How to Handle your Daily Stress with Anti-Stress Games

How to Handle your Daily Stress with Anti-Stress Games

If you are leading a stressful life and want to get rid of all the negative energy and depression from your life, we suggest you read this short guide.

Today we are going to tell you about the best way to release stress in this modern era. Gone are the days when you had to take some time for mind relaxing exercises like yoga and breathing. Digital technology has provided us with many facilities. The best example that can be discussed in relevance to this topic is the online anti stress games. 

anti stress games are puzzles, activities, and other play stuff that you can enjoy on your digital devices by using the web or application versions. In the section below, we have discussed some of the best calm games that can help you get rid of stress. Later on, we have also mentioned some important tips which would help you handle daily stress. 

Best anti stress games that you can play to manage stress!

Today, people are more interested and invested in playing anti stress games than reading books and doing yoga. Out of hundreds of free and helpful fun games, we have listed the perfect ones for you!

Anti stress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Games

This is not just a single game; it is a complete application that you can download from the Playstore of your mobile phone.

This anti stress game app is home to more than forty different games that you can access and play anytime and anywhere you want. If you are stressed and want to lighten your mood, you can play any game from the face of this app as it has many more satisfying games for you. The games on this relax game app are divided into different categories, including puzzles, music, brain exercise, missions, etc.  You would surely get a satisfying experience by playing any game that you like on this app.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a very popular activity for releasing stress. Bubble popping sheets are usually found in wrapping materials. You cannot get bubble wrap from the store to release stress, but you can surely download the bubble wrap application on your mobile phone. Yes! Now you can pop bubbles on the sheet virtually.

You have to press the bubbles with your fingers and get rid of all the negative energy and emotions from your mind. This bubble wrap mobile app is free to use and is considered to be the best time killer. It is both stresses releasing and engaging for the human mind.

Colour Break

If you want your mind to relax and have fun, you can also download this anti stress app. As the name tells us, the colour break is a game related to colours and paintings; one should know that you can easily try digital painting and designing with the colour break. You would not only release stress with this app, but you can encourage and enhance your brain creativity. You would surely forget about your tough day once you start painting with the colour break.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen is an online anti stress game initially designed and developed with the assistance and help of renowned neuroscientists from all across the globe. You would be surprised to know that this anti stress game is also tested medically and has proven to help users come over stress and anxiety.

If you are experiencing stress or painful emotions, then you should get this digital app. Experts recommend that a person going through stress should play games by personal Zen for ten to fifteen minutes twice or thrice a week. 

Paper Toss

Paper toss is another stress-releasing game that you should know about. Whenever you feel stressed or want to get relaxed, you can play this game. As the name tells us, this game is all about throwing papers in the basket, which we all love.

The game comprises different levels to keep the user engaged and make the paper throwing fun. For short breaks and quick stress release, the paper toss game app is considered to be best.

Candy Crush

Candy crush is undoubtedly one of the most top-rated game apps that you would see being played by almost every smartphone user. Thi simple and interesting block puzzle-solving game app contribute a lot to releasing and managing day-to-day stress. The game levels, the sound effects, and the background music can contribute a lot to getting rid of all the negative energy. Here you must know to solve the puzzle levels of this game; you must have a little bit of brainpower.


Playing anti stress digital games can help you relieve all kinds of negative energy from your mind. You can easily get all of these games from the application store of your mobile, and that too for free. If you need other tips to manage stress in your daily life, then you must focus on getting:

  • Enough sleep 
  • Laughter
  • Enjoy some music
  • Get a mini vacation 
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