4 game?

Sims 4 is a game that comes with a variety of options. Sims 4 has so much the Sims are able to experience which can lead to exciting and often unexpected life-changing moments. Each one of these events contributes to something important which is the transformation of life in a personal way and wedding goals.

these events contribute to something important which is the transformation of life in a personal way and wedding goals.

Weddings are a unique kind of social occasion. The primary purpose of the celebration is to have a wedding. It is enough to put up an archway for your Wedding Arch to complete the fundamental goal and you do not require an abundance of guests to win a Gold Medal on your Sims wedding.

What do you need before your wedding in Sims 4?

One of the first things you need to prepare is the entire event and Sims for the wedding. Create a romantic space to download one of The Sims 4 Gallery. Be sure that your Sims are married otherwise it’s impossible to choose Wedding on the social event menu. Also, you want to save money on the wedding as it could cost anywhere from 1,000 to 1,750 Simoleons. It’s contingent upon how many Sims you’d like to hire.

How to Get Married?

While playing the Sims 4 game, check your phone, then click Create a Social Event. Select Wedding to see more choices. Select the host of your wedding. Next, invite your guests. Pick each person in your family if there are leftovers so that they can accomplish their objectives. If you’re able to afford it, you could hire an additional Sim to work as a mixologist or caterer. 

Pick the perfect location you would like to hold your wedding. It can be at the venue you would like. The wedding can last for 9 hours, so be sure you meet your goals in time.

Here are some objects to use at the wedding:

  • Wedding Arch
  • Have a Wedding Cake ready in your inventory or hire a Caterer 
  • Place chairs around the wedding arch so guests can watch the ceremony
  • Place a bar so Sims can make drinks
  • A musical instrument

How you can earn a Gold Medal at your Sims 4 Wedding and How to Set a Goal?

  • Spend more Simoleons to get a top-quality Caterer Mixologist, an artist.
  • Serve a dish of food for your guests as well as your family
  • Put up a chair or bench to allow guests to watch the Wedding
  • If you own The Sims 4 City Living you can include the trait of the lot that is called Party Place which makes the process of it easier to complete goals.

Weddings in Sims 4 game could take at least 9 hours. You can use the timer on the interface for your party to stop the event earlier, but it’s better to follow the stated goals and earn the benefits. Try to complete the most you can as it’s a way to get some of the cashback as a reward.

Make use of each Bride and Groom to do the things that take longer for example, such as eating four times. This also creates the illusion of the real Wedding. You can stop the game, and you can have one player working on one goal while the other is taking charge of another. This is crucial to earning Gold by knocking them down one by one until you complete the meters. Three segments are an award – fill the first bar to receive an award of bronze, fill the third to earn silver, and then fill the rest of the meters to receive a gold medal for the wedding. When the bar, in the beginning, isn’t filled you’ll never receive any medals even if you fill it.

What do you need to do if your wedding goals are not showing or completing properly in the Sims 4 game?

If there’s a holiday going on

If there’s any holiday happening during the time of your Sims 4 wedding, event goals will not be displayed. This isn’t a problem however, it is a feature of the design. Be sure to plan your Sims wedding for a day that is not a holiday.

Enable Goal Event

When choosing the kind of event you’d like to hold ensure that you select the goal-oriented event checkbox. Choose Wedding under the type of event Make certain to mention that you would like the event to be goal-oriented.

Update your game and mods

If you’re using mods, transfer your Mods folder onto your desktop and examine if your wedding goals are displayed. If the problem is resolved then the mod you are using is the source of the issue. Be sure to make sure to update them all.

What if the problem continues to persist after you have updated your mods with the most recent version, you can move your Mods directory back onto your computer. After that, you can move the mods back to your game folder each at a time to determine the cause.

Last Steps to Fixing Wedding Goals Not Showing

After those steps please be sure to make sure to enable ensure that you have enabled the Goal Event to make sure to enable the Goal Event. Also, look for an upcoming holiday. After that, you should make sure to update your mods and game to the most recent version.

If this can’t work your problem, let us know and we will find the right way for you.

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